25 Times People Went Above And Beyond With Their Creativity

When you look at the world today, there are signs of creativity in the simplest things. All we need to do is pay attention to our surrounding and something really awesome will appear. Creative people are always designing things whether it's just to pass the time away or make something they put their hearts and souls into for the pure pleasure of it.

Thanks to these ingenious, we've been inspired to find our own spark inside of us, and the potential is endless. When ordinary people add an artistic flair to their everyday routine, the world becomes a much more interesting place. 

Let's have a look at the brilliant ideas that people have shared in the media circles. 

25. We had to look twice at this one because these are not huge mugs, they're the design on the truck. Amazing don't you think? 

24. This is a clever design so that those walking on the pathway know there are two types of stones. One is for rolling suitcases to make walking around easier.

23. This is a really a creative toilet paper holder. It makes you feel like you're in an exotic guesthouse or away on holiday. 

22. Here is another one that makes you turn your head around twice. This convertible is actually a design on the van. 

21. This is actually a beautiful though. Those who are blind and cannot see the stunning views now have the opportunity to read it by the description in Braille. How thoughtful! 

20. If you take a good look at this cup, it looks like the lid is actually floating above the cup. Clever design, don't you agree?

19. When you're bored at work and in the creative mood, why not make a dreamcatcher out of office supplies? It's a great way to pass the time. 

18. This person decided to get creative when they needed a new gate. It's not only a brilliant idea, but it also looks great as well! So now you know what to do with your spare car parts. 


17. This is an awesome mouse! BMW dealerships have their own mini version for their staff and possibly clients. We need one of those on our desk!

16. Now, this is where roadworks become artistic. This ordinary smooth concrete has transformed into a sidewalk that looks like it's been made out of bricks. Very clever indeed.

15. When buying your fireworks, it's handy to know what the inside looks like. This QR code helps you to see what is inside the pack before purchasing. A great way to ensure plenty of happy customers.

14. Take a look at this ingenious coffee table that turns into a dining table right before your eyes. Definitely handy to have around. 

13. This person opened a bottle of their Heavy Whipping Cream and now, when you open the fridge, it looks like a fancy bottle wearing an outfit. 

12. This is something we all need. This bottle of screen cleaner has a gauge which indicates how many sprays you have left remaining in your bottle. 

11. This Luke Cage billboard is being held up by Luke Cage, the Power Man, who is one of the Marvel characters who has super-human strength. It looks like a real guy is holding that board up. 

10. When there are security cameras everywhere, the sight of it is never appealing. This idea turned these ordinary cameras into diving airplanes. Looks awesome, don't you agree? 

9. This is one of the most elegant gates we've seen. Brilliant idea! The “Open” easily turns into a “Closed” sign. 


8. This reminds us of the game Donkey-Kong. This crosswalk is definitely unusual and one that you just have to pass by. We think its really creative and fun too!

7. Here is a clever and creative way to print an ordinary barcode. They've transformed it into a truck instead. Really smart thinking. 

6. Now, this is something everyone needs in their car. How do we get one of these? It's one of those must-have gadgets.  

5. No more dropping spoons inside your soup. This brainy restaurant has found a useful way to use their cutlery and added a special edge to prevent customers from losing them. 

4. When it comes to stairs, there are many designs and the creative ideas are endless. Take a look at these ones in the Livraria Lello Bookshop in Porto. 

3. What a better way to make use of your old retired kegs. Why not turn them into urinals? This not only looks great but also saves lifting up that seat. 

2. Take a closer look at this car sign. If you notice, the letter Р in this Fiat Punto sign reminds us of a person driving. Another clever way to incorporate creativity into company branding. 

1. In Spanish-speaking countries, the tooth fairy is known to be a mouse. So, when you go to the dentist, expect to see this adorable little ladder and door in the wall for the tooth fairy to collect his teeth. 

What did you think of these creative ideas? Some of them were certainly amazing, and we loved sharing these ingenious creations with you. Remember to share this with your friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more out-there inventions that people enjoy making. 

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