Camilla will reportedly have a new title created just for her when Prince Charles becomes King

One of the most controversial aspects of Prince Charles' accession to the throne is whether Camila Parker Bowles will ever become a queen or no. We all know that, when the beloved Queen Elizabeth II passes away, her son and first in line will become the King of England. However, the role that Charles' second wife will play is a topic that has always been less clear. 

As everyone might remember, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the Prince of Wales and Camilla's marriage, particularly considering the infidelity scandals when Diana was alive, so things get more complicated for the Duchess of Cornwall. However, it has already been established what her title will be, and the long-awaited answer is in the following article. Check it out! 

Something was obvious 

Queen Elizabeth II is now 92 years old, and though she displays enviable health and vigor, nobody lasts forever, and her reign is undoubtedly coming to an end any time soon. Waiting in the wings is her oldest son, the Prince of Wales. Charles Phillip Arthur George is 70 years old, and he has known for most of his life that he would be Prince of Wales for decades before he could ascend to the throne, reported Vanity Fair in November 2018.

The complicated story with Camilla

According to reports from the time, Camila and Prince Charles met mid-1971 despite having been in the same social circle for years. However, it was at an event by a mutual friend that the pair was introduced. They became close friends, and shortly after, started to see each other. They ultimately became a couple but put the relationship on hold when Charles joined the Royal Navy in 1973. 

Afterward, it ended out of a sudden. The pair apparently parted ways once and for all. That very same year, Camilla wedded Andrew Parker Bowles‍ and started a family with him. Charles, on his side, came back from his time abroad and met Diana in 1977, when she was only 16. They ultimately got married some years later. However, that was not the end of the relationship between Charles and Camilla. 

The Duchess had been known to have been in a clandestine relationship with Prince Charles during his ill-fated marriage to the popular Princess Diana, and the divorce cast her in the worse possible light. Furthermore, Diana's death in 1997 only fueled a public backlash against Camilla, and everyone blamed her as the guilty one of the divorce and, somehow, Diana's demise. 

An unpopular marriage

The British saw her as a home-wrecker, and her marriage to the Prince of Wales in 2005 was not popular. Even though Princess Diana had died in 1997, Duchess Camilla, who had been close to Prince Charles since 1971, was still seen as a usurper. Prince Charles appointed Mark Bolland, whom he had employed in 1995 to refurbish his own image‍, to enhance Camilla's public profile. 

He believed that as the people got to know her, they would accept her. Princes William and Harry also helped fix her public image of being the mistress that destroyed a marriage. Around 1998, William met her for the first time, and his brother followed suit a while later. The brothers even invited her to a birthday party they had organized for their father in November of that year. 

Public acceptance 

Charles and Camilla ultimately wedded in 2005. Surprisingly, a good relationship between her and Diana's sons was very possible. Harry described her as a wonderful woman that he and his brother love to pieces, as reported by Angela Levin's book Harry: Conversations With the Prince. As for the nation, it has taken the couple 20 years to see their relationship accepted by the British, but the Princes' approval has played an important role.

Not the Princess of Wales

The former Camilla Parker Bowles did not assume the title of Princess of Wales. Traditionally, when a woman marries a royal member, she gets the female equivalent of her husband's title. It happened with Kate when became Duchess of Cambridge or Meghan as Duchess of Sussex, but it was not the case for Camilla. So the question is: why? She wedded the Prince of Wales, so it is the most logical thing.

The royal expert and author of the blog Royal Musings, Marlene Koenig, explained that the reason is simple. Diana was Princess of Wales before her, and even though she was not the first one with the title, the whole world strongly associated it with her. So to avoid stirring up negative feeling towards Camilla, it was decided, prior to her wedding, that she would become the Duchess of Cornwall, the female version of another title that Charles holds. 

Will the Brits accept Queen Camilla? 

Just imagine: if the monarchy thought that Britons would never admit another Princess of Wales apart from Diana, would they acknowledge her as queen? When Camilla married the Prince of Wales, the British were assured that she would never be Queen. In fact, Clarence House had stated on the occasion of their wedding in 2005 that Camilla would adopt the style of Princess Consort, a new title apparently created just for her. 

"Will the Duchess become Queen when The Prince becomes King? As was explained at the time of their wedding in April 2005, it is intended that The Duchess will be known as HRH The Princess Consort when The Prince of Wales Accedes to The Throne."

A marriage between divorcees like Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla is counter to the traditions of the Church of England. Queen Elizabeth II's uncle, King Edward VIII had to abdicate the throne to marry the American divorcee Wallis Simpson in 1936. But of course, things have changed for the modern monarchy. However, Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, but he was never crowned as king. 

On the contrary, he became Prince Consort; as had Queen Anne's husband Prince George of Denmark. Plus, Queen Elizabeth II's husband is the Duke of Edinburgh and also Prince Consort. According to Royal Central, "A husband cannot generally take the male form of his wife’s title on marriage, whatever her rank." But Camilla is a woman, so she is legally entitled to be Queen, and perhaps she could regardless of prior statements.

Recent rumors

Clarence House recently removed the question from the FAQs section in the Prince of Wales' website what caused quite a commotion because it could indeed suggest that Camilla might take the Queen title instead. However, during a conversation with the Telegraph, a spokesperson from the Palace indicated that FAQs are updated regularly, and that question hadn't been asked for some time, which is why it no longer features.

Despite the clarification, we cannot forget Prince Charles statements back in 2010, as reported by Town & Country. They suggest that he has not ruled out the Queen title for his wife. Brian Williams asked him if Camilla would be "Queen of England" when he becomes the monarch. The Prince simply replied, "that’s, well…We’ll see, won’t we? That could be."

Well, we guess that time will only tell if Camilla Parker Bowles will be Princess Consort or Queen Consort. Many people believe that, despite her improved image, she does not deserve the title. Perhaps, it is about time to heal old wounds, right? What is your opinion about this controversial topic? We would love to hear them, so drop a message in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more exciting news about our favorite Royal Family.

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Credit: Amomama, Vanity Fair, Town And County Mag, Royal Central, AmoMama, Prince of Wales, Royal Musings

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