People's 15 Most Loved Royals - From Least To Most

Lately, the royal family seems to be more popular than ever! With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding event in May, and Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's, which followed in October. This year also brought the birth of Kate Middleton and Prince William's third child, Prince Louis in April. So, they have been swamped! 

Of course, while the Royals are beloved by their fans, some members of the family are more popular than others. The polling site YouGov conveyed a survey to determine the rank of the most popular royals, basing its analysis on responses from the British public and utilizing the feedback to devise a positive opinion rating. So, let us start with the countdown! 

15. Prince Andrew

Surprisingly, he has won some fans as he was one of the lowest ranking and the least popular, landing him in the last place. The Duke of York had a broadly publicized royal wedding to his now ex-wife Sarah Ferguson in 1986. 

But his notoriety seems to have declined in recent years. He earned a 22% favorable rating and is described to be both loyal and a good speaker.

14. Princess Eugenie

This princess came second to last. While Princess Eugenie may have had one of the grandest weddings of the year in October, she doesn't seem to have won the hearts of the people. 

The princess came in second-to-last place with a 24% favorable opinion from the public. She is described as a modern and credible lady. We wish her better luck next time. 

13. Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice served as Eugenie's maid of honor back in October. Eugenie's sister seems to have snuck in at one spot higher on the list.

Princess Beatrice acquired a 25% positive score and is described as intelligent and a well-spoken royal. She certainly does look like a well-postured young lady.

12. Prince Edward

The public feels that Prince Edward is a genuine character. The Earl of Wessex received a 27% favorable opinion rating, and people consider him to be admirable.

11. Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Poll's participants declared Sophie as a loyal person. She earned a 28% favorable opinion rating, and people consider her to be a good role model. 

10. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla seems to be starting off at the top ten. This Duchess received a 29% favorable opinion rating. People describe Camilla as a genuine and down to earth person.

9. Zara Phillips

Zara is considered to be a likable lady. She received a 43% positive opinion rating, and the people say that she is rather talented. It's nice to see some royals have a bit of creativity in their genes. 

8. Princess Anne

This fashion icon is described as a strong personality. The queen's daughter received a 47% positive opinion rating. Anne is not only strong but is seen as a committed person.

7. Prince Charles

Charles is the seventh most popular royal who recently celebrated his 70th birthday. Prince Charles received a 48% positive opinion rating and is described as a genuine and intelligent person.

While the majority on the list were more popular with the ladies, the results show that Charles is equally as popular with men and women. Well done Charles! 

6. Meghan Markle 

Being the newest addition to the family, and list, Meghan comes in at number six. The Duchess of Sussex had the most anticipated royal wedding of the year.

Of course, this ultimately landed her a 55% positive opinion rating. She is described as being both confident and charming. We can see why she is so popular. 

5. Prince Philip

Coming in at the top five is none other than Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh received a 56% positive opinion rating and is described as admirable and hard working. 

Like Charles, Prince Philip is also liked equally by men and women. He is certainly doing something right to win the favor of both ladies and gents. 

4. Kate Middleton

Kate is considered to be a good role model. The Duchess of Cambridge received a 64% positive opinion rating and she is not only a good role model, but she is also considered to be friendly.

3. Prince William

The people consider Prince William to be a genuine character. The Duke of Cambridge acquired a 73% positive opinion rating. He is described as responsible, and we can plainly see he takes pride in his duties.

2. Queen Elizabeth II

In second place is the beloved Queen. She may be the queen of England, but she's second in line when it comes to being the most popular member of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II is described as both respected and dignified, which earns her a 74% favorable opinion rating overall. She certainly has won the hearts of the people.

1. Prince Harry

Coming in at first place and winning the popularity contest on this list is the Duke of Sussex. Harry earned a 77% positive opinion rating which lands him in a higher spot than his brother. 

He is described as both admirable and fun loving by the people. We can certainly see that he is the most popular without a doubt. Well done to you Harry! 

Which royal member do you like the most on this list? Do you think the polls are correct with their ratings? Let us know in the comments section below. Remember to share this with all your royal-loving friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more exciting news!

Source: INSIDERYouGov

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