19 Things Proving That Time Is Both Kind And Merciless

We can all agree that photography is one of the best inventions humanity has come up with. It's like a time machine that helps us to step back into the past and retrace our steps or moments that we treasured best. We can also follow our progress in life and all those inevitable changes that brought us to where we are today. The best comparisons, however, are when you place those old photos side-by-side with recent ones. We've compiled a few awesome pictures for you to look at and we hope you enjoy them! 

19. Here is a dad with his beloved daughter and their pets ten years ago. The second picture shows how they've all grown up and are still as close as they were back then. 

18. This poor toucan had a broken beak, so this generous guy decided to do a reconstruction so that the bird can eat properly and have a normal life. It's incredible what 3D printing can do these days! 

17. This before and after picture is of the Zlatni Rat beach in Croatia. As you can see, they had an almost perfect V-shaped landscape, and after a storm, the shape completely changed. 

16. This is one of those adorable images of a boy with his pet dog when he was young. Fifteen years later, they're both still going strong and are best buds. 

15. This rewind in time is where people frequently rode their bikes in Kreuzberg. The first picture was taken in 1985 and had a wall separating the streets. Now, in 2018, the wall is gone, and you can see how things have changed. 

14. Here is a picture of a girl on her trip with her boyfriend back in 2013. In 2018, you can see that she came back to the same spot where the love of her life proposed. How romantic. 

13. These two have been together for 17 years, and you can see how they've both grown. Wow, that tortoise is enormous! Nice to see that this guy still takes care of his beloved pet. 


12. Cats are mischievous and always have their favorite hiding places. After all these years, this kitty still loves to sit in the same spot. What an adorable face! 

11. Wow, in just three years this before and after picture has drastically changed. Nature sure has a way of transforming over time, and we never notice until we rewind and look at those images. 

10. Here is an image of a high school graduate on the left, and then graduating from college on the right. She certainly looks much happier on the right! No more studying, yay! 

9. Wow! These two pictures were taken 15 months apart, but everything has changed. You would say a whole lifetime has gone by for the owner and his dog. 

8. Technology has dramatically changed, and there are constant upgrades each year. Here is a Motorola from 1998 and then we have the 2018 version. 

7. These two met in 1997, and now 21 years later, they are still happily together. It's amazing how close some relationships become and stand the test of time. These two are a prime example.  

6. This guy was not in a good space as we can see in the picture on the left. But he has changed his attitude in life and sobriety has sure made him a happier, healthier person. The one on the right is after 220 days. We hope he keeps it up. 

5. This is actually a funny one and a wonderful memory. This guy reenacted "The Circle of Life" on every anniversary of his adoption. This gorgeous kitty is not too impressed though, but it's a fond memory. 

4. This father and daughter have a few beautiful memories together. Now, she's 18 years old, and they are still a wonderful family who shares those precious moments. 

3. This is one of those images where you can definitely see how the world has changed. In 1976, Apple started off by running a local business in their home office. Now, they're a massive franchise in an impressive building! 


2. On the left, we can see Jonathan, a giant tortoise. He was born in 1832. The photograph on the left was taken in 1902, and the one on the right is in 2017. Wow! That makes Jonathan 187 years old. 

1. This lady shared a beautiful picture of when she was still very young. As you can see, these two have been together for 22 years together and counting... They certainly love each other, and she unquestionably shares a great bond with her cat. 

Do you have wonderful pictures to share with us about your memories? Which before and after photos did you like the best? Tell us in the comments below. Share this with your friends and family and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more fantastic memories that make us cherish each moment. 

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