10 Rare Marvel Characters Who Can Handle Thor's Hammer

If you're a fan of Thor, you'll know that the rule of his mystical hammer is simple, yet pretty straightforward. Whoever holds this hammer, if worthy, shall possess the power of Thor. Sounds easy enough, but there are only a few superheroes who can perform this task. This is the message that has been emblazed on the hammer, but it gets a little less clear in practice. This magical object can shift either way, and this inanimate weapon decides the determination of worthiness. 

Image credits: Marvel/Thor (Youtube/CBR)

Image credits: Marvel/Thor (Youtube/CBR)

Despite the world being populated by these powerful superheroes, not everyone has the purity of intent to wield the Norse God's trademark weapon. In the recent Avengers: Age of Ultron, there is a fun party scene that addresses the question of worthiness head-on. Each Avenger gives their best shot at picking up the hammer, to no avail, and even Thor himself had to prove his worthiness to his father, Odin, before receiving the hammer.

So, let's take a look at these powerful superheroes who managed to lift this hammer of Thor. 

10. Deadpool

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/CBR)

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/CBR)

It would be surprising to hear that this humorous, carefree mercenary might raise an eyebrow to hear that he once got a hold of Thor's hammer. Yes, that's right, the entire ordeal was arranged by Loki, Thor's adopted brother, and an enduring thorn in his side.

Loki manipulated Deadpool into stealing the hammer and takes advantage as Thor drops the hammer. It was relatively chaos to locate at first, but the deprived object allowed him to transform into his godlike form. Thor took on the appearance of his human alter ego, and Deadpool suddenly sprouted a cape.

He then goes on to take the hammer along on the usual sacrilegious Deadpool misadventures, where he ordered fast food, played festival games, and battled around some baseballs mid-games. However, was a catch... Deadpool wasn't actually in possession of the real Mjolnir.

The real one was still lying where Thor had dropped it, made invisible by Loki, who also created the false one that would give Deadpool the illusion of Thor's powers, and in the process cause a lot of trouble for everyone. Of course, Deadpool had loads of fun while it lasted. 

9. Conan the Barbarian

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/Screen Rants)

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/Screen Rants)

Here is another issue of "what ifs" which brought Thor into contact with Conan the Barbarian. This sword-wielding character who existed in time between cave dwellers and ancient societies. Both characters lived in similarly exotic settings and were considered great warriors.

This makes them both believable where they make a run in between the two. Thanks again to Loki's manipulative nature, Thor ended up in Conan's land, Hyboria, with a bad case of amnesia. Once Thor met Conan, they became friends thanks to shared interests.

Mjolnir was lost during their adventures, and once Thor regained his memories, he went on a quest to find it. The villain Toth-Amon finds the hammer, and in the fight to get it back, Thor caused them both to be struck by lightning.

The villain died, but despite being the God of Thunder, so did Thor. He left Mjolnir to his new best friend, Conan, who was able to use it to become a god. Whether this meant Conan was worthy or not is up to debate, as usual, but perhaps having Thor's stamp of approval was enough. 

8. Superman 

Image credits: Marvel Comics - DC Comics (Youtube/CBR)

Image credits: Marvel Comics - DC Comics (Youtube/CBR)

We know that both DC Comics and Marvel had been planning a big crossover for a long time before they finally succeeded. The deal to produce a few crossover titles started discussions in 1979, but after a lot of negotiating, the project ended up being suspended for years. 

JLA/Avengers wasn't released until 2003. Luckily, it had a lot of vision and action scenes to make up for the long wait. During the comic's run, Superman not only got his hands on Thor's hammer but also Captain America's shield, which made a pretty iconic cover on the fourth issue.

Superman was able to use Mjolnir once to deliver significant blows to his enemies, but later in the issue when he tried to pick up the hammer to return it to Thor, he could no longer lift it. The series' writer, Kurt Busiek, defined worthiness as not just being an essential quality, but something that can change moment to moment.

Sounds like it has a mind of its own, right? Sometimes it was tied to a specific action, such as overcoming a villain, which was a worthy goal. So, Superman was worthy at that time but just ended up handing the hammer back to its rightful owner. 

7. Captain America

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/CBR)

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/CBR)

This was no surprise to fans who know the strength and mindset of Captain America. He is, of course, worthy, considering he has a good heart and steadfast morals. This superhero is all about honesty and doing what's right, but he's also not afraid to lead the assault into battle.

This made him fit the bill pretty perfectly when it comes to lifting Mjolnir, which he has done twice so far. Both times that involved him lifting the hammer of Thor was when the Avengers were in some danger and faced huge threats that had their lives at stake. 

These situations caused Thor to be knocked out and out of commission, leaving it all up to Captain Ameria to pick up the slack. The first time, he merely returned the hammer to Thor, even though this didn't work for Superman.

On the second occasion, this involved Captain America grabbing the hammer after his trademark shield had been shattered in a huge fight. He used it to gather the other Avengers to fight their enemy, the Serpent. Unfortunately for Captain America, he didn't get an awesome new cape out of the deal.

6. Loki

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/CBR)

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/CBR)

If you remember, Loki made multiple entries where he royally messed things up for his brother just out of a self-serving thirst for power. It may come as a surprise to learn that he had once accomplished his ultimate goal to possess the ability of Thor.

Sibling rivalry is eminent in this case, as Loki was always jealous of Thor since childhood. After giving gone through just about every scheme and trick he could to get Mjolnir, or at least get it away from Thor, he finally had his chance. This sure was a turnaround when he accomplished this colossal achievement. 

When an event called the Inversion caused Loki to become the God of Heroism and Truth instead of his usual mischief and evil self, he becomes a new Avenger. Yes, and the inverted Thor becomes a new villain. Loki also finally became worthy of Mjolnir, which he discovered when he reached for it during a battle with the newly belligerent Thor.

However, the Inversion spell was undone during the fight and caused Loki to lose Mjolnir to his brother once again. After so many attempts and coming so close, then failing, he must have been extremely bitter. 

5. The Hulk

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/CBR)

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/CBR)

This bashing and smashing, hard tempered giant sure looks like he has the strength to succeed in lifting the hammer of Thor. There are however two Hulk versions, and you'd think both of them can fulfill this task. As this list has proved, loopholes can be instrumental when it comes to lifting Thor's hammer.

Both Hulk and Red Hulk have become experts at utilizing Mjolnir without actually needing to be worthy of raising it. Now that makes for a considerable change in comparison to what the other superheroes have to go through to prove their worth. 

Red Hulk latched onto the moving hammer's momentum to launch both himself and Thor into space, where the combination of his strength and the lack of gravity allowed him to use the hammer against Thor. Hulk has pulled some similar maneuvers himself by grabbing onto the hammer while it is in motion and going along for the ride.

Once during a showdown with Thanos, he was able to handle the hammer while Thor was still holding onto it. That took care of the worthiness requirement, which is what freed Hulk up to use the hammer. Sounds like cheating, don't you think? 

4. Wonder Woman

Image credits: Marvel Comics - DC Comics (Youtube/CBR)

Image credits: Marvel Comics - DC Comics (Youtube/CBR)

Although JLA/Avengers was a big crossover and years in the making, there was a short series in the 90s that classic characters from Marvel and DC against each other to see who would come out on top. Wonder Woman's opponent was X-Men's Storm, though, before the rumble, she had a shot with Mjolnir.

As usual, Thor lost his hammer in his battle, which is when Wonder Woman stumbled upon it. Thor does seem somewhat irresponsible with his hammer, and this makes it easy for the other superheroes to take advantage of the situation. 

She picked it up quickly, remarking to herself that she is worthy of the hammer, and got a severe jolt of power that definitely would have given her an edge over her opponent. However, that same honor that made Wonder Woman so worthy, also made her too noble to fight with a distinct advantage.

So she gave up the hammer to have a fair fight with Storm. Honor doesn't necessarily win a battle, though, and Storm ultimately took home the victory. This goes to show that no matter how noble you are, you're still going to have to give up the Mjolnir. 

3. Storm 

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/CBR)

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/CBR)

Now we come to the mutants, and as a mutant with the powers of weather manipulation, X-Men member, Storm, has something in common with the God of Thunder. Even though they share similarities, her tangle with Mjolnir is once again thanks to the interference of Loki.

Yes, Loki sure knows how to get into everyone's issues, and he lives up to his title as the God of Mischief. The majority of these instances involves this intriguing character, and he is so eager to grab hold of the hammer, that he will go to any length to fulfill his self-serving destiny. 

Loki created a similar hammer called Stormcaster that he gave to Storm as part of his continued machinations for the Asgardian throne. It gave her powers similar to Thor's, but sadly for Loki, Storm wasn't interested in his games or power struggles. She rejected Stormcaster, though many years later she came to hold it again.

As a newly empowered Goddess of Thunder, she battled with Thor, but instead of harming him, she stole the Mjolnir so that she could destroy Stormcaster once and for all. So, not only did Storm prove herself worthy, but she also willingly gave up incredible power twice.

2. Vision 

Image credits: Marvel/Avengers:Age of Ultron (Youtube/CBR)

Image credits: Marvel/Avengers:Age of Ultron (Youtube/CBR)

The film Avengers: Age of Ultron delivered a mini twist in the form of a newly created humanoid robot, the Vision, who was able to casually pick up Thor's hammer and hand it to him. Though it functioned as a quick gag in the movie, it also served the purpose of proving that the Vision was trustworthy when none of the team members had any other evidence to go on.

This is considered unique to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as the Vision's comic book counterpart has not been shown to lift the hammer. So they've added a bit of spice to the character and made him a worthy member. 

Part of Vision's ability involves reasons similar to Awesome Andy, where, as a robot, he doesn't quite follow the same rules as his human colleagues. Even though can lift the hammer, neither android obtains any additional powers that radiate from Thor's full potential.

Even so, it is a shorthand way to show you a lot about a new character; loopholes aside, seeing anyone else besides Thor with Mjolnir makes an impact on the audience. We also wonder if this enables them to destroy one another in the future if they manage to get their hands on it long enough. 

1. Black Widow

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/Screen Rants)

Image credits: Marvel Comics (Youtube/Screen Rants)

Natasha Romanoff got her shot at Mjolnir in another "oh my goodness" moment in which Thor is, once again, dead thanks to the catastrophic events of Ragnarok, who is an apocalypse based force in Norse mythology that takes the lives of all the superpowered heroes.

This leaves all the heroes without special abilities, and when it comes time to battle the Frost Giants, that becomes a huge problem. This sets them all in a panic, and the team decides that Natasha should set out to look for the hammer so that they can regain their powers.  

For a change, there are no tricks or loopholes involved in her being able to lift it, aside from the general alternate universe theme of the story, where she is merely worthy of Mjolnir at that moment. There have been theories that having the heart of a warrior is of great importance when utilizing Thor's hammer, and it doesn't only require nobility and honor, but certain qualities that would be admirable to a society of Norse warrior gods.

Natasha may have a morally shaded background, but she is indeed a warrior. So that was enough proof to lift the hammer. What did you think about these awesome Mjolnir moments? We hope you enjoyed reading about these superheroes and their defining moments with the hammer as much as we loved sharing it with you. Remember to share this with your family and friends, and keep up-to-date with us for more Marvel and superhero characters in their shining moments. 

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