20 Omnipotent Beings Capable Of Destroying Celestials Who Desperately Need To Be In MCU

All anyone can talk about these days is what will happen in Avengers 4, and how our heroes will defeat the mighty Thanos with his Infinity Stones. The Celestials are beings closely related to those precious gems, and some fans think that they might make an appearance in the next installment. They are immortal, powerful, and responsible for creating superheroes and mutants on our planet, so they are hard to beat. Let’s look at a few examples of characters would have and could.

1. Thanos – Has overpowered them

Beyond what we saw in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos is a mutated Eternal with extra strength, speed, stamina, and a brilliant mind. However, he is also a megalomaniac, a psycho, an arrogant, and a destroyer with a thirst for power. Once, he obtained the Infinity Gauntlet; he was basically unconquerable.

The Celestials are the only beings in the multiverse with the talents and the wherewithal to get the gems and wield their powers, so the Mad Titan was bound to draw their attention. In the Infinity Gauntlet comic book, those living gods came forth to oppose Thanos’ newfound strength, and he was able to stop them quickly, proving his extreme power with the stones. However, even without the gauntlet, he can create blasts that could defeat Galactus.

2. Reed Richards – He probably could

Mr. Fantastic, himself, the leader of the Fantastic Four was the person everyone turned to when things got rough in the universe. They overcame Galactus in Fantastic Four #50 from 1966, so great cosmic beings are not scary to him. Of course, the Celestials are even bigger than Galactus, but the point is that no threat is too big for Reed.

Furthermore, if one Reed Richards is not enough, then we have a bunch of different versions of the hero in the multiverse known as the Council of Reeds. They even once held Infinity Gauntlets and wanted to fix everything wrong. Therefore, Reed turns to them for help on several occasions like when they needed to save dying stars or defeat Doctor Doom. If the Celestials ever came to Earth, we would need Richards.

3. The Stone Age Avengers – They defeated them

In the current Avengers series from Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness, we got to meet the team of superheroes from 1,000,000 B.C., and they are similar to our favorite group but new at the same time. You might remember that some characters in Marvel have the powers of old gods like Thor and the Odinforce, and Doctor Strange with the Eye of Agamotto, and these team of Avengers wielded something like that as well.

During their time, they use those powers to stop the Celestials. The team consisted of Odin, the Phoenix, Black Panther, Starbrand, Iron Fist, Agamotto and Ghost Rider, and together they finished the Fallen, an insane Celestial that came to Earth, causing havoc all around. However, he was searching for something that the story never revealed. They buried him in South Africa, and some archeologists found him and woke him up.

4. The Beyonder – He definitely could

This powerful character was introduced in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars as a being that took superheroes and villains to his planet Battleworld to fight each other for his entertainment. However, this was originally a storyline for a toyline from Marvel and Mattel. Luckily, the character was later used for other great stories like Jonathan Hickman and the mythos in preparation for his main experience in 2015.

But, they changed the character a little, making it several creatures called the Beyonders, beings at the edge of creation, and the original Beyonder was just the offspring of these even more powerful ones. We cannot imagine the kind of strength these beings have that the first Beyonder was only a child, they could definitely take on the Celestials.

5. Black Bolt – He has overpowered them

Blackagar Boltagon is the leader of the Inhumans and one of the mightiest characters in Marvel as he once defeated Apocalypse with a whisper, though Hulk lived. His voice has also overcome some of the Celestials that came to Earth in an alternate universe. In the Thanos series, we see a future where he won. He takes on the multiverse and defeats them all.

While destroying all our favorite superheroes, the Mad Titan has to face the Celestials, who have decided to reprimand him for killing their creations. During the sentence, Thanos stabs Black Bolt in the chest, and he screams, releasing a lot of power from his body which ends up destroying half of the world, and some of the Celestials.

6. Phoenix – She probably could

Jean Grey might just be a mutant, but the Phoenix Force within her is a cosmic entity that creates things out of annihilation; rebuilding stuff out of the ashes as their name suggest. This power was revealed when Jean died and was reborn, as she came out with new skills, and their future together was set in stone. We have yet to see her face against the Celestials, but the Phoenix Force was part of the Stone Age Avengers.

A mortal woman hosts the power in that story, and her love interest is Odin. Along with the rest of the team, they take on the Fallen. However, she does mention that her flames are not enough to even snip Fallen, but we have seen Jean Grey destroy entire worlds. Maybe the cosmic force has grown enough to finally face off against one Celestial or more.

7. Apocalypse Twins – They have defeated them

Their origin is heavily related to Kang the Conqueror, so we know that their history is very complicated. Kang the Conqueror has been bothering the Avengers for ages, and then, he decided to go against the X-Men, stealing Uriel and Eimin, the future twins of Archangel and Apocalyptic Horseman Ichisumi. Kang takes them to the future and raises them, and they accepted this because they are successors of Apocalypse.

They came back from the future to face off against Genocide, Apocalypse’s son, who thought he was the true heir of En Sabah Nur. Genocide decided to call the Celestial Gardener so that he could inherit the Death Seed to obtain his father’s full powers. The twins went to Asgard, stole Jarnbjorn to defeat the Gardener and Genocide, and they took the Death Seed. 

8. Arno Stark (Tony’s brother) – He possibly could

Most people don’t know that Tony has a brother because Marvel does not mention him often, but in the 2013 Iron Man comics by Kieron Gillen, they revealed previously unknown part of Tony and his parents’ lives, who also had another son named Arno. He was genetically tampered with by Rigellian Recorder 451, who said that the world needed a being capable of rising above humans to defeat a Celestial.

Recorder reached out to Iron Man when there was a huge cosmic threat and gave him the Godkiller armor, a weapon that could defeat a Celestial and was to be handled by the son of Howard and Mari Stark. However, Tony was unable to properly wield the weapon, and it was revealed that he was adopted. Arno had been hiding away for years, but he was the only one capable of handling the armor to overcome a Celestial.

9. The Horde – They overpowered them

We do not know much about the Horde yet, but they are just as mighty as the Celestials; their equals, in fact. However, they are also their opposites because the universe is all about balance, so when the Celestials came into existence, their counterparts had to be created as well. In 2008’s The Eternals by Neil Gaiman, it was revealed that The Horde falls on the other side of the scale as the Celestials.

The Celestials create things, and so The Horde destroys matter anywhere they cross. Both groups are under the orders of The Fulcrum, a higher being who might be The One Above All. The Watchers might also be controlled by the Fulcrum. The Horde and the Celestials have faced off against each other several times before because of their opposing purposes.

10. The Living Tribunal – They probably could

In Marvel, several abstract concepts almost come across as characters like Death or Eternity, and the Living Tribunal is much the same. They are the top of the multiversal ladder, as they manage to balance and judge everything that happens in the multiple universes that they oversee. They first appeared in Strange Tales #157 in 1967.

Doctor Strange has to stop them from passing judgment on the world for the potential for evil. He was able to persuade them, but we have seen them exact verdicts in several storylines. They appear as a three-headed entity, and their faces represent Equity, Vengeance, and Necessity. Moreover, in the cosmic hierarchy, they are above the Celestials.

11. The Final Host – They have defeated them

This new cosmic entity was recently introduced in Avengers, so we don’t know a lot about them yet, though they are also called the Dark Celestials. Captain Marvel and Alpha Flight take note of a commotion in the universe, and the Avengers are called into action, but then a portal opens up with a bunch of dead Celestials falling towards Earth, as the team is trying to control things, saving human life, we see the Dark Celestials and the Final Host arriving.

The Celestials are responsible for making life on Earth and even evolution as they genetically manipulate their creations. Every now and then, they come back to visit and change things if they must. Each of these stopovers is called a Host. During the first Host, they changed the human race by injected materials from the Eternals or the Deviants.

This brought forth the existence of mutants and superheroes. Therefore, we can only imagine what the Final Host implies for the beings of Earth, especially after the Dark Celestials destroyed so many original Celestials. Will they be wiping out humanity in its entirety? Will they decide to create something else? How in the world are the Avengers going to stop them?

12. Molecule Man – He might be able to overthrow them

He was once a D-list nemesis of the Fantastic Four, but now he is one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, possessing the ability to annihilate entire universes. Owen Reece was in an accident at Ace Atomics Corporation and was exposed to radiation which gave him power over matter and energy. His subconscious was the only things limiting his powers.

However, he discovered his true abilities and was essential for Secret Wars, as Doctor Doom made him create Battleworld, and it was revealed that Molecule Man was a creation of the Beyonder as a being that had his own version in the multiverse. It is probably safe to say that we have not seen all of his powers yet, so he might be able to overcome a Celestial.

13. God Emperor Doom – He defeated them

In Secret Wars, Doctor Doom became ruler of the universe, after the multiverse died. He rebuilt a new cosmos in his own image and used the Beyonder and the Molecule Man to make a new planet called Battleworld, created from parts of previous worlds and realities. In the new earth, he made his own reputation that is more fable than fact.

In the 616 reality, we see the head of a dead Celestial in Knowhere, which we also saw in Guardians of the Galaxy, and it was used a transportation method for many aliens almost every day. Knowhere exists in Doctor Doom’s new reality, and the legend in Battleworld states that the head appeared there when he overcome a Celestial using only his hands.

14. Franklin Richards – He might be able to defeat him

He is the son of Susan Storm and Reed Richards, and though young, he is capable of making a whole universe only with his mind. After his birth in Fantastic Four Annual #6 in 1968, a comic book story that would be awesome to see on the big screen, we have seen this character grow and become part of the Future Foundation. He is also an omega-level mutant who can manipulate reality like no other character before.

He once saved the Fantastic Four from in the Onslaught saga from 1996. After Secret Wars and alongside Reed Richards and Molecule Man, he helped make new universes from scratch and revert those that were destroyed before. We cannot imagine this character having to face a Celestial at this point, but he could defeat one surely.

15. Logos – He overcame them

Secret Wars started a new Multiverse, but the cosmic hierarchy was thrown in disarray. New universal entities can spawn from such chaos, and that is how Logos was created. In the seventh Multiverse, the Marvel Comics Universe was still recovering and then the First Firmament, a living universe, decided to attack them. It is the personification of Marvel’s first universe.

This being manipulated the Lords of Order and Chaos so they would kill the Living Tribunal and join with the In-Betweener to make Logos, a mighty being with a thirst for power. His first action was killing the last living Celestial so that the higher forces in the cosmos would not go against his decision. Galactus, the Ultimates and a team of superheroes, such as Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Spectrum, join forces to defeat him.

16. The Asgardians – They probably could overthrow them

Thor might be the most powerful being in the Avengers, but the Asgardians are not as strong considering the big picture. We have seen these citizens since Journey into Mystery from the 60s up to the Thor movies from recent years, and they have demonstrated great power as the army of Odin, the father of Thor.

They often faced the Celestial with varying results. The Stone Age Avengers with Odin defeated the Fallen, but later Odin and Zeus try to stop the Third and Fourth Hosts on Earth, and they were easily defeated. However, we saw the Apocalypse Twins using the Asgardian’s Jarnbjorn to kill a Celestial, so their power has something that is essential to defeating a Celestial.

17. Galactus – He totally could defeat them

Since his introduction in Fantastic Four #48, the world of Marvel changed completely as it also heralded the Silver Surfer. He is smaller than a Celestial, and we have never seen him facing one in the main Marvel Universe, where those beings plant seeds in the planets they think are praiseworthy. These seeds sprout Celestial Eggs, and then the huge beings are created.

They make life appear in the planets as they do in the 616 Universe so that superheroes and mutant will take care of those worlds and their Celestial Eggs. Galactus did not like this and decided to eat every world that had Celestial Eggs, and if he keeps doing that, he could potentially end the cosmic giants.

18. Chaos and Order – They might be able to overcome them

In the hierarchy of the multiverse, Chaos and Order fall below the Living Tribunal, and they maintained the balance between self-control and disorder alongside the Living Tribunal. They look like two giant floating heads with Order as a bald man and Chaos a malformed, purple man. They have been able to influence the multiverse in small ways.

They helped our favorite heroes join up to stop Thanos the first time he trained gaining control, and helped along when he got the Infinity Gauntlet later on. After Secret Wars, they became Logos and sought power for themselves. So, it would come as no surprise that they could defeat the Celestials if forced to face them.

19. The Aspirants – They have killed Celestials before

It was recently revealed that the First Firmament created the Celestials as his companions after being alone in its reality for many years, and he also made the Aspirants as his servants. The Aspirant remained loyal to their creator while the Celestials defied him, deciding to create more life, evolution, and change in the universe.

The Aspirants made Godkiller, an armor that could destroy the higher beings, and with it, they killed many Celestials. However, the Aspirants had some descent in their ranks, so Celestials were able to overcome them in the end, but the First Firmament was also destroyed in that fight. The original universe disappeared into new multiverses from its pieces. Though, we now know that the First Firmament survived with the help of a few Aspirants.

20. The One Above All – It is safe to say that he could kill them

We have sort of seen this being as pure light and sometimes as a bartender on the edge of oblivion. He was once drawn as Jack Kirby, a sort of cameo like Stan Lee does in movies, and he is the big man in the Marvel Multiverse, the top tier of the cosmic hierarchy. However, do not confuse this character with the Celestial that goes by the same name. The One Above All being was only ever seen in an issue of Sensational Spider-Man in 2007.

The Living Tribunal serves right under him, and they have said that their judgments are “set forth from Above declare that only He may now reverse that decision.” As the top being in the cosmos, we can assume that he is a million times more powerful than any Celestial as it is said that he is a creature above all imagination.

What did you think of the characters or beings that could defeat the Celestials? Do you think one or more of them might make an appearance in the MCU? We would like to see more about many of these creatures, and it would make for some exciting movies. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while discussing the universe hierarchy. See you next time!

Sources used: CBR

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