Queen's Residence Turns Out To Be Not The 'Royalest' One

When it comes to palaces, we immediately think about Buckingham estate, which is one of the most visited places in London. However, you might be surprised to know that the British monarchs have many other properties that are even more gorgeous, and they are available for the nobles to enjoy on different occasions. Here we have some of these amazing residences.

1. Buckingham Palace

We cannot list the most opulent homes of the royals without adding this palace because it would be an oversight. Anyone who has ever traveled to London has a picture in front of this majestic estate and has tried making the guards laugh.

During the summer, some tourists are allowed to see some of the State Rooms, but there are many things no one can witness, like 756 other rooms, which consist of 240 bedrooms for royals, staff, and guests. 78 of those rooms are bathrooms and it has 92 offices.

2. Windsor Castle

This is another place that can be visited by tourists, though there are several times that it will close its doors. Like when the royal family is using it. It was built in the gothic style, but also as a fortress. It is used for weekend visits and for hosting official people like presidents.

Furthermore, the estate has St. George’s Chapel which can be visited by anyone, including normal people, for praying. However, this place is not to worship God, but rather the Queen, and it is also where Prince Harry and Meghan got married.

3. Sandringham House

As if a palace and a castle were not enough, the British royals also own a property called Sandringham House in the county of Norfolk. It’s a 20,000-acre estate with beautiful gardens, and it was the favorite of King George V.

In the 1900s, he wrote, “Dear old Sandringham, the place I love better than anywhere else in the world." His son, King George VI was also a fan of the place and that is why Queen Elizabeth II loves it so much. The family celebrates Christmas in that property.

4. Balmoral Castle

This estate is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and it’s definitely one of those fairytale places. It’s open to tourists four months out of the year, and Queen Elizabeth II uses it during the summer with other family members.

People found some fascinating details about the property after a picture of the Queen and Julie Payette, Governor-General designate of Canada, was shared on Twitter. There were bookshelves, reading chairs and a television.

5. The Palace of Holyroodhouse

This estate is located in Edinburgh and is her official Scottish residence which is used for many events, especially “Holyrood Week”, and this features lots of official functions and a garden party. Those garden gatherings were initiated by King George V and Queen Mary.

The family still maintains this tradition after all those years, with a guest list of around 8,000 over the course of a week. It is very different from Windsor Castle but has its own chapel too called Holyrood Abbey.

6. Nott Cott

Even before they officially walked down the aisle, Prince Harry and Meghan started living at Nottingham Cottage, which a small house located on Kensington Palace. Before them, Prince William and Kate habituated the home.

It’s known as “Nott Cott” and has only two bedrooms, two reception rooms, a bathroom, and a tiny garden, which seems perfectly romantic for a newlywed couple. It was reported that Meghan loved exercising around the property.

7. Anmer Hall

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge left the newlywed house of “Nott Cott”, they moved to another place in Kensington Palace called Apartment 1A, but for a while, they decided to head to Norfolk, to a ten-bedroom house that was given to them by Queen Elizabeth II.

It was designed in a Georgian style with large windows, and located in a beautiful town. Kate even visited some of the vendors, and one, Rob Kerr, talked to People about it. "She didn't come across as the type of person who would expect people to say anything like [Your Highness] to her … She was very down to earth.”

8. William and Kate’s apartment 1A

After a while, the couple moved back to 1A which is very close to “Nott Cott”, but do not get confused by the name because the home is just as majestic as everything regarding these royals. It was renovated for millions after they first moved in because it had not been redone since the 1940s.

9. Clarence House

We know where Princes William and Harry live, but what about their father? He has several properties, but his official home Is Clarence House, located in London, where he lives with Camilla Parker Bowles. The estate has been remodeled over the years, but most of it remains the same.

The new things include some retouching of paint and textiles plus Prince Charles’ artwork, but several pieces of furniture date back hundreds of years. The Monet of Queen Elizabeth I is still hanging there, according to a writer from The Crown Chronicles.

10. Prince Charles’ other home

The Prince of Wales also owns a home called Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, England, which is referred to as his “family home” and features an amazing garden with a treehouse that most kids would die for, which was built for William in the 80s.

11. St. James Palace

This estate is the home of several members of the family, and it is also used as their offices in-house. Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice live there, but they do not stay for free like most of their other relatives.

In 2012, they were not given official royal duties after they completed their studies, so an annual salary of $28,000 handed over by Prince Andrew pays for their apartment. They redecorated to their delight, and the price was not that high, all things considered.

12. Hillsborough Castle

This estate is located in Northern Ireland, and although the Queen does not get to visit it every month, it hosts at least one royal family member per month. According to curator Dr. Christopher Warleigh-Lack, “Prince Charles was there in May with the Duchess of Cornwall.”

“Prince Edward was there two weeks ago with the Countess of Wessex,” he continued. The curator also stated that he has helped restore the estate and hopes to open it to the public soon, so they can enjoy the 90 acres of gorgeous greenery.

What did you think of the lavish homes of these royals? Would you enjoy living in any of them? We would like to know your opinion, so leave a comment down below and share this article with all your friends who dream about being a princess.

Source: Youtube/TheList

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