8 Crazy Twists 'Captain Marvel' Can Astonish Us With Before 'Avengers 4: Endgame'

In the post-credits scene of Avenger: Infinity War, we saw Nick Fury sending a distress signal and the logo of this female superhero popped up. Captain Marvel is set to release in a few months, and it seems like she is going to play a significant role in the fight against Thanos in Avengers 4 because she is one of the most powerful characters in the comics. Let’s take a look at some excellent theories about Carol Danvers.

1. Different timeline

Captain Marvel will feature the origins of the character, so it will take place in the 90s, and Nick Fury will have a big part in it. The fun thing is that the 80s and 90s have yet to be explored in the MCU. We have only seen a bunch of flashbacks like in Captain America and Black Panther, but there are many things that this movie could focus on that other films have not touched yet.

There are reports coming in that the remaining Avengers shots scene that resembles that original Battle of New York, so we can assume that there is going to be some time-travel in Avengers 4. Therefore, whoever goes back might get to see past events in the MCU, or there might be an alternate universe that opened up when Thanos’ snapped his fingers. This theory suggests that instead of killing half the universe, a new world was created where these people are living, and Captain Marvel will need to find how to link those two.

2. Unexpected war

If Carol Danvers originated in the 90s, we could assume that she is already part of the world that other MCU characters inhabit, so why hasn’t anyone mentioned her? The answer is that her story will probably be based on the Secret Wars storyline from the comics released in 2008. In this plot, the Skrulls are invading Earth, replacing major world leaders with their kind without getting noticed by humans.

Ms. Marvel, as she was known at the time, had to face this challenge. Disney’s deal with Fox means that Skrulls will finally appear in the MCU, so we are finally going to see the Kree-Skrull War storyline, where the Kree wanted to make Earth their sort of headquarters and Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel, goes against his own kind and goes to the government’s Alien Activities Committee. He discovered that the organization was actually run by Skrulls the whole time.

At that point, we also discovered that Carol Danvers had also been replaced by a Skrull. This is a little too ambitious for an origin movie about Captain Marvel, but it’s very likely that we will encounter a bunch of elements from Secret Wars and the Kree-Skrull War in the next film in the MCU. This is a character that has a lot of material to explore.

3. Back to Vormir

We saw Thanos obtain the Soul Stone in this mysterious place after he threw Gamora, his adopted daughter, over the cliff - a soul in exchange for another soul. Therefore, Vormir is a valuable land in the MCU. In the comics, it’s also the place where the exiled Kree priest of Pama have settled after they were banished from their home for opposing the Kree wars. If this storyline appears in the MCU, then it’s very likely that Captain Marvel will have to go to this planet.

She might even have something to do with the Soul Stone. In Infinity War, it was revealed that Gamora knew the location of the gem because she had seen a map. Is it possible that the half-Kree showed it to her? Moreover, maybe we will find out how Red Skull became that weird creature that guides people towards the stones.

4. Leading the Avengers

The original Avengers did survive Thanos’ snap, but it’s unlikely that they will all survive the coming battle in Avengers 4, especially because many of these actors’ contracts expire after that movie. So, that will leave open spots in the Avengers, and they might even need a new leader. She might be new, but since her origin is set in the 90s and she met Nick Fury back then, then Carol has just as much right to be in the Avengers.

Her DNA was mixed with that of Mar-Vell after an explosion, and she became one of the most powerful beings in Marvel, so perhaps Danvers will end up becoming the Avengers’ spearhead much sooner than we expect. If the movies get into this side of her origin, where she becomes more than human, it’s going to get pretty impressive.

5. Time travel

We have already discussed an alternate universe, but the MCU has involved regular time travel before, and some fans believe that knowing about the cosmos, like Doctor Strange, could be part of her origin story. Mar-Vell was even able to foresee some things, not that many details, but he knew when something big was going on.

If she possesses this power too, then she might have seen a bit of what Thanos did, and maybe, she could have started working to repair it even before it happened. The question is: how does she travel in time? If her alien abilities cannot handle that, then she could always go to Doctor Strange or Ant-Man, who can see different planes of existence and get into the Quantum Realm respectively.  

6. Mar-Vell, the OG

This Kree being was the original Captain Marvel and had the title for longer than Danvers herself. But, will we see him see in the MCU? According to rumors from a few months ago, actor Jude Law might be playing the part. However, it’s now believed that Law is going to portray a villain, so we cannot say for sure that he will appear in the movie.

7. Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel

Carol was originally Mar-Vell’s love interest, so she was like Iron Man’s Pepper Pots. Her first appearance was in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 as a member of the U.S. Air Force which is exactly how she will start in the film adaptation. Her DNA mixed with Mar-Vell’s in 1977 and when her powers manifested, she took on the title of Ms. Marvel.

After a while, she was known as Binary when she gained cosmic powers, but it wasn’t until 2012 that she was given the name of Captain Marvel. Therefore, we have yet to see if the MCU will name her Ms. Marvel first and then Captain. However, based on the title of the movie, it’s probably safe to assume that she will earn her promotion much sooner.

8. Operation Lightning Storm

If Tony Stark survives in the next Avengers movie, then it would be logical to move on with the Operation Lightning Storm arc which connects everything to Captain Marvel. Tony assigned her to the project, which involves finding wrongdoers before they got to the point of becoming supervillains. However, because of the murkiness of the job, we could potentially see another Civil War situation.

Some fans are looking forward to seeing how Stark and Danvers work with one another in the MCU because they both have prominent personalities. Tony has the brains while Carol has the power to back up her arrogance, and they have clashed with each other in comic books before. That’s another dynamic we are certainly looking forward to seeing on the big screen.

What did you think of these possibilities coming up with the character of Captain Marvel? Do you think any of them will? It’s sad that we still have to wait to the see movie because we cannot get enough of the MCU. If you liked this article, share it with your friends while discussing who will win in a fight: Iron Man or Captain Marvel? See you next time!

Sources used: Youtube/Screen Rant

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