Marvel Ultimate Showdown: The Most Popular Superhero Rivalries And Possible Winners

Avengers: Infinity War gave viewers one of the biggest cinematic crossovers in history, and with so many characters in one place, it was hard to tell which one was stronger. This has been the subject of debate for comic book fans for many years, and in this article, we will analyze which hero would win in a fight against another. It’s a Hero vs. Hero battle!

1. Spider-Man vs. Captain America

Spider-Man's agility has given him the strength to fight in space and travel fast through the city jumping from one point to another. Captain America’s shield is an awesome weapon on its own, coupled with the enhanced strength of a Super Soldier and knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, this is one fierce battle. However, in this end the spider-senses should overcome the Captain, making Spider-Man the winner in this battle.

2. Hulk vs. The Thing

These heroes are some of the most powerful characters in Marvel. One is the result of a bad gamma-ray experiment and driven by anger, and the other has rock skin because of cosmic radiation. If the Hulk gets even more enraged, his power increases, while The Thing can only withstand so much before succumbing, so in this battle, the winner is the Hulk.

3. Iron Man vs. Colossus

It would be a mistake to think that Iron Man, with his coolest armor, could easily overpower the mutant whose skin turns into organic steel. Colossus is considered one of the most powerful heroes in Marvel and is stronger than Wolverine’s claws. His durability in combat is definitely an advantage over Iron Man, whose suit could easily run out of power and be destroyed. Ultimately, Colossus would win.

4. Thor vs. Hercules

The God of Thunder and Odinson against the Greek demigod, son of Zeus and an Olympian champion; that’s a battle we would love to see! Hercules is immortal with immense strength and other enhanced abilities like endurance and speed. Moreover, as an Olympian, he was trained to fight in various disciplines, but Thor has all of those and the power of lighting thanks to his hammer, Mjölnir. Thor wins!

5.  Wolverine vs. Deadpool

This is a tricky one because both competitors have fast healing and proficiency for fighting. Wolverine has his claws while Deadpool has two katanas. Logan is not as agile as Deadpool, who has mastered all kinds of fighting styles after a career as a mercenary. However, his penchant for cracking jokes and his arrogance could hinder him in combat against Wolverine, so in this case, we have to side with the X-Man.

6. The Silver Surfer vs. Phoenix

He was the herald of Galactus, who searched the cosmos for planets that his lord could eat, but once he was free, he went on his own adventures with some of Galactus’ powers. Phoenix has telekinetic and telepathic talents, but she becomes vulnerable when Dark Phoenix takes over, whose force even destroyed a planet. In this case, despite Silver Surfer’s abilities, Phoenix would win.

7. Professor X vs. Doctor Strange

If they have to fight hand to hand, then Strange would take the win, but if they fought in a metaphysical level, Professor X would definitely overpower him with bolts of mental energy. Doctor Strange could take advantage of Xavier’s attempt to enter his mind and lead him down the wrong path with illusions and with the support of the Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto. Doctor Strange wins!

8. Black Panther vs. Daredevil

Thanks to Wakanda's technological advancements with Vibranium, Black Panther’s suit is amazingly powerful, with heightened strength, agility, and speed which he learned from his Wakandan traditions. Daredevil has developed special senses like enhanced hearing, touch, smell, and taste to fight against enemies, but it’s not likely that he could overcome Black Panther, so this hero would definitely win.

9. Cyclops vs. Mr. Fantastic

Cyclops can shoot energy beams from his eyes, but he has to wear glasses all the time. Mr. Fantastic was exposed to radiation which gave him elasticity and endurance plus he was already a genius with leadership skills. It would be easy to believe that Cyclops would win this one, but his beams make him vulnerable to close-contact attacks which Mr. Fantastic would use to his advantage. He wins.

10. Nightcrawler vs. Beast

Nightcrawler has acrobatic skills and teleportation that combine awesomely in fights. Beast looks like an animal and has the strength, swiftness, and dexterity to back it up which makes him a fearsome opponent. Nightcrawler’s abilities could be used to overcome Beast with the element of surprise, but Beast would win in hand-to-hand combat with his force and animal reflexes. The winner is Beast!

11. Black Widow vs. The Punisher

Both of them are good at weapons and combat, and this battle would not include any superpowers, just their knowledge of fighting and their arms. Black Widow was a spy who learned strategic moves and martial arts, while Punisher is a war veteran trained with Special Ops, so his inclination towards deadlier weapons would definitely give him an advantage over Black Widow. He wins!

12. Blade vs. Hawkeye

This one is not that hard to predict because Hawkeye's ability could not easily overpower Blade, the vampire hunter. He has nice fighting skills, but Blade is almost a vampire himself because his mother was bitten when she was giving birth, so he can sense paranormal beings and has immunity to vampirism along with forte, speediness, and nimbleness. Blade wins!

13. War Machine vs. Falcon

Both heroes use their suits to fly, though both machines have very different kinds of technology. Falcon has great martial arts skills and wings on his suit, but no other powers except communicating with his pet falcon, Redwing. War Machine has military experience plus the knowledge that comes with engineering and aviation as well as more weapons. So, in this case, War Machine wins!

14. Iceman vs. The Human Torch

This would be the battle between ice and fire, so it’s hard to decide which one would win. Iceman is made of solid ice while the Human Torch, from the Fantastic Four, can surround himself with fire and fly. If Iceman throws a beam of ice water towards his opponent, the other will do much the same but with a blast of fire that would melt the ice. So in this case, this fight would end in a tie!

15. Storm vs. The Invisible Woman

Storm can control the weather while the Invisible Woman can create force fields and, of course, turn invisible. Therefore, this one seems pretty easy to predict as well because no matter how much she hides, the Invisible Woman could not face against raging storms and changing atmospheric patterns. Storm wins!

Do you agree with our pick of the winners? What other versus battles would you like to see involving superheroes? It’s hard to tell which one of these great characters would win in a fight, but those fights would definitely be impressive. If you liked this article, share it with your friends who love seeing heroes battling each other instead of villains. See you next time!

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