Celebrities Who Won't Share The Same Stage Anymore

No matter how talented these actors and actresses may be, these performers are still ordinary people just like us, who need their own space at times. For the most part, this means not getting along with their co-worker from time to time. 

You may be surprised by some of the famous stars who refuse to play nice with others on their team, and we really cannot wait to dig into this article. Some celebs even refuse to work if their co-star is not to their liking, and even disrupt the movie production when throwing a spat. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the list of stubborn actors. 

1. Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson

On the surface, it certainly seems that these two hit it off like a house on fire, and we'd even mistaken them for best buds. These two are both talented actors with very enviable bodies and probably have a lot in common. Sadly, they don't get along at all.

We've seen them in many movies together, but that does not mean that they are as friendly behind the scenes. In fact, these two refuse to work on set together, so all their scenes have to be shot separately.

When you see these two characters in The Fast and the Furious, you don't see them as good buds. Their feud started back in 2016 where Dwayne apparently had some grievances while filming the Furious movie, and decided to share his personal opinions on social media with his fans. 

He claimed to enjoy working with all his co-stars apart from one. Of course, Vin had a different side of the story and no matter their disputes; they were meant to conduct themselves professionally.

2. Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn

Everyone loves a good drama, and we love sitting around the big screen with our bag of popcorn and treats. In Game of Thrones, there were so many different characters that we sometimes got lost. Many were involved on an intimate level, and that was indeed hard to keep track of.

Due to the vastness of Westeros and the extensive cast of characters, that most of us didn't even notice that Cersei and Bronn were never really in the same room at the same time. 

Of course, this is more than a mere coincidence, and there is a lot of negative things happening behind the scenes. Lena Headley is the actress who plays the role of Cersei Lannister, and Jerome Flynn plays the role of Bronn.

These two were once in a romantic relationship with one another in real life. Yes, that's right. They tried keeping it under wraps, so there is no information about when they started dating. The only thing we know for sure is that it ended badly. 

Things apparently got intense with these two actors on set, so the producer decided to keep them separated for those moments where things could become explosive, and not in a good way. 

During the finale of season 7, there was a considerable gathering of diverse characters at the dragon pit summit, yet Bronn decided to have a drink instead and avoid attending. 

Even though it was in his character, the real reason for this was because they needed to avoid placing these two in the same room. The production must have been incredibly awkward! 

3. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte

Julia is actually a charming person both on and off the camera and has an excellent reputation for it. Sadly, when it comes to Nick, she is opposite when working with him on set.

When she agreed to interview for the New York Times, she described him as being "completely disgusting" In 1994, the pair worked together in the movie I Love Trouble, and this is where things went from bad to worse.  

According to Julia, Nick was frequently loud and abrasive on set, and he was very prone to throwing tantrums. What made things even more unpleasant was that the movie was meant to be a romance, which required a lot of up-close and personal scenes between the two actors. 

The two tried to stay clear of each other, but as we can certainly imagine, when working on set, this is highly impossible. Finally, Julia had had enough and demanded that the majority of the scenes were shot separately.

Surprisingly, the movie ended up to be quite remarkable. When Nick was asked about Julia, he stated that she is not a nice person and everyone knows that.  

4. Wesley Snipes and Patton Oswalt

Patton was actually excited when he found out that he had a role in Blade: Trinity, and was looking forward to meeting the fellow actor, Wesley Snipes. 

When the two spoke for the first time, Patton greeted Wesley who then proceeded to introduce himself as "Blade". So, egos were already flying high in the air before they even began working together.

This was the first sign that something was definitely wrong and things could only get stranger from then on. Patton was not the only one who got the brunt of Wesley's attitude. Perhaps he thinks of himself as the ultimate vampire. 

Apparently, Wesley refused to be in any scenes with his co-stars for the majority of the movie. He would arrive on set to film all his close-ups, but producers had to use stand-ins for the majority of his scenes.

That actually spoils the movie a bit, don't you agree? Needless to say, this made things exceptionally difficult for everyone involved in the cast and crew, and tension was high on set. David Goyer, the director, finally had enough.

He asked Wesley to quit the project if he couldn't fix his unprofessional attitude but that conversation didn't go too well. Of course, Wesley refused to leave and ended up spending more time secluded in his trailer.

When communication was necessary, he did the most ridiculous thing and used notes to send to the cast and crew. Yes, he used post-it notes! To top that off, he signed all of his notes with "Blade". That sounds like madness to us. 

5. Bill Murray and Lucy Liu

This may seem somewhat random and confusing when we think about these two having some sort of rivalry, but, you'll soon understand why. Bill is a beloved actor, but he didn't seem to get along with his co-star on the set of Charlie's Angels. 

Bill played the role of Bosley, but soon things turned rather ugly between him and Lucy. Although there are a few different versions of what transpired between the two of them, we'll share the most dramatic one with you, because we love drama! 

Sources claim that Bill told Lucy that she could not act and this statement, in turn, got a violent reaction from Lucy, who was not happy with the criticism at all. Allegedly, the two actors had to be pulled apart and once again, the tensions were building during their filming of the movie.

As usual, these two actors have their own versions of the story, where Bill claims that he actually said "How can you want to say these lines? These are so crazy." Lucy took this personally and became enraged, where they ultimately had to be separated and cool off before attempting to finish up the shoot. 

When asked about the incident, Lucy declined to make any commentary, saying that she and Bill share different opinions and there is nothing further to discuss.  

6. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall

Samantha Jones and Carrie Bradshaw may be the best of friends when it comes to the unforgettable show, Sex & The City, but in reality, these two cannot stand each other. For as long as the show was on the air, rumors spread round that these two ladies fought like cats and dogs. 

For a while, however, both actresses denied any such talk and claimed that neither of them had any problem with each other. Finally, when the cameras stopped rolling, those stories turned full circle.

According to Kim, Jessica never liked her, and she had absolutely no clue as to why. She added that she found her behavior to be "toxic" and resents the allegations that she held up production with her "diva" behavior.  

There was a talk of the two refusing to work together again which held up production. Even when Jessica offered her condolences for the loss of Kim's brother, Kim reacted rather angrily.

She even posted an offensive tweet on social media stating, "I don't need your love or support at this tragic time @sarahjessicaparker". Wow, that was bad!

They were apparently not friends and never intended on building any form of civil relationship. Things are certainly looking catty between these two. Some people are not meant to get along by the looks of it.

7. Emma Watson and Channing Tatum

Based on Emma's experience with working on the comedy, This Is The End; we took a wild guess that she was not a fan of the Magic Mike movie.  

Even though she had a minor part in the movie, she found Channing's behavior horrific and she couldn't finish her acting role. There was one specific scene which involved a scantily clad Channing dancing around the set.

While he and the rest of his co-stars were having a blast, Emma walked in and totally freaked out about. She apparently stormed off the set and had to have a good heart-to-heart with her publicist.

She declared that things had gotten "too raunchy", and it made her uncomfortable. In addition, Channing had been drinking before filming this scene, and we can understand why Emma found this to be unprofessional and highly offensive. 

Nevertheless, Channing continued to joke around and practice his breakdancing, totally disregarding Emma's opinions. When the ground got wet from the rain and one point, he joked about them walking through Emma's tears.

Perhaps she should have thought her role more carefully when being offered a job in a movie involving the two hilarious pranksters, James Franco, and Seth Rogen. Clearly, this was the limit for Emma.  

8. Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones

Although there are a few who would say that the best part of Batman franchise was the movie Batman Forever, this was probably the one with the most production problems when it came to the cast. 

Jim played the ridiculously dramatic Riddler, alongside the two-faced Tommy. According to Jim, he found Jones to be somewhat professional, and it seemed that their working relationship was going swimmingly on set, but this was not the case. 

During the filming, the two actors ended up going out to dinner at the same restaurant, and Jim being Jim, innocently decided to go and say 'hi' because they were working together. Sadly, Tommy couldn't stand Jim, and he was apparently not aware of that.

The only time Tommy wanted to spend time chatting to his co-star was when he was being paid for it. So, when Jim greeted him, Tommy's expression turned to that of a frown and then leaned in closer to Jim, whispering that he loathed him.

While this may seem pretty harsh, and a total shocker to Jim, Tommy stated: "I cannot sanction your buffoonery". Well, we cannot argue with that and can understand why these two won't be working together any time soon.  

9. James Franco and Tyrese Gibson

This actor certainly has a reputation for being raunchy at times, but James takes his acting career very seriously. When it was time for him to play the role of an addict in the movie City By The Sea, James went into method mode.

He spent time sleeping on the streets in order to get into the correct mindset, so when he got the role of a Naval recruit in Annapolis, he decided he needed to toughen up a bit more. 

His character in this movie enters a boxing tournament where he faces off his commanding officer, played by Tyrese. Although both actors underwent training for this specific role, Franco seemed to be a tad bit exuberant. 

When the time came to film the boxing match, he had difficulty pulling his punches, and being pummeled full force by someone certainly didn't make Tyrese warm up to Franco. He repeatedly asked Franco to stop striking him and reminded him that they were only practicing.

Of course, acting alongside a method actor, that request is sure to go through the one ear and out the other. James admitted that he took his part too seriously and may have been too intense, which was slightly off-putting to his co-star.

He added that he thinks that Gibson is a nice guy and regrets not being friendly on set. During an interview, Tyrese claimed that he would never again work with Franco and he assumes the feeling is mutual.  

10. Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis

Finally, we get to the final pair of actors who refuse to work with each other, and when we see Bruce Willis's face, we get an idea of what is to come. The relationship between Kevin and Bruce started off great but sadly, turned sour really fast. 

They both met as actors in the movie Live Free or Die Hard, and Kevin was elated to finally meet this Die Hard hero and work side-by-side with him. Kevin, being the creative enthusiast he is, finally got a chance to meet Bruce.

But didn't waste any time in talking about a collaboration on a project he wanted to make in the near future. When the day came for Willis to appear in Smith's movie, Cop Out, their friendship had not survived. 

According to Smith, working with Willis was an absolute nightmare. He found Bruce to be the most unhappy and bitter person he had ever had the displeasure of encountering in his life.

Some sources claim that Smith had trouble being firm enough with the actor and the rest of the crew, which ultimately led to some difficulties on set. But Smith claims Willis would intentionally not take any of his direction and was just awful to work with.

To put the cherry on the top, Bruce was so tired of dealing with Kevin, that he refused to take part in any promoting of the movie. Although Kevin had nothing bad to say about Bruce, things were slightly different on that side of the ball-court.

Willis stated that Kevin was a "whiner" and added that while the two of them had some personal issues, as all cast and crew have, he had no interest in discussing them publicly. 

What did you think about these various disputes between the famous actors and actresses? Do you agree with their reason for no longer wanting to act with their co-stars? Let us know in the comments below. Share this with your friends and family and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more Hollywood news! 

Source: Youtube/TheTalko

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