30 Things Only Those Born Before The Year 2000 Can Truly Figure Out

We have a lot of wonderful memories that made our childhood and teenage years unforgettable. Whether it was mix-tapes or burning CD's with your favorite tracks, or those Friday evenings watching your best VHS tapes on movie nights.

Either way, these things are sort of nostalgic and will always take us back to those warm feelings of when we first discovered the world. Times have changed, but we've decided to take a trip back in time and give you flashbacks of your most memorable days growing up.  So, come with us as we take a trip down memory lane. 

1. Ah, the golden age when CDs were the number one thing, and we had all our favorite tracks on them. This sure brings back good memories. Did you have any favorite CDs back then? 

2. Long before Netflix ever existed, we had our own glorious choice of VHS movies to chose from. The 90s sure were an excellent year, and many of us still have these in our collection. 

3. Remember back when movie time at school was one of the most exciting events? Sitting around huddled together watching that little screen and enjoying that free time. 

4. Now, this was the original iTunes back in the golden days. We all had a few of these CD cases packed full of our collectibles and cherished these songs. Some of us still have our collections. 

5. Remember those days when you couldn't decide which styles were best? No Photoshop or fancy programs to do your typing or designing. This was one of the best galleries on that good ol' PC. 

6. This was a really tough game, and somewhat frustrating to succeed! Did you play this game back then? Computer games in those days did have their complicated pastimes, and Minesweeper was one of them.

7. These pencils were great until you lost a few tips. They were rather handy and never needed to be sharpened. We loved these fancy stationery. 

8. Forget about the consols of today; these were the "bomb" back in the day. Do you remember the PlayStation 1? Wow! That really takes us back a few years. 

9. Now, this is what you would call the "original" Game Boy before it was even invented. It took patience, skill, and was just great fun!

10. These TV's were super awesome back then because they had a built-in VCR. Great for kids and you could watch your favorite cartoons on them without those bulky VCR recorders. 


11. This must have been one of the most frustrating things in the day of the Pentium. Saving files took forever and literally felt like 39 years. We are so grateful that we don't have to wait this long anymore.

12. When it came to entertainment, these screensavers were super popular. Ok, they're rather boring now, but back then, they were the next best thing to sliced bread! 

13. Windows 95 came with a video for guided instructions back then. Just image having those nowadays? Did you ever have this video for your PC? Even the Friends team are on the cover!

14. We did so many little activities and creative things to pass the time away back then. These were a favorite hobby, and fun too! Did any of you create these little rubbery chains?

15. How could we forget these beloved little Troll pencil-toppers? These were so popular that every kid had them. They made writing a treat and were rather amusing to look at. 

16. This was most popular amongst the girls, and when it came to lunchtime in school, everyone gathered round to have a go at the famous cootie-catchers. Does this bring back some memories?

17. We loved our slides back then. They were also terrible for burning the kids alive! We certainly remember screaming down these heated metal slides. 

18. Back then, when you got sick of the phone ringing constantly, all you had to do was take the receiver off the hook. That's how we used to "block" unwanted calls.

19. How many of you had this 80s smartwatch? This was the "hip" watch of those days, and everyone was walking around with them. Smartwatches are not what they used to be. 

20. Many of us loved collecting stickers, and it was a great hobby. Do you remember any of these cute little characters? You can still get excellent sticker these days, but they aren't the same.

21. Many of us loved our bell-bottomed jeans, and even though we practically destroyed them in the rain or dirt, we carried on wearing these stylish jeans. Did you ever have a pair? 

22. Remember those wonderful, dull grey keyboards? We still get them today, but not as bland in color and certainly not with a cord. Those certainly bring back good memories. 

23. These were the games back then, and this little set was perfect for the enthusiastic entrepreneur of those times. Great way to teach the kids about business economics and retail.

24. When we had dirty mouse balls back then, all we had to do was pop them out and clean them with water and a good earbud. Nothing was simpler. 

25. Do you remember these seats when you were a kid? These sure made for many happy meals at McDonald's back in the day. They were actually adorable! 

26. Remember when Pizza Hut had these red drinking glasses? This is just one of those rewind moments that you'll never forget. 

27. Crayola Mini-Stampers markers were definitely legendary, and we probably all had them as kids. There was nothing more exciting than creating your art with stationary like these. 

28. Ah, here is that famous Bug in a Box. Do you remember this little guy? They were all over in stores back then and made for awesome gifts. 

29. Although we still have a few of these nowadays, it was the only way to get fresh air. Those roll-up windows sure were a life-saver when overheating became a problem. 

30. This was indeed a struggle back when CD players were favorite. They never fit in your pocket, and everyone had one. So, carrying them around or stuffing them halfway in your jacket was the only option.

Which one of these do you remember? Do these photos remind you of any childhood memories? They sure bring back a few good times for us. If you enjoyed this little rewind with us, share this with your friends and family. Remember to keep up-to-date with us for more wonderful nostalgic photographs that bring a smile to your face. 

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