20 Things Mystically Beautified By Time

Time is one of the aspects that has the most influence on people and things; everything changes and evolves whether it is in a couple of months or over hundreds of years. But the fast-paced world we live in makes us forget that this is a fact about our existence. 

Although these turnarounds can be very slow, they are definitely extraordinary. You should take a couple of minutes to enjoy a few incredible examples, so take a seat, relax, and enjoy the wonderful compilation we have below for you. Take a look! 

1. What you see in the picture are the footprints of a monk on the wooden doorstep of a monastery in a province on the Tibetan Plateau, China. They are the result of praying in the same spot for many years. That man deserves a prize!

2. When you spend six months without cleaning the pipe of a mineral pool spa, this is the amount of buildup you get; isn't it amazing how the crystals look? However, if they had waited a little longer, the pool must have collapsed!

3. A complete brick wall was torn down near a beach in the USA, and this is what happened to it. Can you see the wavy shape that the sea made on it? Not even the best sculptor could have carved it in such a perfect way.

4. We are still in awe of these hands across generations. On the left side of the photograph, we can see the hand of a youngster, and on the right side, there's the hand of his or her grandmom. It is impressive to see what time does!

5. Have you ever imagined how much dirt could accumulate in a city? Well, the picture below is the answer. We can see how New York looks before and after power washing the walls of a building. It used to be dirtier when the Northeast ran on coal plants.

6. When two cars are abandoned in the woods, Mother Nature does its job. You can barely say what type of vehicles they are now all coated in green. It is as if the forest almost ate all the metal parts, and now the autos are part of the beautiful scenery.

7. Would you believe us if we told you those two teddy bears are identical? The only small difference is that the one on the left was used by a man for 30 years, and the one on the right was kept in storage for his first child who was born recently.

8. No; you're not looking at some ghosts at Union Station, but it is still a scary sight. It seems as if the combination of smoke and grease caused that, or perhaps the stone of the wall was polished by shoulders and heads for 100 years.

9. The owner of that guitar must have been a pretty busy musician. Just admire how his musical instrument looks after many years of use. We don't know about you, but we consider that someone needs a new one!

10. This is what a worn-out path of the Great Wall of China looks like. We are not sure of how many people walked there, but we do know it is a very touristic sight, and that is the result of it. People's feet even carved some sort of steps. 

11. Have you ever wondered how your linen would look after using it for a while? Pretty ragged, if you ask us, just like the pillowcase on the top. It was used almost every single day for 40 years. The one below was kept in a closet. Any difference?

12. We are not sure why someone would miss out on such a mouth-watering sweet treat, but well, many people are nutty as a fruitcake. Here we have some M&M's that have been sitting for a whole decade. RIP, heavenly chocolate candies. 

13. What you see in the picture is a set of Iron Chef Morimoto’s sharp kitchen tools, but it is not that they are of different sizes. In fact, their discrepancies are because of the usage. The top knife is brand new, while the bottom one was utilized at his restaurant for three years.

14. Colors can fade not only in clothing but also on containers. To prove that to you, check out what happened to this can. It has been sitting in the cup holder of that wooden bench for more than two years. It looks like when people go to the beach and only get their legs tanned.

15. We hadn't understood what doctors say about the harmful effects of the sun on your skin. The man in the image spent 28 years driving a delivery truck, but we guess the sunlight only reached the same side of his face during that time. 

16. Very similar to what happened in the Great Wall of China, swarms of people must have walked on those steps to wear them away in such a shocking way. In some years' time, there might be no stairs at all but a slide! 

17. We understand what happened here! A long time ago, that parking lot must have been a type of building, but people decide to pave the old tile floor instead of removing it. Taking about durable ceramic, here we have an example. 

18. This tree looks like if it had breast, but the truth is that our wooden friend leaned over a collapsed wall nearby to grab a couple of stones. Perhaps, it needed some new accessories to look better. Nature is definitely magic in slow motion! 

19. Water erosion is not the only thing that can carve brick walls. The photograph shows the exterior corner of a local bicycle store that is worn out after 30 years of customers striking it with their bikes' pedals. Astounding! 

20. A young man left his bicycle chained to a tree back in 1914 and went away to fight for his country in a war. Sadly, we all know why he never came back, but this is one annoyed tree that decided to swallow the bike.

Which picture astonished you the most? We are very dazzled to see what time can do to people and things. Perhaps, that is why folk wisdowm says that time changes everything, and we have just seen it cannot be truer. Share this article with your beloved ones, so that everyone can admire such marvels, and don't forget to let us know what you think in the comment section. Until next time! 

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