Every Leaked Detail About 'Avengers 4: Endgame' So Far

Marvel Studios knows how to build momentum, and after what happened in Avengers: Infinity War, we are eagerly waiting to see what will happen in the next installment, and how our heroes will reverse Thanos’ snap. In the meantime, let’s talk about everything we already know about the upcoming film and what it could represent for our favorite characters.


The studio did not release the title of Infinity War unlit the very last possible moment, so until they did, we had no idea what would happen. Once they announced the official name, fans could pinpoint more or less the events to take place because of the comic books. We have finally seen the title of Avengers 4, which is Endgame, but rumors had been flying stating that the title was Avengers: Annihilation, which has its own significance for fans.


This is a story arc from the comic books, but it has nothing to do with the Avengers, although that does not matter because Age of Ultron and Infinity War are not that similar to their namesakes. However, fans of this plot expect to see some aspects in the upcoming movie. The villain Annihilus, for example, is one of the best villains in the Marvel universe.

We might hate Thanos with all our hearts at the moment, but another villain has to show up to keep the superhero stories going. We cannot say yet if this mighty foe appears in the next film, but he has the incredible power to fill the Mad Titan’s shoes and could be a more significant threat for the Avengers. Furthermore, there are specific hints that a new nemesis for our heroes will be introduced.

In a new toy set with Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Thor, and its tagline says: “The Asgardian Thor wields the mighty Stormbreaker in his battle against new foes, and Rocket teams up with a new crew to guard the galaxy against an even bigger threat.” This line could mean that a new enemy we have not heard of before is approaching. This still could happen even though the title of the motion picture is officially not Annihilation

A new character

There are also rumors regarding the introduction of a new character that is not a villain. Early on in Infinity War, we saw Tony and Pepper Pots talking about Stark’s dream that they had a baby boy, prompting the billionaire to ask Pots if she was pregnant. Fans immediately wondered why this scene was included as it seemed a bit random.

However, we know that nothing in this kind of stories happens without a purpose, mainly because dreams and visions are important in the Marvel Universe. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow talked with the official Avengers: Infinity War magazine about her character, stating that she started as Tony’s assistant, became his lover and in the future, they get married and have a child.

Therefore, there is a chance that Avengers 4 might show the future and the existence of a new baby Stark, or maybe she is already pregnant because, in the movie, we heard her saying something like “You’re going to be…” and then the communication was severed. She could have meant that Tony was going to get in trouble or that he was going to become a father.

Sadly, the Russo brothers have not been very forthcoming about Tony’s dream, claiming it is just an expression of Tony’s deep desires, but they also said that these are “mysterious”, which makes us suspect once again. A new baby for Tony would be cute, especially if he makes him a tiny Iron Man suit, but that is not going to help with the battle they have on their hands.

New weapons

We have already seen pictures of the Proton canon, which most people assumed belonged to War Machine, but after looking at more clues, it became more likely that it belongs to Tony, who is expected to overhaul his suits completely after going against Thanos. He could be planning to fight the Mad Titan with something even more powerful.

The Russo brothers posted a black and white picture on social media, and fans went right ahead to dissect every tiny detail, discovering that the Proton canon was there and possibly meaning that it plays a huge role in the upcoming movie. Another weapon we have seen is a pretty cool-looking ax, though we have no idea who might handle it.

However, we think it looks like a Dwarven ax that Captain Marvel had at one point. In Fear Itself, Iron Man obtained a bunch of Asgardian weapons, and he gave one to each of the Avengers at the time. This ties in with another rumor regarding Eitri, played by Peter Dinklage who is beloved from his role in Game of Thrones.

Peter signed a two-movie deal with Marvel, so we can assume that Eitri survived the snap, and he is responsible for making some of the best weapons in the universe, including the Infinity Gauntlet. So, why can’t he make more arms for the remaining heroes? This was asked by Star-Lord, and Thor answered that most mortals could never handle such powerful artifacts.

Captain Marvel, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful superheroes in this universe, so she could easily wield a weapon like Stormbreaker or the Dwarven ax. Therefore, the survivors might be gaining even more strength in the next film. It will be awesome to see how Thor and Captain Marvel interact with each other.

Time Travel

Back in the first Avengers, we saw our heroes face against Loki and the invasion of New York City, and due to the leaked photos, it seems like the characters will be traveling back in time for some unknown reason. We can tell because Ant-Man is there, and he wasn’t in the original battle. Additionally, Robert Downey Jr. has been seen on set, wearing the same shirt from back then.

There is another theory that states they are using simulation technology to see this battle once again and gain some insight that could help them defeat Thanos. We know that they might be something in the 60s because Marvel released a casting call for extras to portray office workers from that era. On the other hand, due to photos of Robert Downey Jr. on set, there is also the possibility that they will go to the future.

Therefore, there are hints that this movie could start several years after the events of Infinity War and actress Emma Fuhrmann has been cast as an older Cassie Lang, Scott’s daughter. Fans are theorizing that the movie will take place exactly five years after the snap. In Ant-Man and the Wasp, we saw Scott get stuck in the Quantum Realm because the rest turned to dust. He cannot remain there for a whole movie, so maybe he will use a time vortex to get back to the real world.

Where will the movie take place?

During the reshoots of Avengers 4, Black Panther became a huge hit, and it led to fans thinking that the next movie will feature Wakanda prominently. During that time, Robert Downey Jr. was interviewed for Infinity War, and the background seemed like Shuri’s lab. It would make sense for our heroes to gather there because of the extensive technology. Furthermore, Black Panther’s producer claims that Shuri was even smarter than Tony Stark.

What did you think of everything we have learned so far about Avengers 4? Have you seen the trailer yet? If you liked this article, share it with your friends who will be right there with you at the movie theater next years. See you next time!

Sources used: Youtube/CBR

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