25+ Strict (And Sometimes Weird And Old-Fashioned) Rules That Royal Family Has To Follow

The Royal family always amaze us with their lifestyle. They live a life so different to us that is hard to believe. Of course, they have to follow some rules that may seem ridiculous to us but that is very important etiquette for them. Let’s talk a look of the weirdest and peculiar ones. 

26. If the Queen stands everyone has to do it too. 

25. If the Queen finishes eating, everyone has to stop too.

24. Men have to make a neck bow and women curtsy if they are greeting the Queen.

23. The members of the Royal family get a new name when they get married.

22. The Royal couples must abstain from public love demonstrations and that includes holding hands.

21. Before a proposal is made, Royal's descendants must have the monarchy approval.

20. It's a weird fact, but every Royal bride bouquet must contain myrtle and that's a rule.

19. Every wedding party must have a crop of children only.

18. The members of the royal family can get married to someone of any faith. This was prohibited until 2010.

17. The Royal family must contain their political opinions private, they can't express their opinions about it. 

16. Also, the Royal family members can't vote. 

15. They can't play Monopoly! This game is totally forbidden for them. 

14. At dinner parties, the Queen alternates the conversation, first talks with the person on her right and in the second course with the guest on the left.

13. They always have to pack an all-black outfit when they travel in case of somebody die while they are traveling.

12. Two royal heirs can't travel in the same plane so when Prince George turns 12 he will have to fly separately from his dad.

11. The Royal family can't take selfies or give autographs (for security reasons).

10. They can't eat shellfish due to the high possibilities of getting poisoned from it.

9. The use of fur in their outfits is totally forbidden. 

8. They can't sit wherever they want at Royal events. The seats are assigned by order of precedence. 

7. A special office works exclusively to organize the guests at Royal events. 

6. The Royal family always must follow a stric dress code. 

5. Prince George can't wear pants until he becomes older. 

4. The dress code dictates that women must use hats to formal events. 

3. Only married women can wear tiaras. 

2. The Royal family must accept gifts from the visits they make and sometimes, these gifts may be weird. 

1. Garlic is a forbidden food for the Royal family, they take care of their breath. 

Definitely, the Royal family is so interesting that we could read about them for long hours. They always keep headlines full of interesting news and are a big influence on the actual culture.

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