16 Hilarious Behind-The-Stage Photos To Make You Laugh Your Pants Off

Taking the perfect picture has become a must. Photographers have to employ creative ideas to get that amazing photo or selfie. However, we are not talking about photoshop or digital manipulation of the image, we are actually referencing the behind-the-scenes effects needed to obtain the best final shot. The following list is made of such examples that will give you a glimpse into the reality that is behind those photographs.

1. This girl got a pretty picture with the white-flower tree. However, to get that result, she had to use the help of two friends, one to take the picture and the other one to prop her up.

2. They say never fall asleep on a trip with friends because of the pranks. But this guy took it to a whole new level. You can get your own picture proof without any help. Just look how he did it!

3. Wedding pictures are amazing. There are no other photos like them with the magical effect and glow of the couples. But in the following, you get to see how those effects are made. Unbelievable!

4. Another perfect wedding picture is what we have here. But wait, rain and sun at the same time is a weird occurrence. Just keep scrolling down to see how that effect came to be. Beautiful photo, though.

5. Selfies are so in that if you haven't taken one, you must be lying. Therefore, this girl is showing us how to get that fabulous picture with only Mother Nature as a helping hand. Nice job!

6. Who said you can only take pictures in the site? Well, this woman got her picture taken by the Eiffel Tower, but in reality, it was right in the studio. This one is some especial effect. Wow!

7. Kissing couple's pictures are popular today. Almost every pair has one. However, this one, in particular, is somehow weird because of the poor guy steering the horses through the water.

8. This picture answers some questions about why clothing looks good on catalogs, but not so good in reality. Just take a look at the way this woman got her dress fitted to her size.

9. When you want to give the best impression money-wise, but in truth, it is way out of your paycheck. Having a Mercedes is one of the most expensive decisions you can make, so look below to see how to fake it.

10. The art of taking pictures seems uncomplicated enough, but continue looking to see how really hard it is to take a simple photo. You need a very daring photographer.

11. When you get to buy the shoes you really want, you memorialize them with a picture. But what happens when the shoes are the picture? Well, nothing. It is just for the Internet.

12. A presentation photo is the most important kind, especially if you want to impress. Below this guy is all about showing his bling but on close inspection, it is the gold chain of a purse.

13. Some people use pictures to show the world the kind of life they live, but some take it a bit far when they start pretending. For example, this girl used a head mannequin to pretend to be with someone.

14. When you want to pretend to have something that in reality you do not possess. This guy found a way to disguise what he has in what he wants to have it as proof.

15. Behind a perfect picture, there is a whole different reality. Well, in this picture, you can see to what lengths this guy and his friends will go to get it. Good thing they have his back, literally.

16. Taking pictures in the water is no small feat, but getting a little help is not as bad as you think. These friends got it in the bag, the special effect of floating over water is not as easy.

17. This level of detail is for professional photographers. We would not have been able to think this special effect up. It is amazingly weird, even more so, when you keep looking to see how it was achieved.

18. This girl is under the rain with a made up umbrella. The effects are breathtaking, however, when you see the other photo, you get the whole picture of how it was accomplished.

19. This is a lovely photo, walking down the stairs hand in hand. But the other side of this shot is the girl holding the photographer's hand to have the final product.

20. We got another wedding photo. These are just magical and that is the only way to have them. But, maybe the way they are done is what takes the magic away.

21. The Northern Lights are a fabulous phenomenon that can only be seen in high latitude regions, but there is a trick to get them in photos. It involves some people and waiving some fluorescent lights.

22. This photo looks like a painting, but if you keep scrolling down, there is evidence of it being a real dog with flowers on its head. It is very impressing what a photographer can do.

23. This photo is stunningly beautiful in all its glory, but on the second one, you get to see the other side of how it came to be with all the imperfections and equipment needed to shoot it.

24. This is a pretty scary picture of Mother Earth. We wouldn't take the risk of getting close enough to take this kind of shot. However, there is a way to bypass the danger: just create a mini model of a volcano.

25. This surreal landscape can either make you believe it is real or a painting. However, it is the product of combining some very creative ideas. We are not sure how it works, but this is a great job!

Would you have realized what was happening behind-the-scenes? Which one would you use? We can't believe most of them, but we want to read your comments in the section below and share it with your friends that love to take pictures.

Sources used: Bright Side

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