These 12 'Office' Theories Will Make You Want Their Authors As The Show Scriptwriters

There are many shows that turn people into theorists like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, but even normal sitcoms have fans that come up with the strangest notions about their favorite television series. The Office aired for eight years on NBC, and Reddit users filled the forum with crazy ideas as if it was a science fiction story. Here are some of the best theories about it.

1. Michael is brilliant

Everyone noted that Michael Scott was arrogant and not so bright, but the theory says that he was actually a genius who was acting like a moron all this time so that other people would underestimate him. That way, he could manipulate everybody.

There is one episode in season two titled The Client, where Jan and Michael are in a meeting at Chili’s which was supposed to be at the Radisson Hotel. It looked like Michael dropped the ball, but the client played by Tom Meadows was actually more at ease there and more amenable to deals.

2. Jim Halpert was writing the series

From the very beginning, we were all looking forward to Jim getting together with Pam, and opening his own business. However, this theory states that Jim was an awful worker because it was part of an act. Reddit user Yahnster goes further than that.

He says that Halpert was the author of the show and that is why he seemed like the main character. Furthermore, it could explain why the co-workers he hated were a nuisance to the viewers, and why the boss is an idiot.

3. Kevin Malone was stealing

We know that Kevin was never the sharpest tool in the shed as he destroyed his credit cards at some point and did not know how to transfer calls. In a prank, Dwight told the new HR employee, Holly Flax, that Kevin had special needs.

However, some fans believe that just like Michael, Malone was just acting dumb the entire time, so that no one would realize that he was misappropriating money from Dunder Mifflin. This would explain how he managed to open up that bar.

4. Radon Poisoning

Any fan of this show would have noticed that all the characters seemed to get weirder as time went on, and this theory states that it was because of radon. In a running joke of the series, Toby Flenderson would ask if the office needed radon testing.

No one paid attention to his comments because they came from him, but Toby had a point, and according to the theory, everyone was slowly getting brain cancer. The disease would then affect their personalities.

5. Andy Bernard and “Alchohorse”

Speaking of the radon poisoning theory, there is another theory says that Andy’s behavior was due to that. However, others believe that Andy could have damaged his mind after drinking something unique. During the season seven episode Viewing Party, Andy is not ready to see his ex with someone else.

He goes into Gabe’s room, where he found a weird container, which Ryan Howard says it has powdered seahorse for strength. Bernard goes on to drink a bunch of it with wine, and that could have damaged his brain.

6. The Scranton Strangler

The Office theorists love the idea that Toby from HR was the Scranton Strangler, and they have even made videos to evidence this. He was not at work when everyone saw the police chase and subsequent capture of the criminal.

He did not attend the Glee party a day later, and then he was a juror in the trial case of the strangler, which was exciting for him. He bragged about it often, but this theory believes it’s because he was getting away with his crimes.

7. Set in Hell

Some people think that the Scranton office is actually a metaphor for Hell, but this started in the episode called Stress Relief from season five. Stanley suffered a heart attack but returned shortly. However, this theory states that he died and went to Hell for his philandering.

8. Free ads for Bob Vance

Bob Vance was the owner of Vance Refrigeration, which he would mention in every conversation, but this theory believes that Bob was actually a keen businessman because he was not selling to the people he meets, but rather to the viewers of the documentary.

9. The TV is real for Dwight

Dwight was unable to differentiate reality from fiction, according to Reddit user TimmestTim. He thought he could raise his cholesterol or lower it at will. He also believed that Jim was a vampire and that his neighbor’s dog was a werewolf.

Furthermore, he does not realize the difference between Benjamin Franklin and someone playing the role of him. He became a fan of fantasy and did not know what was real and what was not. He was not exposed to it as a child, so maybe that could be why.

10. The reason the Scranton Branch was still operating

Dunder Mifflin was never exactly rolling in money, and even before the Sabre deal, they would talk about firing people and shutting down other branches. If employees behaved as they did in the show, this branch would have closed in the first episode. So why didn’t they?

This theory states that it was because the camera crew kept them open. Those people bought the company, knowing that the goings on at this place would make for great television, and it would explain why they could keep the branch afloat.

11. The same universe as Parks and Recreation and Dexter

Some theorists believe that this show is going on while Parks and Recreation and Dexter are happening as well. The evidence is the office supplies. Sabre bought Dunder Mifflin in season six, and people have spotted the company's products in the other television shows.

12. Creed and the Loch Ness Monster

Many people theorize about Creed, one of the weirdest characters on the show, but one of the concepts states that he is trying to catch the Loch Ness monster after he gave a speech about it in the episode titled The Seminar. Some comments have been linked to this theory like “If I can’t scuba, then what’s this all been about?”

What did you think of these theories? Could they be true? We might never find out because the show ended years ago, but it’s always nice to speculate. We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment below and share this article with all your friends who loved the goings on at Dunder Mifflin.

Sources used: Mental Floss

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