10 facts about Royal Family that explain a lot about its ways of living

We all want to have a life of kings, like the Royal family of England because of all the monarchies this is the most popular however this lifestyle entails a great series of rules and traditions that out of respect and protocol must be fulfilled at the bottom. Normally these go unnoticed but not for that reason they are quite strange.

10. The contact is prohibited

In public it is strictly forbidden to touch the members of royalty and less affectionately, in case of breaking the rule this contact should not go beyond the protocol that is a handshake.

Usually, this only applies as an exception only for those people who are not aware of the strict rules that revolve around the members of the royal family, as they are for example the different encounters with celebrities.

9. Without a license

Queen Elizabeth II in her entire life has not had to be forced to comply with the formal process of applying for a driver's license as citizens would normally do.

This is because at first the Queen was trained in automotive mechanics and driver during their compulsory military service during World War II and the royal prerogative which makes it enjoy certain benefits of its title.

8. There is no space for surnames

This is because at birth royals automatically obtain a Nobiliary Title, therefore the original surnames are not taken into account to the point at which they cease to exist.

The only way to introduce the surnames in the monarchy is if one of its members marries a person who does not have any nobility, such as the case of Meghan Markle.

7. Signs

Queen Isabel always looks impeccable at the time of dressing but over the years she has learned to use one of her accessories for more than having her personal things on hand; The queen's purse has the function of sending signals to both her escorts and her security personnel.

That is to say that if the Queen would like to indicate that she does not enjoy a conversation and would like to end it as quickly as possible, she should only change her handbag and automatically one of her escorts will go to the rescue.

6. Monopoly is not allowed

In the royal family is strictly forbidden to play Monopoly since it is considered that the competition you produce this game is quite aggressive which makes the game quite vicious and the monarchy prefers to avoid it.

You do not know from when the members of the royalty apply this prohibition but some of its members have been in need of rejecting certain gifts that they have done since these were a game of Monopoly.

5. Unchanged

Something that is quite popular among ladies who claim to be part of royalty is that they must renounce manicures that go beyond a natural aspect for which the nail polish they must use must be of a neutral tone.

For this reason, the Queen has not been seen with a different color to a delicate brico with a pastel pink finish Essie brand with a value of $ 8 since 1989 because it has felt very comfortable with this tone making it his favorite.

4. Black cannot miss

The members of the royal family in their different trips should always be prepared for any incident that occurs while they attend to their duties around the world, such as the death of a member of the monarchy.

 This rule is applied since the protocol indicates that the members of the royal family must move to England as quickly as possible and as a sign of respect for the deceased, they must arrive dressed in black.

3. The Queen drinks 4 cocktails a day

According to sources close to the royal family, the Queen takes different cocktails in a moderate way throughout the day. They say they do it for health and that this is the secret of their longevity.

This behavior starts from the morning before lunch and starts taking gin, throughout the day it takes Wine and Martini and before going to bed closes its real day with a glass of Champagne.

2. Food care

The royal family must not only care for their clothing and behavior before the public but also what they ingest and not only for aesthetic reasons. For this reason, the members of the royalty have a list of prohibited foods that the Queen strictly supervises.

They should never eat shellfish, to avoid any type of poisoning, as well as the consumption of garlic is obviously a big "NO" in their diet since having endless public commitments in which they must be very close to the people good breath is essential.

1. Aged cake

A British tradition dictates that the baptisms the cake that is served to the guests should be a cake aged and preserved with brandy as well as the sweets that are served throughout the celebration.

The reason why at the baptism of Prince Louis, the royal family served the guests a saved level of the wedding cake 2011 Prince William and Duchess Kate and were served at Prince George and Princess Charlotte baptisms.

The world of royalty is very far from our lives of simple and every day as these are always exposed to the spotlight, travel and great comforts that generate admiration in most of us however to achieve this you must go through rules that In our view, they may seem absurd and outdated.

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