These 20 House Design Ideas Will Make Your Neighbors Drool With Envy

Some people just get sick and tired of living in the same monotonous house or apartment all their lives. They want to do certain modifications to add an original touch to their residences. They also want to live in a place that is more pleasant to the eye, and that brings them joy. If you fall into that category, this article will fit you like a glove. Today, we have a fantastic collection of practical and stunning ideas that you can implement at home. 

1. Your guests won't definitely see this coming when jumping into the refreshing swimming pool: a terrifying shark with its mouth wide open featuring in the bottom tiles. It is a bit scary but very cool! 

2. Isn't hard for you to get your children to go up and down the stairs to, let's say, look for something in their rooms? Well, instead of having a boring staircase, you can twist it with a fun slide. They'll love it!

3. Working in your office at home can be quite stressful. To take your active pause to another level and put your feet up for a while, you can install some hammock floors. Relaxation will be guaranteed for sure!

4. Having the same glass door at your hall every single day can be quite tedious and dull. To add some color to your days, you can stain the glass. With the sunlight, it will look like a gorgeous rainbow indoors.

5. Do you live in a studio apartment with limited space but you're a bookworm? We have the solution to your problem of not having enough space to store your books. You can have a large drawer under your bed like the one in the pic. 

6. If you have a baby girl at home and are not sure of how to decorate her bedroom, this idea below can be very appealing. Unicorns are trendy, and a mural with them in a girly room would add some magic. 

7. We are not quite sure how that squishy ball lounger was made, but we are dying to have one like that at home. Taking a nap would have another meaning when resting on one of those. 

8. You don't have to be on the outside to enjoy a beautiful and starry sky. You can get it inside your own playroom through this starscape fiber optics. We need this in our house as soon as possible! 

9. It is said we all have a child inside that never dies no matter how old you are. If you want to wake him or her up, this swing table set can do the trick. We can see a bunch of grownups using this a lot!

10. You don't have to spend a lot of money to renew your dwelling place. It only takes a few materials to transform something as simple as a lamp. Get some colorful bottles and an old tea set, and voila! You have some creative chandeliers. 

11. And for fish lovers, we have the perfect idea for the tank of our aquatic friends. What do you think about washing your hands in the bathroom while these little animals swim around your sink? 

12. And if you still want to enjoy a starry landscape but fiber optics is not your thing, we have another simpler and cheaper solution. Get some glow-in-the-dark wallpaper of this pattern, and problem solved!

 13. This is the perfect combination of a minimalist but gorgeous bathroom and a touch of green, all in one place. A vertical garden next to your bathtub will bring nature inside and give it an eco-friendly look.

14. In-house workplaces can be very tiresome for creative people, so why don't you set an office pod right in the comfort of your garden? You will get to work productively and keep in touch with nature.

15. Underground cardoks are so in right now, and people with limited garage space are using them a lot. That is without mentioning they are great hideaways for cars and can add a lovely green touch.

16. Sinks in kitchens tend to have traditional oval, rounded, or rectangular shapes, so to see this one with such an unusual figure is astonishing. We don't know what shape it is, but it definitely looks fantastic!

17. Are you bored of the same old and traditional bed we all have? To shake things a bit in your bedroom, you can get one that is suspended in midair. You will feel as if you were sleeping on a cloud. It is perfect!

18. Staircases can take up a lot of space in a tiny house, so the best way not to waste it is to convert it into a chest of drawers. But just make sure you don't leave any drawer open when you're sleepy.

19. We love the way designers are combining furniture and accessories nowadays, and here we have one great example of it. Why buy a coffee table and a carpet separately when you can have both in one?

20. Wallpapers don't have to be boring. Actually, you can turn a plain one in a 3D version gluing some paper flowers on it. Plus, your house will become a gorgeous princess castle with the girly petals. 

Now, we would love to know which were your favorite ideas and which you would undoubtedly incorporate in your house. Remember that dwelling in a comfy and appealing place is vital to be happy. So step out of your comfort zone and get the materials to transform these ideas into realities. Don't forget to share this article with others who need a makeover at home. Until next time!

Source: Bright Side

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