10 Most Expensive Things That Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Own

Being part of the royal family means having fame, fans, admiration and, of course, material possessions. So now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are one flesh, the popular spouses own some things that can cost a couple of grand. If you want to be shocked by their luxurious and costly properties, then scroll down to find them out. You would never imagine what they have!

1. Mini Countryman Cooper

Of course that a new duchess cannot move around the capital in any car! She needs style, sophistication, and ease to do so. For that reason, Meghan’s hubby gave her a Mini Countryman Cooper, a BMW vehicle that can take her through London at the speed of light.

The German car is described as a comfortable, refined and effective all-wheel-drive car; perfect to carry a royal member. But it was not cheap at all for her lover since the car is estimated in £31,000 for the all options version, but we are sure she got something more than that.

2. York Cottage

Queen Elizabeth spared no expenses when she needed a present for the newlyweds. She decided to give the lovebirds a nest in the lands of Sandringham Estate. The place was known as the Bachelor’s Cottage when it belonged to the Duke of York, better known as King George II.

It had been a present for him when he was still single in 1893. The house is located on 19,200 acres of land, and it is not known how many bedrooms or bathrooms it has. The good thing is that the couple has great neighbors since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Amner Hall is just across the field.

3. Wedding Dress

Even before she officially became a duchess, Meghan was rolling in it. Her wedding dress alone is worth $400,000, but there were a lot of rumors regarding the designer. It was first believed that Victoria Beckham would do it, but it was then known that the gown with an embroidered veil was a creation of designer Clare Waight. 

4. Rolex Explorer II

Even to know the time, Prince Harry does it with style. The price tag of his Rolex Explorer II features £5,000, but it is worth its price since it has luminous hour markers, a date window, and a classic black dial, all in pure stainless steel and waterproof materials. 

5. Nottingham Cottage

One house is not enough when you are part of one of the most powerful royal families in the world. The new British marriage has lived in the Nottingham cottage since they got married because there is no place they could be any safer. The house is located within the grounds of Kensington Palace, which has 24/7 security.

Even though it is considered a small apartment, it has around 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a small living room, and a kitchen; just the necessary for a couple that recently tied the knots. Prince Harry’s brother and his wife lived there before they enlarged the family.

6. Malibu Home

What would be a rich couple without a house near the beach? So faithful to her roots, Meghan and her husband bought a marvelous beach house in Malibu, the USA, which cost around $16 million. Designed with an Italian style, the spot faces the wonderful Pacific Ocean.

It has anything you can dream of: eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a large swimming pool, a hot tub, waterfalls, a private beach, a cinema, a gym, a tennis court, and a guest house. It is good that they can have such an amazing place to stay across the pond.

7. Breitling Aerospace Watch

For sure, one watch is not enough, and that is why the grandson of the Queen has another one. With a cost of £3260 pounds, the Breitling Aerospace EVO Volcano is the perfect accessory for a night out with her girl. The piece is made up of titanium coated with a luminescent treatment.

It has a black dial and a thermo-compensated quartz electronic analog with 2/24 hour LCD digital display and NVG compatible back-light with an innovative end of life indicator. It is also waterproof and, without doubt, a necessary timepiece for any watch expert like Harry.

8. Jewelry Collection

Harry is not the only one who loves accessories. His wife is said to own a huge jewelry collection that includes bracelets, rings, and earrings. She definitely knows how to show them off during private parties and royal events. For example, she wore a pair of gold earrings from Birks with a price tag of £732.

During a tour of Edinburgh, she splashed out on a diamond snowflake ring of £2,858, and a yellow gold splash ring valued in £855. But the jewel in the crown is definitely her engagement ring. It belonged to Princess Diana and has diamonds from Botswana, so no wonder why it costs around $350,000. Now that she is a married woman, she might get her first tiara soon; who knows! 

9. Wardrobe Collection

Royal members, especially women, are considered fashion icons, so to keep up with Kate Middleton’s fine fashion style, the American former actress had to spend a lot on her closet. For example, she owns an Altuzarra bag of $2,000, and a Strathberry one of $706. Her collection also includes fashionable shoes and jeans.

The redheaded prince does not lag behind since he also owns an extensive suit collection for all his royal duties. He prefers military colors to honor his time in Afghanistan. However, for Pippa Middleton’s wedding, he dressed in a traditional morning suit with a cream waistcoat and a blue tie.

10. Toronto Home

A third house? Yes, but this one was recently sold. Prince Harry stayed there while he was dating Meghan, but it was recently purchased for around $1.4 million. Very private and with lovely amenities, the house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a large garage.

It is amazing that a recently married couple owns so many expensive things. Well, I guess we should not be surprised since we are talking about a royal couple. We are sure this list will get longer as time passes by. For sure they will need more possessions when their children come into the world. What else do you think they will purchase?

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