10 Key Things To Know To Enjoy 'Captain Marvel 2019' To The Fullest

A few years ago, movie executives did not believe that a woman could drive a superhero movie and much less lead action figure sales. However, after the release of Wonder Woman, and now with the upcoming premiere of Captain Marvel, things have changed. So, let’s learn some facts about Captain Marvel and actress Brie Larson who will be embodying the role on the big screen.

1. Casting Brie Larson

By the summer of 2016, actress Brie Larson was set to play the role of Captain Marvel. You might remember her from 21 Jumpstreet and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. No one has any doubts that Larson is going to do an amazing job, and the movie is breaking records for female moviemakers as it was directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. Furthermore, six women are also credited in the writing of the script.

2. The title of Captain Marvel

You might be surprised to find out that Carol Danvers was not the first Captain Marvel, mainly because the character has not been mentioned that often in the MCU. Danvers had to learn a lot from other superheroes before taking on the mantle. This person was first introduced in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 in March 1968, but he was known as Mar-Vell.

Mar-Vell was a Kree sent to Earth to investigate if humans were harmful. He developed feelings for the people of the planet and became Captain Marvel. He eventually died of cancer, and the mantle went to Monica Rambeau, a lieutenant from New Orleans, who was hit by extradimensional energy. She was great in the role and even led the Avengers at one point.

When Monica lost her powers, the title went on to Genis-Vell, the son of the original Captain Marvel, but he died after a fight with Baron Zemo, and so Genis-Vell’s sister, Phyla-Vell takes on the role. It later went to the Kree Noh-Var, and finally, Carol Danvers took on the moniker. She has to live up to the many that came before her.

3. Her foes are not just supervillains

Unlike most of the other superheroes in comic books, Carol Danvers did not fight only against villains. In Ms. Marvel, she fought for equal pay at The Daily Bugle against the stubborn editor-in-chief, J. Jonah Jameson. She was also trained at an Air Force Academy and was later recruited into the CIA where she met Nick Fury and Logan.

After that, she was imprisoned by the KGB, but when Carol got out, she went on to work at NASA. At this point, she met Mar-Vell and then took a job at The Daily Bugle. Wow, Danvers really built herself quite the resume throughout her life, and that was even before taking on the mantle of Captain Marvel. Girl power rules!

4. An alien hybrid

While working at NASA, she met the original Captain Marvel, the alien Mar-Vell, who had impersonated a doctor that had died on the way to Danvers’ station. They were later attacked by Yon-Rogg, and during their battle, the Kree Psyche-Magnetron went off, mixing Danvers genetic makeup with Mar-Vell. Thus a Kree-human hybrid was created, but Carol had no idea.

Danvers developed her incredible powers like flying, enhanced strength and durability, as well as somewhat seeing into the future. She was also given special knowledge like fighting like a Kree soldier. We wonder what kind of exposure happen to create a mixture of two alien races in someone that was already alive.

5. Ms. Marvel

After her DNA got mixed up with that Mar-Vell, she decided to take on a similar one. In Ms. Marvel #1, Carol fought against the Scorpion, and she did a much better job at it than Spider-Man, who would later fight alongside Ms. Marvel more often. Danvers was invited to join the Avengers for a while on The Avengers #183.

Despite being a crucial part of the team during those adventures, the female hero did not remain with the Avengers, but she returned, later on, to lead them in The Mighty Avengers #1 when Tony asked her to. After the Civil War story arc in the comic books, Carol stayed with the group and helped fight against the X-Men when the Phoenix Force came along.

She also fought against the X-Men, Rogue, who used her abilities to absorb Ms. Marvel’s powers, but accidentally took too much, draining Carol and depriving her of her memories. Doctor Xavier stepped in to save her, reestablishing her cognizance and her talents. We would love to see the X-Men against the Avengers in the MCU.

6. Her origin

After the explosion of the Psyche-Magnetron, Yon-Rogg died, and even Mar-Vell was damaged. Therefore, it’s normal to think that a human would be affected by such a force. A while later, she would blackout whenever danger was nearby, but Carol had no idea that she was transforming into Captain Marvel during those episodes.

Her superhero uniform was even given to her by the Psyche-Magnetron. What kind of machine was this? In Ms. Marvel #19, Ronan the Accuser came to Earth to find escaped Kree, and he would repair her fractured mind while probing around. Therefore, Carol finally realized what she had been doing all along and the true nature of her powers.

7. Not just one superhero

By now, you probably think Ms. Marvel was terrific, but there’s even more to know. Over time, Carol started developing new powers, and so new alter-egos were formed as well. However, it was not always consensual, like when she became Binary. This happened after an exploit with the X-Men, where she was experimented on in Uncanny X-Men #163, and she could call a force from the “White Hole”.

This force gave her the powers of a star, and as a result, she was stronger, faster, and could control heat, light, and gravity. The connection was severed, however, but Carol was able to keep some of those abilities to an extent. After that, she became Warbird and remained with that alias in the 90s and 2000s.

8. Addiction

One of the best parts of Carol was seeing her struggle with everyday life because it made her relatable to readers. We all have our set of problems to deal, but Danvers faced several, like a crisis of identity from her incident with Mar-Vell and the Psyche-Magnetron. She started drinking as a result, which led to almost crashing a plane full of people.

That’s when she started going to AA meetings and tried to get her life back together because of all the emotional turmoil from her inner demons. It would be an excellent idea for the writers of MCU’s Captain Marvel to include this side of the character in the movie, but we have to wait and see what they decide to do in the end.

9. Her boyfriend

It’s yet unclear if we will see this in the movie, but Carol and Rhodey a.k.a. War Machine had a little something going on which started in 2014’s Captain Marvel #1, and it seemed to be going places, but the relationship ended when War Machine died in the Civil War 2 story arc in the comic books. It would be awesome to see this in the movie as it would be the source of drama because Carol and Tony Stark do not get along at all.

10. Controversy

Ms. Marvel is definitely a feminist icon, but some storylines caused major scandal among fans. In The Avengers #200, Carol was part of the team, but she was impregnated by Immortus after messing with her mind. She gave birth to Marcus, but the point of her pregnancy was the fact that Immortus wanted to reincarnate himself and wanted to take Carol to his universe named Limbo.

However, Marcus died when they went to Limbo due to his rapid healing, and he turned to ash in a moment. She then returned to Earth, regained her memories and turned her back on the Avengers, with good reason. This plot caused outrage among many people such as comic book historian, Carol A. Strickland, who decided to write an essay analyzing Captain Marvel’s assault.

What did you think of these facts about the upcoming MCU female superhero? Her story and origin are undoubtedly deep, so the writers have a lot to work with for her future appearances. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while talking about feminism in comic books. See you next time!

Sources used: Youtube/CBR

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