Diana and Camilla Were Close At First, And Here's The Stunning Story Of How The Friendship Died

Princess Diana shocked the world during her 1995 interview with Martin Bashir where she revealed that Prince Charles had been having an affair with Camilla throughout their marriage. Although there was speculation, mainly because of some sexy tapes released a few years earlier, Diana confirming this new was mind-blowing. Here are the little-known facts about Diana and Camilla’s antagonism.

1. Charles met Camilla first

Long before Prince Charles even met the Princess of Wales, he met Camilla in a 1970 polo match, and they started dating shortly after that. It was rumored that the Queen did not approve of Camilla, and when their relationship was at its boiling point, she decided to marry Andrew Parker Bowles in 1973.

Charles met Diana later on, but he never got over his flame with Camilla, and they continued their relationship in secret from their spouses. It was also rumored that Prince Philip encouraged Charles to continue the affair. We can only imagine that it was way different back then, as he could not marry the woman he loved.

2. Diana and Camilla got along well in the beginning

Andrew and Prince Charles were usually in the same circles, so they were friendly, and Camilla and Diana were nice to each other, forming a friendship, according to Daily Mail. When Diana and Charles got engaged, Diana went over to Camilla’s house to show her friend the ring she had received from her fiancé.

Shortly after, Charles told his future bride that he and Camilla had a relationship for a while, and this preoccupied the Princess. She became obsessed with Parker Bowles, according to the future Duchess of Cornwall herself. After discovering Diana’s discomfort with their friendship, Camilla said that she tried to separate herself from them.

3. Things Prince Charles should have avoided

Despite being aware of his wife’s uneasiness about his friendship with Camilla after they had been lovers for a time, the Prince gave Parker Bowles two presents that spawned the epic feud between these ladies. One time, Camilla had fallen ill, so Charles told his assistant to dispatch some flowers. Maybe, this could be considered just a kind gesture.

However, Diana later found a bracelet in the assistant’s desk which was meant for Camilla. The gift was clearly indicative of their ongoing feelings for one another because it was engraved with “G & F” for Gladys and Fred, their nicknames. The first one could be written off as a courtesy but something that serves as a reminder of their old days as lovers, it’s not a good sign.

4. What started their affair in the first place?

According to Daily Mail, the Princess of Wales suffered from an eating disorder and was worried about the possibility of Charles having an affair. The Prince separated himself from Diana and was depressed and reserved. Camilla and Charles’ mutual friend, Lady Susan, encouraged Camilla to call his former lover because she was the only one who could possibly help him.

At the time, Charles had no intention to cheat on his wife, but after his call with Camilla, they rekindled their friendship, and their love for each other came back once again. Relationships are very tricky, and it seems like Charles and Diana were just not meant for each other, no matter how many people thought she was the best princess ever.

5. Diana confronted Parker Bowles

Although the Princess had an image of shyness and regality about her, she suffered greatly after realizing that her husband had started an affair with a close family friend right under her nose. As royalty, sometimes you have to hold back your tongue and act like nothing is happening but during Camilla’s 40th birthday party the Princess could not tolerate it anymore.

However, it was not the confrontation you were probably expecting. These are British Royals we are talking about, after all. Diana was much more subtle, so instead of kissing Camilla as a sign of hello, she shook her hand. If they had been friendly in the past, this gesture, though simple, was still incredibly powerful. At least, in the world of girls.

6. Camilla could not deny that something was going on

The Daily Mail stated that Diana went up to Camilla and told her she knew about her affair with her husband. Parker Bowles told her, “Oh, it’s not a cloak-and-dagger situation.” This kind of situation involves intrigue, mystery, and secrecy, and the future Duchess of Cornwall also said that Diana should let Charles see his children more often.

Diana said, “Camilla, the children are either at Highgrove or in London. That’s Charles’s biggest fault: he never sees the children. But I never take them away.” We cannot imagine that Kensington Palace allowed the kids to be away with the Princess often, especially when she was still married to their father.

7. Did Camilla tell Diana to divorce Charles?

You probably thought that the confrontation ended at that point because most women would have walked away with that parting line, but that was not the case. The other woman should have cowered in the corner, but Camilla told the Princess, “You’ve got everything you ever wanted. You’ve got all the men in the world falling in love with you, and you’ve got two beautiful children. What more could you want?”

To which Diana answered, “I want my husband. ‘I’m sorry I’m in the way… and it must be hell for both of you. But I do know what’s going on. Don’t treat me like an idiot.'” It must have been awful to realize that your husband was cheating and that he was driven to an affair because he could not marry his first choice.

8. Did Diana deserve to hear the bad things Camilla said about her?

It was reported that Camilla started calling Diana all kinds of names from the beginning of her marriage to Charles. Now, that is what we call jealousy. According to Newsweek, Camilla called her “a mouse” during the early days after their wedding. When her affair with Charles became heated, she started calling the Princess “that mad cow”.

She went as far as saying that Diana was “hysteric” and “manipulative”. Parker Bowles even revealed that Diana had barged in on a private dinner party, demanding that she stop the affair with her husband, and Camilla was apparently unfazed, telling the Princess that it was rude to act out in someone else’s home.

What did you think of these facts regarding Camilla and Diana’s tension? Do you believe this really happened? We would like to know your opinion, so a leave a comment down below and share this article with all your friends who loved the Princess of Wales.

Sources used: Cheat Sheet

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