Harry And Meghan's Baby Will Probably Get One Of These 'Traditional' Royal Names

The spring of 2019 is closer than yesterday, and with it, the momentous day of finally figuring out how the new acquisition of the British Royal Family is going to be named. Since the Duchess of Sussex's pregnancy was announced, the world has been trying to predict the name of their first offspring

The good thing is that we have the royal tradition on our side to give a possible answer to the dilemma since it might tell us that valuable information we all want. Are you ready to finally discover it? With all this in mind, let's delve into the stir surrounding Meghan Markle's soon-to-be-born baby

Royal history

Okay, we know that the spring of 2019 is not that close, but that hasn't prevented people from thinking about the moniker of the new royal baby since speculations are in full swing. Amidst all the commotion, a new report by Expedia emerged that addresses the subject matter regarding the most popular British baby names in the monarchy throughout the years. 

Blue-blood members have a penchant for reusing the most prominent family names, so you shouldn't expect a princess or a duchess to call her baby Thor, Apple, Rainbow Aurora, or North West as we might see it among celebs. With royals, it's easier to guess how their offspring will be called, and it might help you put your bet on the winning one.

And the top 3 names are...

Since Queen Victoria's birth in 1819, the three most popular names have been George, Albert, and Victoria. Just to refresh your memory on some historical knowledge, Queen Victoria tied the knot in 1840 with Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and the couple had nine children together.

One of those was Albert Edward, better known to all of us as King Edward VII. Since then, a total of 12 blue-blood members have had this memorable moniker. Not far behind it, one can find Albert, which is trailing slightly behind with ten names in two centuries, including one of the middle names for Prince George, which is a testament to its lasting power. 

And in the third place, we have Victoria, with nine people in the family with the moniker since the Queen herself. According to Ladbrokes, a betting site, the most likely choice for Harry and Megan's new arrival would be Victoria, perhaps as a homage to the late queen. Bear in mind that Elizabeth II is her great-great-granddaughter.

Other names if the baby is a boy

Now, we are going to complete the top ten of the most used royal male names after Albert and George, indicating the frequency within the monarchy. In the fourth place, we have Charles with eight people who have used it, and needless to say, it would be a great tribute to the grandpa of the baby.

In the subsequent places, we have the name of a king, Edward, with seven uses. Then, one can find Christian, Frederick, and Louis with five each. Arthur is in the eighth place with also five instances; this name was very popular as an option for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's third child, and people were not so mistaken.

It was chosen as one of Prince Louis' middle names, and it is also one of Prince William's. Moreover, it could be a great nod to the legendary English king. For the ninth and tenth place, we have William and Harry with four uses each. Perhaps, they could honor the baby's uncle with his name, but it is implausible he is called like dad. 

Other names if the baby is a girl

We already know that Victoria is the most popular one as a female moniker, but how about others to complete a top ten? The runnerup is Mary with seven ancestors who have held it. Following closely, we have Louise and Alexandra with six uses each. Elizabeth is in the fifth place with five, and Alice remains in the sixth one with four instances. 

We have seen this appellation for a while every time a new royal baby is expected, and it has remained a favorite among bookies

. It is a gorgeous name, and it has some pretty good royal pedigree. It is the moniker of not only Queen Elizabeth II's aunt but also Prince Philip's mother. 

Continuing with the top 10, the seventh place belongs to Margaret (3 instances), then Charlotte with the same amount, but it is unlikely they choose this one as we already have Princess Charlotte. Finally, we have Augusta and Helena with two uses each. 

Stepping out of the comfort zone

Of course, it is worth noting that, as we said before, these are the names that tradition dictates, but they might choose not to keep up with it and opt for something less ordinary, as they have more freedom than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to name their offspring.

For instance, Betfair, another UK betting site, lists Diana as the most probable choice for the future child of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and this should not come as a surprise. William honored the name of his late mother and broke some royal ice in one of Princess Charlotte's middle names. 

However, Harry could use his freedom to pay full tribute to his progenitor, opting for Diana as the first name of a girl. The newlyweds proved in their wedding that they do care about keeping the Queen of Hearts' legacy alive when they used her favorite flowers, white garden roses.

Moreover, the newlyweds crafted Meghan's engagement ring with some gems from Diana's personal collection as well. Choosing the Princess of Wales' name would be the jewel of the crown. On the other hand, other more daring people say that it is possible the baby girl can be called Dorothea.

Nameberry's co-creator predicted that a good bet is an extended form for the moniker of Meghan's mother, Doria. Additionally, Sophia-Dorothea was King George I's daughter; therefore, it has enough noble credibility. It also means "gift of God" in Greek, and an American feminist icon has it, Dorothea Dix. 

So now the remaining question is: Will the parents-to-be keep up with the tradition or will they ruffle some royal feathers when naming their baby? We won't be getting an answer soon; sadly, we will have to wait until we welcome the new member of the royal family.

But we would love to hear what is your best shot in this matter, so please leave us a message down below in the comment section, and don't forget to share this information with other royal followers to know their opinions as well. Keep up-to-date with more of our articles, and see you next time! 

Sources used: Insider, Expedia, Nameberry, Betfair, Ladbrokes

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