These 20+ Behind-The-Stage Photos Will Show You A True Side Of Hollywood

The film industry has improved a lot, particularly when it comes to special effects. That is why we can have monsters, corpses, actors who look entirely different from their usual selves, and astounding stage design that can take us to any part our minds can think of. 

What is even better, all these aspects are so accurate and realistic that one can barely distinguish the fake things or computer graphics from the real world. But when you are behind the scenes, movies can lose their magic, so to let you see the truth of movie production, we have gathered some shocking pictures to peek behind curtains! 

1. If you are sick and tired of your boring job at an office, you can do what this guy does. You just have to wear a weird green suit and pretend you are a rabid dog. 

2. In order to get the level of detail in Wade Wilson's skin and become the Deadpool we all know, some makeup preparation needs to be done, like the silicone appliances we have in the picture. 

3. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's Superman on set. We love to see how he destroys the bad guys, but it is quite disappointing to discover that not even the cloak is real!

4. People could think that the giant anthropomorphic yew tree in A Monster Calls is pure graphics, but the truth is that it does exist and it is pretty big. Here we have a pic during the making.

5. Wow! This one is quite shocking because we never imagined that explosions in movies were genuine. Real bursts are practiced onset and then combined with digital simulations to create large-scale ones.

6. Mother Nature is not the only one who can create cute babies. Here we have a freshly-painted newborn human being ready to have some hair work. 

7. It only takes some skillful hands and a few silicone pieces to turn a gorgeous girl into an ugly and old grandmother. We love the lip piece because we hadn't seen anything like that before. 

8. Oh, wait! It was not an ugly old lady; it was actually a sort of grotesque hobbit. The makeup artists behind this creation are geniuses. We would never imagine a beauty behind that hideous creature. 

9. The recent Jumanji movie was challenging in many aspects, and one of those was to animate and rig hundreds of black mambas. Here, we can see the final result.

10. Well, the rare albino gorilla, George, from Rampage doesn't look that scary anymore. However, it is a fascinating the advancement of VFX/motion capture process. 

11. It must be pretty costly to create all the costumes physically in movies, particularly those like the ones in Man of Steel. Therefore, actors have to wear this weird suit. 

12. No; this is not an actor from Robocop, although he looks like a real one indeed. However, he is just one of the cameramen from the short film The Great Ride

13. OMG! This is so real that it actually looks gross. Game of Thrones definitely deserves the biggest prize for its exceptional prosthetic makeup. Do you remember who is this?

14. This killer whale looks so lifelike that we bet the real ones would get confused. But these fake animals are made of silicone and fiberglass. Great job!

15. And keep on talking about killer whales, here we have another "real" creature. This one is rather cute showing its teeth and stick out the tongue. 

16. This picture shows the terrific and talented crew of artists and sculptors who created the Gwangmyeong dragon. If these creatures were real, they would look just like this one.

17. If you thought that London's streets in 2003's Peter Pan were real, well, this picture might tell you the contrary, and the creator of this miniature version is lying down on her job.

18. The tanks in Indiana Jones and the last crusade look pretty realistic, but to tell you the truth, this is what producers used to recreate them back in 1989.

19. Have you ever wondered how shooting while an actor is running is? A total adventure in itself! Just look at the face of the cameraman who is rushing in the front.

20. Did you watch Godzilla back in 2014? Here we have a behind-the-scenes photograph of the subway scene. It shows a huge construction only to get the right angle. 

21. At first sight, we thought this was a real human body; it is impressive what sculptors can do when creating fictitious characters. Can you guess where it was used? That's right! In The Shape of Water.

22. And for The Lord of the Ring's fans, please appreciate the actual size of the prop used in the movie for close-ups of the ring. Thank goodness it was not the one Frodo had hanging around his neck. 

23. And this is the prop used in Sleepy Hollow. Nah! We are kidding; this is just Johnny Depp joking around during one of his breaks. Actors can also mess with each other, right?

24. Did you think that portraying a character like Superman was a piece of cake? At all! It demands specific skills indeed; just look at Henry Cavill shooting one of his flying scenes. 

Yes, we know that perhaps part of the magic of movies faded away with this list, but the good thing is that we can still enjoy the results of all the effort creative people make to bring to life our favorite movie characters. Share this eye-opening article with others so that they can also peek behind the curtain. Until next time! 

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