Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Might Be DC's Biggest Fake And Bait For Fans, And Here's Why

It has been some time since Warner Bros. announced that Joaquin Phoenix would be the latest actor to portray the role of Batman’s greatest enemy, the Joker, in Todd Phillips’ new movie. The studio originally wanted Leonardo DiCaprio, but when that did not pan out, Phoenix got the part. There have been several pictures online where the actor wears the clown makeup, but there is a new theory out there that has been gaining traction. Let’s take a look.

False advertising?

This new theory was developed by CinemaBlend’s Adam Holmes, and it states that Joaquin is not going to be playing the Joker in the latest version of the story or, at least, it isn’t what we think. The actor is set to play the part of comedian Arthur Fleck, who loses his control, goes insane, and can no longer understand what is real and what is not after audiences don’t take to his act.

He failed in his professional career, but allegedly becomes the Joker after that, but this concept suggests that this person is not really the great villain we have come to know all these years, but a version of him. Holmes believes that Arthur is just a crazy man who will serve as the inspiration for the real Joker later on in the Batman story.

New Joker

This new movie, titled Joker, has Arthur Fleck as a man of around 40 years old, and he lives in the same world as a young Bruce Wayne while his father, Thomas Wayne, is still alive. If they are not making all those scenes with them into flashbacks, how does it work that the Joker is more contemporary with Wayne’s father than himself?

The character of Bruce will be played by Dante Pereira-Olson, and his age will be somewhere around 8 to 12 years old because his parents are still alive. Fleck should be about 40 to 45 years old because Joaquin Phoenix recently turned 44, and the pictures have shown him looking like a middle-aged man. Therefore, Holmes explains his theory:

"That means Arthur has over 30 years on Bruce, so by the time Bruce ages to adulthood and dons the cape and cowl in two decades, Phoenix's version of The Joker will be in his mid-60s or pushing 70."

There is a high chance that the director is taking all kinds of liberties with his version of the story and changes things up because this film will be a standalone and not part of a cinematic universe. Furthermore, while it would be interesting to play with the differences between Joker-Batman, it does not make for the future of this Bruce Wayne.

We cannot imagine a 60 or 70-year-old man fighting against a 20-year-old Batman, so the age differences presented in this film is the evidence that Joaquin might be the Joker who competes with the Dark Knight but the original concept, which the real villain took for himself when he took the moniker and the clown persona.

They were always contemporary

In most incarnations of Batman and his nemesis, they seemed more or less contemporary in age, primarily because both of their developments depended so much on each other. It looks like the hero cannot exist unless there is someone to fight against, which is usually the Joker. However, according to Adam Holmes, this film is going to create something different, throwing the connection between both characters to the wind.

"This Joker movie clearly has no problems with not staying faithful to the source material, so maybe in this world, the eponymous antagonist is just several decades older than Batman. But I don't think it's that simple.”

This new experiment might be due to the bad reception of several DCEU’s movies in the past, and the studio could have decided to take a risk once director Phillips showed them his idea. At this point, it seems like only drastic measures might save their horribly-critiqued films. We wonder if they might decide later to include this motion picture in an extended universe if audiences like it.

"Unofficial photos and footage from the Joker set show that the clowned-up Arthur Fleck will lead a crime wave across Gotham City, meaning a lot of people will know who he is and what he's all about. Since this is a standalone movie, it wouldn't be surprising if Arthur's reign of terror ends with him dying, but what if his actions indirectly lead to the real Joker being created decades later?"

Multiple Jokers

However, this is not the first time that some people have decided to deviate from the norm. The television series Gotham also designed their own Joker backstory by showing one of the Valeska brothers, played by Cameron Monaghan, as a psycho who seems like the original Joker but has not taken the official name in the small screen yet.

The series has yet to show the “real” Joker at this point, but Jerome Valeska’s crazy actions have inspired copycats all over their city, and another person could take inspiration from them to, eventually, become the supervillain we all know. This man might take on the name of the Clown Prince of Crime when the Valeskas are no longer around. Therefore, the show has presented “pre-Jokers”, so it's entirely possible that the film will do so too.

Additionally, DC’s Black Label will soon be presenting Batman: Three Jokers created by Geoff Johns, which will explore the idea of there being, at least, three Jokers in Gotham. This knowledge came to Batman, who will not be played anymore by Ben Affleck, in 2016 when he became a god for a while and saw that this was happening. Now, if we believe that Joaquin is going to be playing a pre-Joker, then who will be the real one?

According to Adam Holmes, a child living in Gotham City will see Arthur with his costume, either on TV or in person, and this kid will decide to grow up and become the real Joker. This boy will later encounter Batman and have something severe happen that altered him completely, which will lead him down the wrong path.

"That trauma, along with the memory of Arthur Fleck and whatever other disturbing tendencies were lurking beneath the surface, will lead to him becoming the new Joker; one who will leave an even deadlier legacy behind.”

Holmes goes on to speculate that Arthur will be responsible for the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents in Crime Alley – like what happened in the 1989 Batman film – or perhaps Joe Chill will do it. This will be Bruce’s raison d'être to become the vigilante, and when a new Joker appears, he will have more reason to fight against him.

What did you think of this theory? Is it possible that Joaquin could play a pre-Joker? It makes a lot of sense to us, and we hope that a trailer drops soon. If you liked this article, share it with all your friends who have loved every actor that played this complex character and can't wait for the premiere of this film in October 2019. See you next time!

Sources used: Youtube/Looper

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