19 People Who Hit The Jackpot In Wheel Of Fortune

If you've ever won a food lottery or had a helmet save your life or even found a lost ring after many years, you're considered very lucky. We find that sometimes, life gives us second chances, and that's what we call lucky stars. We decided to put a few images together for you to demonstrate the supernatural powers that manage to save us from time to time. So have a look, and we hope you enjoy!

1. This guy just missed his departure by a fraction! These are the moments careful driving comes into play.

2. That moment when you finally find your lost ring! Why on earth is the carrot wearing it though?

3. Wow! This is indeed a scary moment, and the people in this car should be thankful that they were not harmed. 

4. When life gives you blueberries, there just may be a lucky coin in between. 

5. This is definitely a close call. We certainly hope those two don't attempt this daring act again any time soon. 

6. This is what you'd call "winning the food lottery" because there is more avo than pip!

7. There is a rule about "safety first" which we should all incorporate when working on building sites.

8. This was one silly person, but someone was watching out for them and thankfully, their lucky star kicked in.

9. If you were ever in a vegetable contest, this would be the ultimate winner! What an amazing eggplant! 

10. This t-shirt should be kept as a reminder of how close those tragic moments are. He certainly scraped by this time!

11. Here's a lucky boy with two gorgeous ladies. This is going to be an unforgettable moment for him. 

12. Now, this is two lucky lives that are saved. What are the odds of this happening... ever? 

13. Riding a bike is extremely dangerous, and there is always a chance of falling off. This helmet saved a person's life! 

14. This guy ducked just in time to avoid an icy shower! Now if that is not luck, we don't know what it. 

15. Although this may seem a bit unlucky, the owner must be relieved to have not been severely injured. 

16. This does not happen often, but when it does, you can undoubtedly count your lucky stars! 

17. This is one lucky little fish, and the owner will certainly be pleased when they get home to find their fish is still safe and sound. 

18. This is indeed something that would make us dance for joy. Just imagine what would have happened if it had fallen in! 

19. These two drivers were certainly lucky, and not even a scratch on their cars! Well done tree! 

Wow, these were undoubtedly some lucky moments! Have you had any of these experiences or know of anyone who has? Tell us all about it in the comments below. Remember to share this with your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more of life's little miracles that make us wonder if we were born under a lucky star. 

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