25+ Photos Showing That Genes Can Do Real Wonders

Have someone told you that you don't look like your parents but like a distant relative? It is not that you are adopted; it is all about DNA doing its job. It is difficult to know how our genetics work, and this makes it hard to determine who we are going to take after, but it's one of the marvels of the human body. 

Actually, there are a lot of people who look like the twin of another family member, despite being born in entirely different years or not being too close. There is no need for a DNA test when we have pictures that can tell us everything. Just take a look at this compilation and prepare to get amazed at seeing genetics in all its splendor. 

1. On the left, this a friend ours in 2014 at the age of 20, but on the right, we have his father at the same age in 1977. We just need to put the police officer uniform to the other one, and voilà! They are identical twins!

2. Here we have another case of a parent-child image. You can see two cute girls at the same age; one is the mother in 1980, and the other one is her daughter in 2014. Apart from their physique, even their poses are almost the same! 

3. No; this is not a picture of the same person taken at different places. They are actually father and son wearing the same waistcoat with 35 years of difference. The one on the left is from 1978, and the other one, from 2013. 

4. This picture is quite intriguing, and it shows three generations. On the left, a mother is holding her baby daughter, and on the right, we can see the grown-up daughter holding her baby son some years after. Marvelous! 

5. Apart from some differences in hairstyle and eyes, the guy on the right definitely bears great resemblance to his great-grandfather. We love the black and white effect on the recent pic to make it even more similar. 

6. These pictures were taken when a mother and a daughter were almost the same age. It is astonishing to see how your DNA can have an effect even on your facial expression. Just look at the scowl in both babies! 

7. Do you think that 100 years can affect the way genetics works? Not at all! And here we have the proof. The girl on the right took a picture with the same hairstyle and clothing of her great-grandmother back in 1918. Wow!

8. We can't get enough photos of different age group. In the image below, there is a mother with her little daughter. The pic above shows the grown-up daughter with her son. We love the effort they made on recreating every detail. 

9. It is hard to tell who is the father and who is the son. They did a fantastic job with the clothing and the black and white effect, so we are not quite sure. We would say the father is the one on the left; what do you think? 

10. For a second, we thought that the pictures showed a pair of sisters when they were little girls and all grown-up, but the ones on the right are actually their daughters! We cannot believe our eyes! They look so similar, and even wore the same clothing. 

11. The young guy got not only the looks of his grandfather but also the passion for reading and learning more. They were both 20 years old when the pictures were taken, and they are pretty cool! We just wish they were both in black and white. 

12. Okay; these two don't look exactly like twins, but there is definitely a great likeliness between the girl and her great-grandmother, 80 years apart. Time means nothing when it comes to our genes; not even almost a century as in this case. 

13. This pair looks like taken out of an expedition movie, and actually, there is an intriguing detail about the grandpa on the left. His shot is from 1940 when he was visiting Antarctica! Anyway, his grandson took a lot after him. 

14. This girl only needs to wear some fancier clothing, remove those sunglasses, and dye her hair red to be her grandmother's identical twin. They have exactly the same smile and eyes; genes couldn't do a better job here. 

15. This photo proves that genes can also help us find similar friends to those our forefathers had. In the upper pic, we can see a dad and his best friend 30 years ago versus their sons in current days. By the way, they are also BFF. 

16. Here we have a ginger mom and her 13-year-old daughter with the same hair color. The picture was taken on the same day while they were at a park, and the youngster's resemblance is just amazing; don't you agree? 

17. We really don't know how people get to recreate an old picture so accurately, but this lady managed to have a very similar scenography to look just like her great-grandmother when she was a young girl in Poland back in 1915. 

18. Twenty-nine years of difference are no obstacle when genes want to make us look like our relatives. Just look at this picture! We have a dad on the right and his son on the left: same hair, same beard, and same facial expression. 

19. "You look exactly like your grandmother," people tend to say to the bride on the right, and now we have a photograph to compare her. What do you think about this one? We believe they are definitely alike. 

20. The guy on the left cannot deny that he has a son. Just look at the photo of the dad in 1986 on the left, and his son nowadays. They even have the same hairstyle, but too bad phones were not the same back in the 80s. 

21. These two chubby babies are adorable, but don't let them confuse them for siblings. In fact, one is the photo of a dad, and the other one is his son when they were both at the tender age of 3. This is what we call hardcoded DNA! 

22. These father and son image cannot be any more resembling. They are wearing identical ties and glasses, and also similar suits. This is without mentioning that they are very alike physically with the beards and the haircuts. 

23. It is easy to understand that children look like their parents, but between distant relatives? Well, the girl on the right resembles her grandmother's sister very closely when she was the girl's age. Genetics is just too cool! 

24. OMG! This one is quite shocking not only because of the likeliness between this guy and his great-grandfather when they were 19 years old but also due to the years apart the pictures were taken. How many? One hundred years! 

25. We just love how these two pictures of a grandma and a granddaughter were compared because it is not the normal style. Moreover, we are astounded at the similitude in the facial features with the joint halves.

26. We cannot believe our eyes with this photograph because grandfather and grandson look like fraternal twins when they were both young. They are a few differences in their faces, though, but the likeliness is still shocking.

27. This the evidence of the power of genes in all their splendor, and we have to say that more than twins, the daughter looks like the clone of her mother when she was 25. Plus, the sweater and the glasses help a lot. 

28. We love seeing this type of pictures, so we had to close this list with a good one of father and son. The resemblance is remarkable; they just have different eye color, but it is really cool how the guy on the left has a different tone in each eye. 

As we could see, physical traits, like hair, skin, and eyes, are the most common thing we can inherit from our relatives, despite the number of years. However, some people have inherited much more than that. Have you taken after someone in your family? Share your picture with us, and keep up-to-date with more of our fantastic lists. Until next time! 

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