Complaining About Winter? After These Freezing Photos You Probably Won't Do It Again

Weather temperatures affect everything, and when it comes to icy climates and snow, these two factors are capable of doing amazing things. They can freeze noodles in second or make rocks look like other peculiar shaped objects. We take a look at some of these fantastic images and hope you enjoy them! 

27. Now, this is what we call dedicated sports fans! These ladies and gents are not bothered by the weather at all! Would you sit outside in the snow to support your favorite team? 

26. These small fish don't have enough oxygen below the thick surface of the ice, so they've huddled together in an opening to survive while the weather warms up. 


25. Never eat ramen noodles if you don't want to lose those chop-sticks. These noodles have frozen solid because the temperature in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, is -30ºF!

24. If you have a Jaguar, then prepare for an adorable moment when your hood ornament appears to grow fur. The ice particles have covered this little beast, and it looks too cute! 

23. This is a fantastic transformation of an ordinary rock. The icy temperature has changed this into something that resembles a heart. Now we know the true meaning of a "frozen heart". 

22. This beautiful waterfall in Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park, Canada, has frozen entirely. It still looks mesmerizing, but we definitely doubt it is a safe place to visit. 

21. These balloons were frozen and eventually started deflating. Here we can see the husk of their former selves. The kids won't be happy with that at all! We think it's best to get them new ones. 

20. This frozen lake has a layer of fresh snow on it. It does look beautiful, but we would be very uneasy walking on it because you never know where that thin layer of ice is.

19. This is a very unusual picture. The ice from a car's bumper remained intact while the vehicle reversed and drove away. This is indeed a fantastic spectacle, and one worth taking a photograph of. 

18. In Russia, temperatures reach ridiculously low levels, and even the animals need a few extra items to warm them up. Here is an adorable dog wearing some nice warm clothing to prevent himself from freezing. 

17. Many parts of the world reach dreadful low degrees that actually become hazardous to our health. As you can see, this petrol pump in Siberia has frozen in position as the temperatures are −70ºF.

16. Ice crystal form on practically anything when the weather is at its coldest. This fence has become something beautiful but also looks pretty dangerous with its sharp trimmings. 


15. No point in flushing this toilet because the water inside has frozen solid. The only way to solve this issue is to heat up the water inside or take a bucket and flush it manually.

14. Just when you thought you were safe inside your home, the ghost outside your window freezes to his second death. Just imagine walking around and finding this figure!

13. This is somewhat unusual, and no matter what we do when it comes to human-made objects, Nature will always interfere and transform it. This is actually a frozen geyser.

12. We definitely want to go to this Irtysh River in Russia! That frozen surface has an exact pattern of the mask in Scream! Or, perhaps Edvard Munch was there to recreate The Scream. 

11. Here is a Michigan lighthouse, before and after a winter storm. This is extraordinarily mind-blowing and made such a spectacular photograph! It certainly looks magical and like something out of a fairytale. 

10. In Siberia, this is the new makeup trend. No need to put white mascara on those lashes, merely stand outside in the beautiful weather and wait for nature to do her job. 

9. When it comes to spiderwebs, no creation is too small to be transformed into something miraculous by the weather. This truck driver's mirror has a frozen web on it, and it actually looks like the glass is broken.

8. If you ever wondered what a snowy park looked like, this is it. Here we see the snow has covered all signs of greenery and the setting has been transformed into a white themed location instead.

7. This birdbath looks like it has moving water in it because it was windy while the freezing temperatures froze the water, causing it to transform into a motionless wave.

6. This is not something you want to see when you're going into your basement! It was so cold, that it looks like some otherworldly creature tried to escape but got caught midway in the ceiling.

5. These are frozen water droplets that formed overnight on a farm. Just imagine what this weather would do to your poor animals or livelihood. It was definitely a good idea this lady put her horses inside a warm barn.

4. This looks terribly dangerous, and we would never be able to walk on such slippery surfaces. The snow melted and then turned to an icy layer on the mountains somewhere in Russia.

3. This may look like a lemon or one of the yummy ice cream treats, but in fact, this is a frozen egg. The temperature was so low that it froze the yolk inside the eggshell. That's amazing!

2. This looks really weird, don't you agree? This ice rink was frozen, and the heat made it appear to be covered with a misty effect. It does look somewhat magical.

1. You'd never guess what this is... This person left their tea overnight in their car, and the freezing temperature caused it to ice up. This is undoubtedly handy when you're looking for some iced tea!

What did you think about these wonderful images? Have you had anything unusual happen to you in these cold temperatures? Share your experiences with us. Remember to show these to your friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more wonders of Nature.

Source used: Bright Side

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