25 Hilarious Recreations of Childhood Photos That Will Give You Some Really Good Ideas For A New Photo Shoot

During our childhood, we all took many pictures containing goofy facial expressions, weird poses, or awkward moments, but they represent that special part of our early days. Moreover, photos help us remember and recreate, even just for a while, the joy and carelessness of being a kid. 

But could you imagine if we recreated those occasions as grownups? The result would surely be hilarious, and that is precisely what some people did. Below, we bring you a funny compilation of old photos remakes. Time machines haven't been invented, but these images will make you feel as if you were in one. Take a look!  

1. Here we have four Vietnam veterans recreating a photo half a century later. We have to confess that, despite the years, these guys look fabulous, especially the man on the right that matched his outfit. 

2. On the left, we can find an image of two siblings from 1992, and on the right, in 2014. It is amusing how these two paid attention to the details: the floral background, the faces, and even the baby hat. Bravo!

3. Nineteen years later, this guy has not let his inner child die. He is still the same kid making goofy expressions. Does anybody know where his reset button is? 

4. We cannot stop laughing with this funny dude. He just has to take out the Christmas tree, and the pic would be identical: The same rug, the same guy, and, more importantly, the very same granny’s panties. 

5. In this one, we have a bunch of cousins with 24 years apart. The smiles are alike, and funnily, the amount of hair is the same in both pictures, but it is distributed differently. 

6. After 20 years, these brothers decided to remake their mother's favorite picture, and the outcome is very entertaining. We are impressed with the effort they put into getting shirts right. 

7. Do you want a bath with your brothers? We guess the serious and afraid expressions in the second picture indicate a big no. Besides, these guys forgot an essential detail in the remake: Mr. Bubble!

8. Nothing can be compared to your father's arm, no matter how old you are, so we totally get this guy. We also have to give some credit to the dad for being in such good condition after so many years.

9. Twenty years, boys stay boys. However, it must have been very nice to get muddy for the sake of a good picture. Besides, we are astonished at how accurate height differences are after so much time.

10. Bath time can be a very bonding moment, and this father-son picture is an excellent proof of that. However, we have another case of outplacement here. The son's hair relocated to his chest.

11. Years can pass, but the fun will always stay. No matter how old you are, you can still enjoy some good time playing with water in a plastic canister. If not, look at these brothers' faces. 

12. Kids pretend to be different people, objects an animals. This one here wanted to be a human frog, but he looks like a certain president's mini version with that hair color. 

13. We see a boy with similar clothes, the same three-wheeled motorcycle by Honda, but thank goodness the family renovated the old brick wall, and dad changed those huge, old-fashioned frames from the 70s. 

14. Apart from some subtle variations in the door handle, and the painting of the deck, it seems as if the two photos were taken with some months of difference. Look at the boy's clothing and face: identical!

15. This family almost took in the principle of the movie Cheaper by the dozen, but the eight siblings look very similar in the recreation 17 years later. They did a fantastic job with the accuracy of the outfits. 

16. Twenty-three later, and this dad isn't still interested in his children. Fortunately, the new version has a better quality to avoid camera flash on certain weird places. 

17. When you are passionate about something, it does not matter how much time goes by. Thirty-eight years later, this guy has the same afro and the same love for skateboards. Isn't it just great?

18. There must be some kind of magic in this recreation. After so many years and being fully-grown adults, we just wonder how they managed to fit in the very same box. 

19. Even when decades go by, baby brothers will always need their big siblings to hold them and take care of them. We love the result of this photo shoot for their mom's birthday present. 

20. Loving spaghetti is something that does not change overnight. You can grow up and still enjoy this food, even in the same way you used to eat it. Who wants some now?

21. Past-meets-present photography! The dad in here barely changed, so we guess he just got stuck in a time machine while his children grew up. Besides, kudos for flawlessly matching the colors. 

22. What could be a better surprise for your mamma than a remembrance of how her little boys were? We bet she was delighted with this picture; it is just lovely!

23. This boy had great attention to detail. He even set the clock at the same time he was helping mom in the kitchen back in 1995. So cute! But following seventeen years, it does not look that adorable anymore. 

24. Some things are just too hard to learn. The brother on the right hasn't managed the art of eating ice-cream correctly, and maybe he will never do so.

25. Sometimes, moms take part in these recreations. This one here and her son scanned their faces a long time ago and did it again recently. Sadly, copier tech hasn't improved much. 

If you have never thought of making a new version of your childhood photographies, the ones we just presented you have really hilarious and cute ideas to bring back your early years. We bet your parents would be very pleased. If you do so, don't forget to share them with us! Bye-bye! 

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