26 Fashion Designs That Would Put Their Designers To Instant Shame

Fashion has drastically changed over the years, and with each passing year, it becomes harder to keep up with these new trends, let alone design something new that has not already been done. Designers aim to be unique in their brands, and sometimes going beyond the limit may set a few fashion disasters. So, let's take a look at some of these fashion nightmares and see what these creative people have spliced together for the new generation.

26. This lady should not have even bothered to put on her pants. Why wear something so torn and revealing? Jeans are meant to be stylish. This is awful. 

25. Whoever designed these boots needs a right smack on the head. These are definitely the most stupid designs we have ever seen! 

24. This guy clearly needs plenty of ventilation because those holes have to be there for a reason, right? Unless moths got hold of his t-shirt. Then it makes sense. 

23. This lady looks like she either couldn't afford a pair of new jeans, or she was attacked by a rabid animal on her way to work. Perhaps she should go back home. Nice jacket though. 

22. Just when you thought you have enough denim designs, here is another one. This jacket may not look too bad, but we don't see anyone wearing it soon, unless with a pair of ripped designer jeans. 

 21. This first thing that comes to mind with this laughable skirt is car mats. Is she advertising the interior for automobiles perhaps? The interior would look really great with those sturdy mats. 

20. Why buy the expensive product when you can get the imitation in a store near you? This person found that being trendy doesn't have to empty your pocket. 

19. This is definitely not stylish or sexy. Why bother even wearing it in the first place. At least add some muscles to that sweater. We must give the designer an A for effort, but an F for failure is better. 

18. This is not something you'd expect to wear at the beach, but it makes a good ornament for the room somewhere. Keep these on the floor, not on your feet. 

17. Well, if you don't mind people giving you a good stare, then these are the best pants for you. It may even be slightly educational when studying anatomy. 

16. No, no and no. This is just wrong on so many levels. This mermaid does not look very happy, and we are the person wearing it doesn't either. Is this the horror version of The Little Mermaid

15. This pair of high-heels thankfully are not being used with socks. We don't think it's very stylish either and should not be for sale. Throw it away, please. 

14. Why wear this unless you're planning on robbing someone's house? This is not very ninja-friendly and looks more like a black bag to us. It is idiotic, and so is the guy wearing it!

13. Here are a pair of shoes for those costume parties. How about going as Poison Ivy? You'll have to if you're wearing these because there is no way on earth ordinary people would parade in these heels.

12. We can't figure out if this guy is wearing numerous pairs of pants, or if he has a ridiculous amount of belts on his waste. Why would you need so many belts? Buy a new pair that fit! 

11. Wow, these cats are somewhat psychedelic! You could never wear these out in public unless you're planning on partying all night. Imagine how they'd glow under those neon lights! 

10. Why would you ruin your shoes like this? If they were meant to be worn this way, the heels would be open, you'd think. No need for flip-flops, just squash those feet in there even if they don't fit. 

9. If you love a man with hair, then this is the t-shirt for your guy. Now, why on earth would someone want to advertise their hairy chest and back in public? Seriously, burn that shirt! 

8. If you thought you'd seen it all, you're mistaken. Just take a look at this bag. We have no words to comment on this one, but it sure is "udderly" disgusting. 

 7. If you're a character from Disney, then these are the shoes for you. Unless you have a growth impediment that no one knows about, then we don't understand your choice of clothing. 

6. Wow, these are definitely weird, and for those who absolutely adore Steve Buscemi, these pants will probably be in your drawer. No matter how big a fan we are, we'll rather pass on this fashion trend.

5. Talk about ridiculous! The only person that could pull this off in style would be none other than Lady Gaga! Don't even try wearing this in public; you may get attacked by hungry animals.

4. We know that the Rhinoceros Beetle has enormous horns, which is a sign of masculinity and power in the animal kingdom, but here amongst the human species, you'll be classed as a danger! 

3. Oh look, this young lady seems to have pulled her jeans up a little too high. Why on earth would this be fashionable at all? She's wearing jeans already and then thought to add the rest of her old pair. 

2. In case you were wondering where your daughter's Barbie legs disappeared to, here is the culprit. Who on earth would wear this ridiculous shoe? Besides, it's not stable enough to walk on, and you'll break an ankle! 

1. If you're hungry or love oranges, why not look like one? Now, for the lowered price, you can wear this orange-sack to make sure you always stay in shape and make all your fruit-loving friends envious. 

Bonus: What you expect when you buy something online, and you end up looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man instead from Ghostbusters. We don't think that this girl was happy with her purchase at all! She may be smiling, but she's crying deep down. 

Did you find any of these designs appealing? Which one of these is the craziest? We certainly wouldn't wear any of them, even if they were handed to us for free! Remember to share this with your friends and family for a few fashion giggles and keep up-to-date with us for more crazy ideas in the trendy world of fashion.  

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