Meghan Markle Isn't Able To Shake Off Her Royal Obligations Even During Pregnancy

We all know that being a royal is no easy feat for a number of reasons, and it becomes even harder when you're expecting a blue-blood baby. Since Meghan Markle's pregnancy was announced a couple of months ago, the world has been looking forward to seeing how the new duchess will deal with her child-bearing, and if she will follow the set of "rules" her forerunners did.

However, the truth is that there are no rules expectant royal mothers are subjected to but rather deep-rooted traditions and norms in the United Kingdom they are expected to follow, according to Marlene Koening, a royal historian, and Victoria Arbiter, CNN Royal commentator. To clarify the subject matter, we have gathered them for you, so let's get started! 

1. Telling the Queen

Daily Mail explained that even before other important relatives know, the first person that should be informed about a royal baby is, of course, the Queen of England. Reports say that Prince William used an encrypted phone line to talk to her grandmother following Prince George's birth to make sure she was the first out to get to know the cheerful news of a new member for the family. 

However, if you look at it, it doesn't sound like a "rule" but rather a sign of respect to the monarch. Koenig suspects that the ruler found out about Meghan's pregnancy the same week of the official announcement. Arbiter, on her side, explained to Insider:

"Out of respect for the Queen, it's likely that she was told the news first. She's the Queen, head of state, and a much-loved grandmother. Harry would have been excited to let her know her eighth great-grandchild was on the way."

2. The christening gown

Do you remember Prince Louis' christening this year? How about George's and Charlotte's? Did you notice any similarity? Yes! You're right! The outfit the three babies wore during their baptisms. It actually has a name: Honiton Lace gown, which is a copy of the 1840 robe that Queen Victoria's first child donned. Since then, all royal children have put on the Honiton Lace dress. 

In total, 62 newborns have worn the robe so far, including the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge, and the Duke of Sussex. In 2004, due to the fragility of the original piece, a replica was created. About this, Arbiter said that, again, it was not mandatory to put it on; however, she added that "Harry and Meghan would be proud to continue all of the christening traditions." 

3. A baby shower

Many newspapers and media outlets have been reporting that Meghan is not allowed to have a baby shower based on the premise that she cannot receive presents for the unborn baby. However, the royal experts clarified that this is entirely false because Meghan could have one if she chooses to, and she can also accept any type of gifts. In fact, they even said it was likely that her friends had a shower for her. 

But the chances are that, if the ceremony is to happen, it might be a very private affair. Nevertheless, Arbiter and Koenig also explained that showers are not frequent in the United Kingdom simply because they are not part of the traditions as they are in countries like North America and Canada. Koenig also added that showers have "nothing to do with being royal."

4. Knowing the sex of the baby 

Finding out the gender of unborn royal babies beforehand is a personal decision for blue-blood parents. For instance, Princess Diana knew she would have two sons before they were born. On the contrary, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge resolved not to learn about the sex of their children, and this is actually pretty common among Brits, according to what Arbiter explained.  

She also believes that Prince Harry and Markle might choose to follow in Prince William and Kate's footsteps about the gender of their baby (or babies, who knows!). Regardless of their decision, what is very important is to keep the information privately and do not disclose it to the general public. People keep on bidding for the moniker of the newborn, so why should they take the fun away? 

5. The number of names

Per tradition, royal infants are given a minimum of three appellations, and this has become a bit of a custom. For instance, Prince Louis' full name is Louis Arthur Charles. His older brother is George Alexander Louis, and his big sister is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and we could continue with more examples. However, it is not a protocol for naming the offspring so Harry and Meghan might choose as many as they want, but three are most likely. 

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6. Midwives

Although tradition also dictates babies are born in St. Mary's Hospital in London, it is also common that all expectant mothers also have a ring of midwives on hand. Kate had one during each of her three pregnancies, and according to News Americas Now, Middleton's midwives — Jacqui Dunkley-Bent and Arona Ahmed— ran the delivery of Princess Charlotte while the doctors were waiting nearby in case of any complication. 

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7. Flying

As well as with the baby shower, media outlets have also claimed that royal pregnant females cannot travel by plane, but it appears to be a rumor more than a real protocol that is upheld, and we have recent evidence to prove it. The Duchess of Sussex announced her pregnancy while she was enjoying her first royal tour around Australia. Moreover, her sister-in-law went to Norway and Sweden when she was expecting Prince Louis. 

As we could see, there has been a lot of gossip surrounding this new royal pregnancy, but we have just demonstrated to you that not everything the other outlets say is actually right. There are a lot of traditions indeed, and it is very likely that Meghan keeps up with all of them, but they shouldn't be called strict "rules", don't you agree? Let us know your thoughts about it, and keep on reading our articles to learn more about the royal family.

Source: Insider, Royal Central, News Americas Now 

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