Netflix Cancelled 'Daredevil' Despite Good Ratings Of Season 3

Sadly, it was recently announced that Netflix canceled Daredevil, one of the only Marvel TV series that most fans enjoyed. Most comic book fans are devastated by this news, as they loved the characters, but there must be a myriad of reasons why the streaming site decided to end this great show. Here, we will explore why there will be no season four.

The reasons

As distressed as fans are about this announcement, we cannot imagine how horrible it must be for the actors that portrayed the beloved characters on screen. Right now, let’s just hope that they all find different jobs and success in their chosen careers. The writing of the series was getting a little weird lately, but not to the point where we expected this to happen, although we should have.

Netflix had also recently canceled Iron Fist, which was the least liked Marvel television series out there, so that was not that surprising. However, Luke Cage, which was loved by many, was also terminated earlier this year, so it does not seem like a coincidence at all anymore. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher were the only Marvel shows left on Netflix.

Now, we are certainly expecting the cancellation announcement of the remaining two, but that decision will probably be staggered for a while. Regarding Daredevil, this seems like the most out of the blue decision because the writing of the third season had been on point, and reports stated that the writers were looking forward to working on the fourth season.

Luckily, the final episode of the third season ended on pretty great terms with Matt and Foggy together, while Matt had lastly learned to deal with his two identities. This character had a life full of tragedy and sadness, so this could be taken as the happy ending Matt needed. It gives a bittersweet feeling, knowing that we might not get to see more, but at least, everyone was content at the end.

The streaming site released a statement with Deadline, saying that one of the reasons they decided to end this show was because of the great ending of season three. "Marvel’s Daredevil will not return for a fourth season on Netflix. We are tremendously proud of the show’s last and final season and although it’s painful for the fans, we feel it best to close this chapter on a high note.”

“We’re thankful to showrunner Erik Oleson, the show’s writers, stellar crew and incredible cast including Charlie Cox as Daredevil himself, and we’re grateful to the fans who have supported the show over the years. While the series on Netflix has ended, the three existing seasons will remain on the service for years to come, while the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel.”

A critical matter

The most important factor in these cancellations is the fact that Netflix and Disney do not have the same relationship as they did when these series started or were announced back in 2013. You might have heard that Disney is making its own streaming site called Disney+, and they have many series in the works already.

Therefore, now they have become opponents instead of companies that could do business together. It would not make sense for the Mouse House to keep these shows on Netflix, especially because every season they get fewer viewers. Moreover, Netflix has recently struck a deal with Mark Miller’s Miller World to make several series based on his works.

Miller’s stories such as Wanted, Kick-ass, and Kingsman have been well-received on the big screen. It might not be Marvel, but it's likely they have replacements for the shows that they will not be making it anymore. Once they get rid of Jessica Jones and The Punisher, they will be done with Disney and Marvel, but their original content will remain on the site, as we saw in the issued statement.

They said that the character of Matt Murdock will move on to new things regarding Marvel. Is it possible that he will finally get a spot in the MCU (see the timeline events)? Or perhaps a show of his own on Disney+? Both options seem unlikely at the moment, but actor Vincent D'Onofrio has not ruled out acting alongside Tom Holland in one of the upcoming Spider-Man movies.

Additionally, Charlie Cox has previously stated that he would like to work with Scarlet Johansson somewhere in the future. Perhaps the Black Widow movie? It looks like adding Daredevil to the MCU would be smarter, even if the happy note of the season three could potentially be continued in Disney+, which we can assume will be a family-friendly streaming site.

There are many great stories yet to tell about this character, so it would be a waste not to represent him once again on either the small or big screen. Aside from Netflix, a Marvel TV spokesperson also released a statement about the huge cancelation, “Marvel is extremely grateful to the huge audience that loved Marvel’s Daredevil.”

“From the moment of young Matt’s first act of heroism to the birth of Page, Murdock, & Nelson, it has been an unbelievable journey. We are incredibly proud of the amazing showrunners and writers starting with Drew Goddard and Steven DeKnight, Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie and Erik Oleson, Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Vincent D’Onofrio and our casts who brought our characters to life with such excellence, and every one of the fantastic crews in NYC. We look forward to more adventures with the Man without Fear in the future.” 

What do you think about Daredevil being canceled? Were you enjoying the show? Is the season three finale enough of a happy ending to satisfy the characters? It’s hard that some decisions are based on money and competition, but that is the way of the world. We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment down below, and share this article with all your friends who were shocked by this news.

Source: Youtube/WhatCulture, Variety

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