19 Amazing Photos That Prove Nature Has No Shortage Of Wonders

We are all inspired by Nature and the beauty around it. Within these wondrous things, lie hidden secrets which we don't always notice. At first glance, flowers or animals look lovely, often appearing picturesque, but can be deadly, These natural events and creatures can undoubtedly cause us a great deal of harm if we are not educated. Once we understand these physical threats, it's clear why humanity chooses to hide behind their city walls and concrete jungles. Let's delve into this amazing list of our genuinely amazing our planet is. 

1. Sharks are awesome, but this is indeed the oldest in Greenland. Would you swim next to this giant? We think it's safer to browse the net in this case. 

2. This is absolutely stunning! This Attacus Atlas moth is really a massive beauty. We would not want them flying on our faces though. Do they bite? 

3. Trees are ancient and have their own design as you can see here with this fantastic pattern on the bark. This tree is on a farm in sunny California. 

4. Eagle Ray's are definitely beautiful, but deadly. This is a lovely picture! It does look rather majestic, don't you agree? 

5. This tree grows blue fungus on the dead branches. It is really rare and looks pretty. Do you think Smurfs would be living there seen as they love blue? 

6. Here is a fantastic phenomenon of “crown shyness”. These trees have grown in such a pattern that it almost blocks out the light. 

7. Wow! This is the largest bat we've ever seen! Here is a miserable hammer-headed bat. He certainly doesn't look friendly at all! 

8. the gigantic Water Lily leaves look super fun to sit on. Not sure if they can withstand a heavier weight though, but would you give it a try? 

9. These Snapdragon seed pods are too adorable! They actually look like little skulls, which are perfect for hanging around on Halloween. 

10. Have you ever seen a sawfish? This one looks massive! We definitely wouldn't want to swim in those waters. 


11. This adorable Ouroboros baby dragon looks like something out of Game of Thrones or Harry Potter. Where can we get one?

12. This picture really captured the eye of winter. It's really magical to see how beautiful the snow-topped mountains and hills look once coated in white.

13. Here is a mesmerizing picture of the moon, the Milky Way, lava, and a meteor. Wow! Is this real? We would love to be there right now. It's breathtaking! 

14. This is why you should not swim in treacherous waters or any waters for that matter! This American crocodile is looking for a tasty treat. 

15. Sometimes nature can be beautiful on the surface, but as we see in this picture, it certainly is deadly below. Those poor trapped fish, ouch! 

16. Here we have some clouds before a storm. They do look utterly hypnotic, but we know better than to stand in awe as that storm is brewing fiercely.

17. Here is a beautiful Black Hellebore. Have you ever seen this type of flower before? It surely is a pretty one. 

18. Neskowin Ghost Forest in Oregon looks like something out of an eerie horror movie. It certainly seems peaceful in the daytime. 

19. These are a group of Galapagos marine iguanas. These are super deadly, and we would not want them near ourself! That red crab seems to be fine though. 

These were absolutely amazing! It just goes to show how marvelous the world around us is, but also how deadly. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to share this with your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more exciting pictures of what our planet has to offer! 

Source link: Brightside

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