20 Major Characters Marvel "Borrowed" From DC With Big Success (For Some Of Them At Least)

Thanks to the MCU, more people know about Marvel Comics than DC Comics nowadays, but comic-book lovers know that some of our favorite heroes in the red studio were ripped off from the latter. The following article shows the characters that were stolen from DC, so let's take a look. 

1. While The Flash might not be as popular as Batman and Superman, his logo is still recognized by all comic lovers. Marvel's version was almost identical except for the color scheme (could The Flash defeat Thanos?). 

2. We saw Captain Boomerang for the first time in The Flash #117, while Boomerang was seen in Tales of Astonish #81 from July 1966. It's sad that they copied a character that was not even good. Meanwhile, could Captain America deal with Thanos?

3. We saw Marvel's Black Cat for the first time in The Amazing Spider-Man #194 from July 1979, and she was a friend of the spidey hero and sometimes, a love interest. Meanwhile, Catwoman made her first appearance in Batman #1 from June 1940. Will Spider-Man survive Thanos snap?

4. One of the Avengers' greatest enemies was Ultron, but he was actually ripped off from Brainiac, Superman's most significant foe aside from Lex Luthor. Fortunately, over the years Ultron changed so much that the character could stand on its own. 

5. Amazo was known for stealing other heroes' superpowers and was introduced in 1960. Meanwhile. Super Adaptiod first appeared in Tales of Suspense #83 with almost the same ability. Weird. 

6. Solomon Grundy made his first appearance in All-American Comics #61 from October 1944, while The Hulk starred in his own comic The Incredible Hulk #1 from May 1962. No one knows why the green hero became famous while the other one failed. 

7. Elongated Man was seen for the first time in 1960 as The Flash's sidekick, but Marvel has definitely had more success bringing the idea of a stretchable person to life with Mister Fantastic. 

8. It is hard to believe that a hero like Superman was ripped off, but Sentry, created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, was extremely similar to the man of steel, but his tagline said that he had the "power of one million exploding suns". Do you know what hero you are based on your zodiac sign?

9. We saw Deadpool for the first time in The New Mutants #98 from February 1991. However, Deathstroke started appearing in comics in the 80s as Deathstroke the Terminator. The worst part is that the hero's name was the same: Slade Wilson. 

10. Dr. Fate is a magical user who wields the Amulet of Anubis, the Cloak of Destiny, and the Helm of Fate. He was an archaeologist who became a doctor in 1942. Isn't weird that Dr. Strange is so similar? In the meantime, check out more about Doctor Strange's plan in Infinity War

11.  Green Arrow was seen for the first time in More Fun Comics #73 from November 1941, while Hawkeye first appeared in Tales of Suspense #57. They have very similar superpowers.

12. Here we have a team that Marvel copied from DC. Nova Corps made their debut in Fantastic Four #205 from April 1979, but Green Lantern Corps had shown up in Showcase #22 from September 1959. A group of people with almost the same abilities; that's definitely stolen. Check out heroes who are in the MCU but you have not noticed. 

13. We now know him as the Avenger's greatest enemy, but he was actually copied from Darkseid, a villain in the DC Universe with similar superpowers and evil intentions. 

14. Ant-Man is about to play an essential part of the MCU, but he was actually copied from DC's Atom, but it is interesting because he was not always able to shrink himself. He did for the time in an edition from October 1961, a few months before the first appearance of the ant-hero. 

15. Although these two characters do not have the same powers at all, their looks and uniforms are very similar, and since Red Tornado came first, people believe Marvel copied it as Vision. Speaking of Vision, remember how he was able to lift Thor's hammer? Here a few other amazing weapons in the MCU.

16. Deadshot was first seen in Batman #59 from June-July 1950, while Marvel released Bullseye in 1976 with similar sniper abilities. The difference is that Bullseye can use any object to kill. Speaking of Batman, could he defeat Tony Stark?

17. Sandman is a famous foe of Spider-Man in the comic books, but Marvel copied him from DC's Clayface, a character that is not well-recognized. He was Batman's enemy, but they never bothered creating much of a story for him.

18. DC made a character that was similar to a wolf and had abilities like strength and quick healing. Sadly, Marvel's Wolverine ten years later had much more success. Nowadays, most people do not Timber Wolf existed. 

19. We have all loved the X-Men for years with its great characters like Magneto, Rogue and Phoenix, as well as Wolverine, however, they were copied from DC's Doom Patrol who made their first appearance in June 1963. They were both a group of misfits. 

20. The Avengers might have more success at the box office than our heroes in the Justice League, but that doesn't negate that they were a ripoff. Furthermore, in terms of comic books, nothing beats the Justice League with Superman and Batman at the lead. 

Can you believe so many characters were copied from DC comics? However, before you go on hating on Marvel, remember that DC copied heroes from them too and other publications. It seems these studios love doing that. If you liked this article, share it with your friends. See you next time!

Sources used: Youtube/Ichigo Kurosaki

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