Royal Travel Guide: A lot less lenient than you might have imagined

The British monarchy is representatives of England, and it is, therefore, essential for them to follow specific rules in order to portray a positive impression. When it comes to appearance, they must look their best. Their etiquette must be in top shape, and their behavior must be exceptional. So let us have a look at this exciting list that requires the Royals to include on their travels.

15. When abroad, they must know how to greet people in multiple languages

This is a sign of respect, and being part of the royal family requires you to learn many languages. So, when they travel to other countries, they have to know what language is native to that land and greet the residents in that native language. 

14. They always have a supply of blood 

No, they are not vampires! In case of emergencies, blood supplies are not guaranteed, so a personal blood bag is always included on a trip to avoid any unexpected moments if a transfusion is necessary. This is why they have a Royal Navy doctor accompany them as well.

13. Their journeys are never long 

The majority of their trips are business orientated, so they never stay away for long. It may look wonderful from our point of view, but traveling across the globe can get rather tiring and is anything but glamorous. They sadly don't even get to do any sightseeing. 

12. They always provide their own alcohol 

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles frequently bring their own alcohol on trips. When traveling, there are many dangers of being spiked in public, so this is one way to keep your drink safe without risking your health. This applies to the Queen as well, as she loves her gin and tonic.

11. They always include a black outfit in their luggage

This rule was implemented after the Queen was caught off-guard when her father died in 1952. So, as a precautionary measure, the Royals always make sure to include one set of black clothing in the event of something tragic happening. This is their mourning attire. 

10. The Queen always takes her jet lag remedy with her 

No one likes those horrid long trips, and the worst thing is jet lag. So, in order to avoid this and stay on top of her peek, the Queen stocks up on barley sugar. This certainly sounds like a great remedy! We certainly wouldn't want to see the Queen in a daze after a long trip, and she needs a boost of vitality at her age. 

9. You will never see two royal heirs traveling together 

This is not official protocol, but its more of a technical standard in case of fatal accidents. This rule ensures that the royal lineage is preserved. Although Prince William often flies with both of his children, it seems that he and Kate have broken that rule from time to time. No one wants to travel alone. 

8. The Royals also need to go through immigration

The only exception to this rule is the Queen. Everyone else in the family has to go through immigration just like the rest of us. All members are required to have a passport, but as for the Queen, seen as the passports are in Her name, she does not need to have one. She certainly is one lucky lady!

7. All their luggage is color-coded

Like the Queen, Kate Middleton often gets a yellow luggage tag. There is nothing worse than waiting in line sifting for those bags. So, this system seems to work for them, and they each have their own colors. Prince William and Prince Charles often use the color red, while Prince George gets a blue tag. 

6. Their travel budget is rather huge 

Back in 2016, Prince Charles took the most expensive trip. The royal family spent $5.8 million in travel fees alone in 2017. Could you imagine spending that much? There are so many things we could do with that amount of money, like buy a home that looks like an English Manor for example! Their travel fees are probably costly because they use helicopters and private aircraft. 

5. You'll always see them with an entourage

If you've taken note of Kate Middleton and Prince William, you'll usually see them with a dozen royal staff members. While most people fly solo or with family and friends, the British Royals bring their staff everywhere. This ranges from press officers, secretaries, hairdressers, bodyguards, valets, professional stylists, and royal nannies. 

4. All their outfits must have duplicates

You never know when you're going to have a fashion emergency, so, the Queen is always prepared. Angela Kelly is the curator of the Royal wardrobe and always ensures that duplicate outfits are packed on the Queen's trips. No one wants to wear clothing with unsightly food stains or other marks on their blazer. 

3. Their flights are commercial

Most of us fly economy class, but Prince Philip described it as being utterly "ghastly". Well, beggars can't be choosers, so they say. The royal family does, however, fly commercial just like the rest of us, so you never know when you may bump into one of them. It is highly unlikely though.

Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton have been known to travel on commercial flights like British Airways, which is their most preferred airline, Ryanair, and American Airlines. This certainly makes us feel better about those trusted airlines, and knowing that they are also using "normal" methods of travel make them seem down-to-earth.

2. They always carry tea tree oil on trips

Meghan Markle is new to the family, but she is on this list with one of her "must have" items. She never travels without this product as it is super handy for those unsightly mosquito bits in hotter countries, or little cuts and abrasions. You will never see her in a breakout or any blemishes. Meghan believes this is not only glamorous but necessary.

1. They all abide by a meticulous schedule

Everything has to be done precisely as planned, and there is no room for spontaneity when it comes to the Royals. Their aides carry spiral-bound notebooks filled with detailed itineraries so that they can stay informed of the day's events. So that means no wondering off or sightseeing. All activities are strictly according to schedule and on time. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this exciting list of protocols the Royals follow. Did you find any of them ridiculous or humorous? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Remember to show your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more news on the British monarchs. 

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