11 New 'The Office' Characters Who Helped The Series Stay Up (And 9 Who Sank The Ship)

The Office was definitely one of the best shows on NBC, and we cannot believe that it ended more than five years ago. Even if the last couple of seasons were not as great, we still loved it, and their cast was part of the reason the series took off as it did. But, over time, some changes in actors made it better and others might have influenced its quality drop. Here we have the facts.

20. Holly Fax: Good Idea

Holly Fax came in to replace Toby when he was gone for a while, and Michael Scott finally found someone to love him after having trouble with dating because of his childish personality. Flax enjoyed his sense of humor, and they got married and went to live in Colorado. It was nice seeing someone appreciate Michael after the way he was treated by Jan.

19. Brian, the Boom Guy: Bad Idea

Jim and Pam became the main couple of the show when Michael left, but while Jim was trying to get his sports marketing company afloat, Pam was suffering. She talked to the boom-mic operator, Brian, about it. Fans of the show did not like him because he came out of nowhere and was interested in Pam, but his storyline was pointless.

18. Charles Miner: Good Idea

We might not remember that Idris Elba was once in The Office in the role of Charles Miner, Ryan’s replacement. The character was not going to be lenient like all the previous bosses, and his feuds with Michael led him to leave the job to start his own company. The best part about Charles was when he walked in on Jim Halpert and his crazy actions.

17. Nellie Bertram: Bad Idea

In the sixth season, Dunder Mifflin was bought by Sabre, a printing company, and many new characters were brought in. Nellie came in to interview for Michael’s job but later became the President of Sabre’s unique developments. By season eight, she was a regular on the show, though people did not like her all the time because the character never got an in-depth development.

16. Erin Hannon: Good Idea

This character was so big on the show that most fans cannot remember a time when she was not around. Actress Ellie Kemper played Erin, Pam’s replacement for receptionist. She was very young-minded with a secret past, who had relationships with Gabe and Andy before landing with Pete. We loved her because she was the breath of fresh air the series needed by season five.

15. Clark Green: Bad Idea

Season eight saw its lowest ratings yet, and the showrunners hoped to bring new stories by adding new people. Therefore, on the ninth season, Clark and Pete were introduced as customer service reps. Clark was just like Dwight, so they called him “Dwight Jr”, but that was a bad concept. We did not need to go back to that same old things when we saw how Shrute developed with time.

14. Pete Miller: Good Idea

Moreover, there was Pete, who developed a love-hate interaction with Clark, and he became interested in Erin when she was still with Andy. People loved him because Erin was finally dating a good guy instead of the stupid men she had been seeing for a time. Andy was not nice to her at all, and it was great to get that happy relationship.

13. Cathy Simms: Bad Idea

Cathy came in when Pam was on maternity leave, and she was sent to Florida with Jim, Erin, Dwight, Ryan, and Stanley to promote new products. However, the writers were trying to create havoc in Pam and Jim’s marriage with this character, similarly to Brian, and fans did not appreciate this. Jim had not noticed her at all before the trip, so it was a cheap plot.

12. Helene Beesly: Good Idea

She played the role of Pam’s mom and was first seen in season two when she came in to talk about the wedding. We saw her a bunch of times during important moments like her divorce, while she dated Michael Scott, Pam’s wedding, and more. Despite being a small role, it was great for the show, mainly because she reveals Pam’s crush to Jim.

11. Jo Bennet: Bad Idea

Kathy Bates played the CEO of Sabre and was a strong character who voiced her opinions openly. She only appeared a couple of times, and people felt that Kathy’s talents were wasted on such a role. She did have some funny parts with Dwight and Michael, but there was nothing else to her. It would have been hilarious to have her as someone else.

10. Bob Vance: Good Idea

The owner of Vance Refrigeration, a company in the same building as Dunder Mifflin, started dating Phyllis on the second season, and they got married in the third season. He seemed to be part of the mafia, but the best side of this character was his relationship with Phyllis, who changed completely after they got married, becoming a strong, empowered woman.

9. The senator: Good Idea

A senator from Pennsylvania, Robert Lipton, started dating Angela during season seven. They got married in season eight and had a kid, but he and Oscar were having a secret relationship. He came out of the closet a while later but said goodbye to both Angela and Oscar. He was a good addition because Angela had been cheating with Dwight while dating Andy.

8. Val Johnson: Bad Idea

Darryl was single most of the time, except for his short fling with Kelly, but then Val Johnson came in during the eighth season. She was not available at the time, but Darryl worked hard until she dumped her boyfriend for him. Then Darryl got bored and tried to break things up. It was just a waste of time that did nothing good for the show.

7. Todd Packer: Good Idea

Steve Carrell and David Koechner have worked together in Anchorman and The 40-Year-Old Virgin before, so fans expected David to show up in The Office. Todd Packer was an old friend of Michael and arrogant like nobody else. His addition was great for the series because it demonstrated how Michael could be much, much worse.

6. Gabe Lewis: Bad Idea

Gabe was Jo Bennett’s representative and VP of Northeaster Sales, but this character felt out of place. No one respected him, and when his short relationship with Erin failed, he became angry. We know that some creepy characters appeared in the show before, but Gabe was just too odd, and his obsession with Erin was uncomfortable.

5. Robert California: Good Idea

When Carrell left, the show had to bring in the big guns, and Robert was hired as Branch Manager at Dunder Mifflin, but in Florida, he made Bennett name him CEO of the company. He was funny because of his creepiness, which was different from that of Gabe, and his mysterious, rapidly changing nature gave us some great moments.

4. Cousin Mose: Bad Idea

We almost got a show called The Farm, where we would have seen Dwight and his family running Schrute Farms, but it was never approved by NBC. Cousin Mose was going to play a significant role after appearing several times on The Office. Not much is known about him, other than his night terrors, and people did not like him because he did not seem real.

3. Karen Filipelli: Good Idea

This character appeared regularly on the third season after Jim left the Scranton Branch for Stamford. They met and started a relationship until Scranton and Stamford merged, making Jim realize that his true love was Pam. Karen left for New York, and fans liked her because she was not a cartoon-like person as most of the others.

2. Deangelo Vickers: Bad Idea

Will Ferrell came in as the boss when Steve Carrell left as Deangelo Vickers, but he went into a coma after only four episodes. Fans hated the character even though the idea of Ferrell in Carrell’s place was fantastic. The role was not good at all, and no one was sad to see him go. What a waste of such a talent, just like Kathy Bates!

1. Andy Bernard: Good Idea

This is another character that people do not remember was not in the first couple of seasons. He was Jim’s coworker at the Stamford Branch, and after throwing a fit, he got sent to anger management. Andy came back as someone entirely new. The role was such a staple one that the actor Ed Helms was one of the highest paid on the show.

What did you think of these character decisions made on The Office? Do you agree with us? We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment down below, and share this with all your friends who could not get enough of this series.

Sources used: Screen Rant

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