This Is How Thanos Will End In 'Avengers 4: Endgame' According To The Most Plausible Theories

Avengers: Infinity War surprised all moviegoers as it was the first time an MCU villain seemingly won the fight against the superheroes. But, in the next Avengers movie, we are going to see how our favorite characters reverse the effects of the Infinity Stones. For now, here we have some theories regarding the Mad Titan and his end.

He will be killed

After obtaining all six Infinity Stones, the mighty Thanos was able to wipe out half the universe with the snap of his fingers which is a goal he had been working towards for many years. In the ending scene of Infinity War, we saw him resting on a green planet, having achieved his mission and “watching the sunrise on a grateful universe”, but we know that he will not be peaceful for long.

So, what will happen to the Titan? At this point, we can only speculate, but many people are rooting for this character to be killed especially because of what happened with Gamora and Loki, who seem to have really died as opposed to turning into dust after the snap. It would be awesome to see one of the dusted heroes return and get rid of Thanos, like the Scarlet Witch.

Otherwise, a character that was seriously affected by the villain’s actions could take the lead and destroy him. Tony Stark and Thor seem to be the likely candidates, but also Gamora, who could come back somehow after being sacrificed. The other likely option is Captain Marvel, who will be introduced to the MCU before the release of Avengers 4.

She is known as one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel. We don’t know, however, if she has any history with the character of Thanos, so it would be much more significant for someone like Thor, who watched his brother, best friend, and Asgardian people get killed by the Mad Titan, to end him. Tony Stark also has a claim to this spot because he feared this outcome for years.

He will disappear

Some people might believe that getting killed is not satisfying enough to avenge what Thanos did to our heroes, so it’s possible that just like half the universe, this guy will be sent to wherever all the characters went when they turned to dust. The remaining heroes are probably going to want the Infinity Stones for themselves in order to reverse the effects, so they could take them from the villain himself, or go back in time.

If they do that, one of the heroes could do what Thanos did and make him disappear forever, along with his Black Order. Once the villain disappears, the rest of the characters might be brought back. However, we cannot imagine Steve Rogers or Tony Stark using the stones as their power is too great for mere humans with enhanced abilities. So someone else would have to do it.

He might survive

Despite being a villain, many fans can agree that he is one of the most interesting characters ever presented in the MCU, and because of his power, which is considerable even without the gems, he could end up surviving. He could be imprisoned once the heroes of the story find a way to get the Infinity Stones away from him.

They could then build a prison for this villain, which would be humiliating for him because he considers himself almost a god. It could be jail like the one designed for the Hulk that ended up being used to hold Loki. However, he might not get captured by our heroes. Thanos could have to answer to much bigger beings than we imagine.

Higher beings than Thanos

In The Infinity Gauntlet comic books, incredibly powerful beings had to intervene to stop Thanos from his wrongdoings, but they did not succeed. This does not mean that they will fail in the MCU as well. If they are presented, perhaps they will assist our heroes in imprisoning the Mad Titan where he could be tortured for eternity.

There is also another notion that he could be sent to another plane of existence where he won’t be a threat to anyone ever again. This place could have something to do with the Quantum Realm which was important in Ant-Man and the Wasp, and we are hoping to see more about this land in Captain Marvel. The Avengers could trap the Mad Titan if they take the Infinity Stones.

Other places for banishment

Assuming that our heroes have managed to rid him of the Infinity Stones, Doctor Strange could use his powers to send him to another dimension, or if they already have the gems, they could send Thanos to the Soul Stone or Soul World, which is the place we saw after he snapped his fingers and met with a young Gamora once again.

He could continue to torment the Avengers

Banishing or imprisoning the character has its downside too because he could escape at any point, even if it takes a while. Remember that Loki used to be the villain and was imprisoned, only to return and become one of our favorite characters. Fans have also enjoyed Josh Brolin’s Thanos, even though he only made cameos before.

He could appear in further movies, though at this point we do not think he could become beloved like Tom Hiddleston’s character. Furthermore, there are many stories in the comics involving the Mad Titan that the MCU could take advantage of and keep him to make things interesting for our heroes. However, we think this won’t be as satisfying for the fans.

He could be a farmer

There is also the idea that he could keep living as a farmer as he is in the ending scene of Infinity War, although we know he is living that life because he came out as a victor in this battle. However, if our heroes manage to defeat him in the next movie, he could decide to give up, knowing that his enemies are not to be messed with. Thanos might decide to continue living life as an agricultor, which we saw him doing in the comic books.

He could win the final battle

This is not a likely outcome because it would mean the end of the MCU, but there is also the possibility that he could win once again in the fourth installment of Avengers. However, some crucial heroes would have to be brought back as Marvel already has plans for Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Therefore, maybe all those who were turned to dust are probably coming back, but that does not mean defeat for Thanos. Since the original Avengers survived the snap, we might see them discussing a deal with the Mad Titan to return their loved ones but sacrificing something even greater. However, most fans were expecting to see them die or disappear because the actors’ contracts are up.

There’s a high possibility that Avengers 4 will have a bittersweet ending, where our heroes win but at a heavy price. You probably remember the line from Infinity War used by Steve Rogers and Vision: “We don’t trade lives here.” This could be an augur of what’s to come. If the price is paid, Thanos could end satisfied with his work and disappear. For now.

What did you think of these theories predicting the future of the Mad Titan? Which one do you think is more likely? We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment down below and share this article with your friends if they want Thanos to lose. 

Source used: Screenrant

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