15 Hair-Raising Harry Potter Theories That Even Voldemort Would Be Proud

Many fans will agree with us when we say that Harry Potter is without a doubt one of the greatest fiction series of all time, and it has had an overwhelming impact on popular culture which cannot be undermined. Both the books and the films are some of the greatest of their corresponding art forms, and they both mean a great deal to a vast amount of young and older readers alike.

The reason why we love Harry Potter is that it’s filled with awe and obviously witchcraft, but the series is not without its fair share of mystery. Fans who’ve read the books were sure to notice how the storyline strategically turned away from the lighter original entries in the adventure of Harry and his friends and focused more on the gothic and dark themes brought about by the eventual resurrection of Lord Voldemort.

There have been so many theories that have come to light over the years from the ravenous fans of both the novels and films, but luckily, we were able to narrow down some of the darkest and most dour ones. So, let’s dive straight into these scary theories!

15. Surprise! Draco Malfoy is a Werewolf

In any other series, eyebrows would be raised, but we all know animagi and werewolf exist within the Potter universe, so Malfoy being a werewolf isn’t as far-fetched as it would seem. You’ll find that most of the evidence supporting this theory happens between the 6th and 7th books of the series when Draco drops his usual pranking ways and instead is plunged full force into a starring role in the assassination of our favorite headmaster, Dumbledore.

14. The Dementors were a metaphor for Rowling's growing depression 

A rather sad and dark entry, however, on the flip side, Rowling was continually battling with depression while writing the books, and she didn’t leave out any of the darkness that she experienced in life either. The dementors are creepy for a variety of reasons, but the greatest of which being that they are pure cold entities that feed off of happy thoughts and memories that a person has.

13. Dumbledore saw the tragic fate of his family in the Mirror of Erised

The Mirror of Erised has provided us with some of the most epic moments. It was Dumbledore who stated, "Men have wasted away before it, not knowing if what they have seen is real, or even possible." Dumbledore speaks from experience here when he talks about the mirror's power, as he is also guilty of staring into it from time to time. Harry ends up asking Dumbledore what it was he saw when he looked in the mirror, and Dumbledore seemingly deflects by saying that he sees himself wearing a pair of thick woolen socks.

12. We explain why Snape hated Neville so much

Snape despises a lot of children throughout the Harry Potter series. This theory states that Snape has it out, particularly for Neville Longbottom, because Voldemort himself went after the Potters on the portentous night of Lily and James’ death, instead of the Longbottoms. He sent his follower, Bellatrix Lestrange to kill the Longbottoms and Snape was immediately under the suspicion that if Bellatrix were sent after the Potters, they would have had a better chance of surviving. He was probably right.

11. Hagrid is actually suffering from hormonal issues 

Here is another entry that is equal parts dark and gloomy. Hagrid is a fan-favorite character within the world of Harry Potter, and this speculation suggests that he was never able to have any children. Hagrid is the groundskeeper at Hogwarts, and he fills his day with the caretaking of not only the students at the school but the infinite creatures that he supervises. This theory is based on the fact that Hagrid is a half-giant, and therefore is not able to reproduce.

10. Voldemort fears his demise 

This is a remarkably dark entry, even for someone as wicked as Voldemort. Voldemort supposedly fears nothing, but according to J.K. Rowling, there is one thing that Voldemort fears, and it’s the thing we all fear: death. When asked about his boggart, J.K. stated, “Voldemort’s fear is death, ignominious death. I mean, he regards death itself as ignominious. He thinks that it’s a shameful human weakness, as you know".

9. Voldemort is incapable of love

Rowling stated in an interview that since Voldemort was conceived by the sway of Amortentia, which is a love potion, he was born of artificial love, and therefore is incapable of showing those emotions like the rest of the people in the wizarding world. This means that Voldemort was almost driven to insanity, for without love, it was difficult for him to get close to anyone. In turn, this makes Voldemort a less compelling villain, and that instead of an appetite for power driving him to commit such horrendous acts, it was his very birth that ignited his path to darkness.

8. Ginny used a love potion on Harry 

How did you feel about Harry and Ginny together as a couple? A theory stated that since Harry never really showed much affection towards Ginny, besides general friendship, and even a brotherly protectiveness, that perhaps Ginny used a love potion on Harry. When he finally does start to have feelings for her, in Half-Blood Prince, the novel is replete with examples of people using love potions. Would this mean Harry and Ginny’s children are incapable of loving as well? We can only hope not.

7. The curse of Arthur Weasley

There is a lot of history to the theory that Arthur Weasley was a victim of the Imperius curse, starting The Dark Mark, as Hermione first explained, was Voldemort’s symbol. It had two forms: a physical Dark Mark cast in the sky using the Morsmordre spell, and an actual mark, which was burnt into the forearm of Voldemort’s Death Eaters. In both instances, it featured a skull with a snake protruding from its mouth. Snakes, of course, were a symbol of Voldemort, and his ancestor, Salazar Slytherin.was proof that Ron knew a lot about Lucius’ demands of being bewitched by Voldemort via the curse. 

6. George Weasley and the King 

This was a theory that originated on Tumblr. The original post reads as follows, “All the Weasley names except for Ron are either the names of a British king or queen or an Arthurian name (and Ron brings Harry into the family, and there have been 8 Harry’s [sic] on the throne; nine if you are a die-hard Jacobite). King George III was deaf in one ear – and he became king because of the untimely death of Prince Frederick.”

5. Did you know that Harry, Tom Riddle, and Snape were brothers? 

The theory that Harry, Snape, and Voldemort are the latest representation of the siblings from The Tale of the Three Brothers is interesting. When reflecting on the fact that Voldemort died for power, Snape died for lost love, and Harry embraced death like an old friend gives the theory that extra weight it needs to gain legitimacy. Many fans debate the theory's claim, and there are others who are convinced that perhaps Dumbledore is a part of the modern three brothers.

4. Hogwarts was an asylum for the insane 

This theory gained a lot of friction when it was first submitted on Reddit, and it might just be too absurd ever to gain any sense of justification. The theory speculates that while sitting in front of the Mirror of Erised, Harry went utterly psychotic. Hogwarts can be seen, from a mentally unstable point of view, as a misconfigured asylum. The moving stairs, talking paintings, and blood-drenched walls are all either tangible or theoretical, and Harry had been placed there to deal with the loss of his parents.

3. The missing Patronus 

Here's a theory that will make even the most stoic Potter lovers go out of their minds and sob brazenly. This theory begins by stating that Patronuses are linked together, generally between soul mates. This was talked about copious times throughout the series, and it explained why Ron’s Patronus was a terrier and Hermione, an otter, as terriers chase otters. The theory goes on to say that since George was no longer able to conjure the Patronus Charm after Fred’s death, that George and Fred were soul mates. Talk about soul-destroying. No pun intended. 

2. Harry's special class 

This is more of a secret than speculation, in the sense that the more you think about this particular entry, the more it makes sense and doesn’t seem ill-conceived. This specific theory states that since many children’s parents in Harry’s class at Hogwarts were directly involved in the Wizarding War, that Harry’s class size is so unfortunate because too many adults died during the time when they would have conceived children the same age as Harry.

1. Dumbledore is the Reaper

Dumbledore is the representation of Death, and this was prefigured earlier when talking about the modern-day Tale of the Three Brothers, using Harry, Voldemort, and Snape. This theory also originated on Tumblr, and it took the Potter community by storm when it was first brought up. First of all, Dumbledore, like Death, is the one to give the Invisibility Cloak to Harry in the first book. Dumbledore is also the one to provide the Resurrection Stone to Harry by hiding it in the Golden Snitch. 

That's food for thought, don't you think? So there you have it, the darkest theories and secrets of the Harry Potter universe all rounded up. Do you find any of these particularly interesting? Have you seen any others in your research? Sound off in the comments below to start a conversation.

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