John Cena Jokingly Asks Marvel To Include Him In MCU As Next Captain America

For those who love wrestling and are avid fans of WWE, the name John Cena is one that is well-known. This multi-time WWE world champion turned blockbuster actor, jokingly says that he is available and very eager to take over the role of Captain America in the MCU.

Could you imagine John as a Marvel superhero? We certainly can! So, without further ado, let us have a more in-depth look into this possible outcome for our heroes and if they can look forward to including a new champion into their team.

This is indeed one of those circumstances that many wrestlers find amusing, as they naturally imitate superhero-like qualities in their wrestling shows. It was less than a decade ago when Cena's WWE character relentlessly slammed his opponent, The Rock, for abandoning the company and making a name for himself in the Hollywood movie industry.

We can certainly understand that many of these professional performers feel the need to further their careers or branch out into a new venture and explore. At this point, however, it seems that John himself is interested in acting in films than getting on stage and competing inside the WWE ring.  

While Cena has recently gotten the "acting bug", he has yet to hit it big and reach the heights enjoyed by Dwayne Johnson and is actually not doing too poorly at the ongoing acting career. Initially, Cena appeared in a few movies which were produced by WWE Films, which was a bonus. 

But he first caught the attention of Hollywood at large via a small, yet hilarious role in 2015 when he played a role in an Amy Schumer comedy, Trainwreck. He then went on to appear in the successful Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg comedy, Daddy's Home, and it's the sequel, which was actually a great movie with plenty good laughs.

Especially as the men in the film were competing when it came to size and strength, or at least, testosterone levels. He also voiced the titular bull in the animated movie Ferdinand. So after dipping his toes into the waters of Hollywood, he's definitely splashing his feet around and going deeper. 

More recently, Cena starred in the 2018 sex comedy Blockers, and it is said that he will soon play the lead human villain in Transformers spinoff movie, Bumblebee. We certainly love Bumblebee, so that should make an exciting addition to the franchise. Recently, Cena posted an image on social media of Captain America's shield, sans caption or explanation.

This, of course, is what fans are frantically talking about and very keen on finding out what the outcome is or if their theories have been confirmed. Is Chris Evans seemingly attending to depart the MCU following the release of Avengers 4? Some fans naturally wondered if Cena was dropping a significant hint that he would like to take over the role of Steve Rogers.

While it seems highly unlikely that Marvel Studios would recast Steve, Cena was asked during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show what he thought of the rumors. Funny enough, Cena seemed genuinely surprised that they even existed, but said that he would definitely be up for the challenge, albeit in a decidedly cheeky manner. 

We are sure John is teasing his fans because there is no way we would not put those media posts together with the possible assumption that he is aiming at being the next Captain America. While his answer to Ellen suggests that he does not see a high probability that Marvel Studios would actually offer him the role, it would be rather fitting.

He does look like a superhero, don't you agree? And he'd certainly be a great image to represent America in the heroic team for sure! Prior to Evans being cast as Captain America, some fans had suggested that due to Cena's physical resemblance to traditional portrayals of the character, would be perfect. He certainly wouldn't need much training to look like the super soldier.

Still, Cena's acting and screen presence back in those days were a lot rougher than it is now, so Evans getting the part was the best. You clearly need to look the part and act the part. Whether or not it will ever be in the cards for Cena to play the heroic Captain America in some form or fashion, it is not hard to imagine him eventually joining either Marvel or DC's movie franchises.

We would actually love to see him in a superhero outfit and fight those bad guys! He has the package when it comes to appearance, and he is indeed very charismatic, so we can see him as a superhero while his onscreen nemesis turned offscreen pal, The Rock, is set to play Black Adam for DC.

Perhaps the time will arrive when we need a supervillain to get an attitude adjustment, and Cena will be there, ready and waiting. We know how tough these WWE guys are, and could you even imagine seeing Cena and The Rock in one scene, battling it out against each other, or fighting side-by-side on the big screen?

What a double treat that would be for the fans! There are however some things that we can only dream of, and at this point, we have no idea if our dreams will become a reality, but it does make for some action-packed scenes with explosive visuals in mind and an outstanding amount of stunts!

There are so many amazing fight-scenes to be made with these two battling it out, or just Cena coming to the rescue. You won't be hearing the lines "You can't see me" once he's coming for you! What do you think is going to happen after Avengers 4 when it comes to characters or sequels? Do you think Cena would be a great hero or villain?

We certainly hope he'd be part of the DC or Marvel world someday, but let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.  Share this with your WWE and superhero friends and family, and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more groundbreaking news on what's happening in the world of Marvel! 

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