8 Cast Picks That Came Close To Destroying Harry Potter (And 10 That Totally Were A Hit)

J.K. Rowling has outdone herself with her world of Harry Potter. It is amazing how she created a whole other fantastic universe where magic coexists with normal non-magic. Her books are the most popular now. Even more so, with all the movies that have recreated her characters on the big screen.

What is more amazing is how she is so committed to her magical world. She was involved in the adaptation of her books for the movies. She even went as far as stipulating who were to be the actors in them. However, some choices came close to not being so good, and others were a hit. Let’s take a look.

18. Ralph Fiennes – Voldemort (Bad Idea)

The actor cast for this role was a questionable choice. It was reported that Fiennes had not read the books, did not care much for the movies and he did not agree to the role at first. However, after getting a call from his sister, he changed his mind. The reason was as simple as it was a significant role and that his nephews and nieces were reading the books.

Therefore, we got our notorious villain in Ralph Fiennes. He should have been our worst nightmare with his serpent-like nose, pasty skin, and sharp teeth. However, what we got was the opposite. Fiennes exaggerated his performance making him more laughable than anything else. Some fans preferred the young version of Voldemort, Tom Riddle.

17. Rupert Grint – Ron Weasley (Good Idea)

Harry Potter’s best friend is Ron Weasley, and the actor that got to play that part was Ruper Grint. It was one of the most amazing auditions; he did it by doing a rap about why he wished to be in the film dressed as a woman. He evidently left a mark on his first impression and a good one at that.

Grint was a total natural at portraying Ron. This helped him because he had no acting experience before the role and being similar to Ron in real life made the transition easy. He was so much like Ron that even his fear of spiders was accurate. It left no doubt that he was the perfect pick.

16. Tom Felton – Draco Malfoy (Good Idea)

Felton audition for the Harry Potter role, however, the actors were cast not by their experience, but by their close resemblance to the characters in the books. Therefore, his close appearance to Draco Malfoy made it a no-brainer. Even though he talked about having no experience, he later proved that the producers were not wrong to put him in his role.

15. Bonnie Wright – Ginny Weasley (Bad Idea)

Wright went to the audition based on her brother’s suggestion that she reminded him of Ginny Weasley while reading the series. Therefore, she landed the part with very little experience. However, fans were not so happy with the decision because she was entirely opposite to the book’s character. She was in the background and uninteresting until she was needed at the end to be Harry’s girlfriend and wife.

14. Helena Bonham Carter – Bellatrix Lestrange (Good Idea)

Bonham is very famous for portraying evil villains and for bringing them to life in a very real like manner. She was the best choice for the role of the crazy Bellatrix Lestrange and able to make fans love and hate her at the same time. She injected true malice and had the idea to live and react as only the character would. Furthermore, she concocted the scene with Emma Watson where she writes “mudblood” on her arm.

13. Johnny Depp – Gellert Grindelwald (Bad Idea)

Recently, the Harry Potter universe was recharged with the new movies Fantastic Beasts. The hot topic among fans is the appointment of Johnny Deep as Grindelwald. Even though Warner Bros. tried to make a big event of this unveiling, fans were not happy with it because of Depp’s scandal with his ex-wife. There seems to be a petition on the internet about rescinding him from his role.

12. Dan Fogler – Jacob Kowalski (Good Idea)

While Fantastic Beasts has had negative press because of our previously mentioned character, there is one that has won over fans, and that is Fogler as Kowalski. He embodies everything this character is: from the New York, funny, and fantastically naïve to the magical world around him. We know that he has done a very nice job at portraying the character and producers did not make a mistake with him.

11. Devon Murray – Seamus Finnigan (Bad Idea)

Murray was cast as Finnigan, a supporting character. Even though we might not remember him very well from the movie, we associated him with trouble. He was caught smoking on the set. This led him to be related with the anti-values for the Gryffindor House among fans. All the bad press left the producers wondering if it was worth the trouble to begin with after all Murray’s actions.

10. Maggie Smith – Professor McGonagall (Good Idea)

Smith was the best choice to portray this great professor, head of Gryffindor. She was able to keep her role with all the confidence and composure throughout all the movies. She had to battle breast cancer while she was filming. It is incredible how she was able to keep on going and not shatter once under all the pressure, cementing her character and her performance.

9. Kenneth Branagh – Gilderoy Lockhart (Bad Idea)

Gilderoy Lockhart is a character that was supposed to be very popular; every woman would fall in love with him and had the dream life full of adventure and at the same time dangerous enough that no one would really want it. However, Branagh felt hollow when he was in character. He could not make us believe what we knew of this role in paper. It actually hurt the movies.

8. Robbie Coltrane – Rubeus Hagrid (Good Idea)

The author of the Harry Potter world handpicked Coltrane. She said that he was the choice that looked both lovable and menacing at the same time. If you read the books, you would see that Coltrane is Hagrid who jumped out of the pages to the big screen. Fans were happy with the final decision to have him, and the producers’ only regret was that the groundskeeper just needed a few more feet in height.

7. Evanna Lynch – Luna Lovegood (Good Idea)

Lynch had a rough period in her life with her eating disorders. At some point, she found the books of Harry Potter where she sought refuge by identifying with the character that she later came to portray, Luna. She became pen pals with Rowling, but after some time, she auditioned for the role and got it. Therefore, we got our quirky Luna just as the one in the books.

6. Jessie Cave – Lavender Brown (Bad Idea)

Lavender Brown was portrayed by several actresses. Since she did not have a major part not a lot of people noticed her, except for her first appearance when she was sorted into Gryffindor. However, towards the end, the actress got changed one last time. Jessie Cave was the chosen one, but many fans were outraged because the producers changed the race. This generated some bad publicity for movies.

5. Alan Rickman – Severus Snape (Good Idea)

Alan Rickman was another handpicked actor from a wish list given by J.K. Rowling to producers. She went as far as to tell him important details of Snape’s character that had not been revealed until the final novel; not even the producers knew. One thing is for sure; our favorite author was not wrong in casting him in this complex anti-hero role.

4. Emma Watson – Hermione Granger (Bad Idea)

Watson transformed out of her book-based description because she had a more confident and prettier look than what was described. J.K. Rowling might not have been in total agreement with her casting, but at the end, it was a choice that hurt the franchise because fans were waiting for her to grow into herself; just not so quickly. She even grew out her role of Hermione, and we know her by her real name, something the other actors could not do.

3. Richard Harris – Dumbledore (Good Idea)

Harris passed up the opportunity to play Dumbledore three times, but in the end, his granddaughter convinced him to take up the role. He was the actor made for this character as he took it upon himself to be as faithful to the written one as he could. Sadly, he was ill and eventually died after the second movie, so we had another Dumbledore along the way.

2. Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter (Good Idea)

The Boy Who Lived was the hardest to fill because of the complexity of the character. It had to be someone that was both vulnerable and tough at the same time. Therefore, by the moment they had reached an agreement, Daniel Radcliffe had lost interested in the movie. However, somehow we got the actor we have come to know and recognize as Harry Potter. It is a fact that he contributed to the success of the movies.

1. Michael Gambon – Dumbledore (Bad Idea)

After Richard Harris' passing, the producers were stuck with the question of who would come next as Dumbledore. At that moment, they cast Michael Gambon. It was a disappointment for fans because he was not a good choice. Gambon did not read the books through the five movies he was in, and he is so far off the Headmaster that we came to love; he acted as himself in costume.

What did you think of these actors and actresses picked by J.K. Rowling? Did you agree with us about the information above? We love to read your comments, so leave them in the section down below and share our article while discussing this with your Potterhead friends.

Sources used: Screen Rant

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