10 Kids Called The Most Beautiful In The World Are Adults Now And The Way They Look Is Stunning

If you are a parent or have friends who are, the chances are you all think you have the most beautiful children, right? However, the internet might have something to say about that. Surprisingly, the web has turned into a place not only to judge adults on their beauty, but children as well. These are the kids that have left the world mesmerized with their looks, and what they are doing now. Did young model, Kristina Pimenova's beauty stands the test of time? Stay tuned to find out! 

Today, we are showing you images of the ten most beautiful kids in the world, all grown up. So, let's get into the countdown. Here are ten of the most beautiful kids in the world, today. 

1. Laneya Grace

If you've never heard of Laneya Grace, you might want to write it down, because she has a big future ahead of her. The now-teenage was born in San Francisco, California, in 2004. When she was three-years-old, her father took some photos of her and submitted them to Ford Models. Soon after, the agency called her parents wanting to meet Laneya. It didn't take long for Laneya to book her first job with the department store, Macy's. Sadly, it was short-lived because a few years later, Ford got rid of their children's division, and Laneya had to take a break from modeling unwillingly.

During that time, the young model got braces on her teeth and prepared for her comeback. She signed a new agency called Je, and the braces came off. She has not looked back since. She works with Ralph Lauren, Old Navy, and was even featured in Avicii's "Wake Me Up" video. So, what has she been up to lately? Now she still pursues a modeling career. She has signed with Wilhelmina Models and also has quite an impressive following on social media. 

2. Sharbat Gula

Even though we may never have heard the name Sharbat Gula, there is a pretty good chance you have seen her face. In 1984, National Geographic photographer, Steve McCurry, snapped a photo of Sharbat when she was a school girl. She was outside a refugee camp in Pakistan when she gave the photographer permission to take her picture. This stunning portrait made the front cover of National Geographic, in June 1985, and for the next 17 years, she would be known as "Afghan Girl". The world was instantly drawn to the little girl's beautiful green eyes.

Everyone questioned if she made it, and wondered what the stunning child was up to now. In 2002, McCurry went on a mission to find Sharbat, and traveled back to the refugee camp where he captured the photo. Thankfully, someone recognized the picture and led her to the photographer and his team. She claimed that it upset her that a stranger took her photo, and it was the first and only picture of the woman until 2012. Sharbat comes from a very war-torn area, and has had a rough life. In 2016, she was arrested for illegally trying to obtain a Pakistani identification card. We hope things are a lot better for her now. 

3. Anastasia Bezrukova

 By the time she was 8-years-old, she was already a well-known model in Russia. Even though she was so young, she had a vast portfolio that showed off her incredible range. She could shoot glamor, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, sports; the list goes on. That is more versatility than some adult models we know! There is literally nothing Anastasia could not do as a child model. Because of this, she began booking with some pretty impressive fashion labels, like Armani and publications, like "Harper's Bazaar".

She has a stunning cover on "Baby Marlen" Magazine as well. It's hard to believe that the girl was only eight-years-old at the time, don't you think? She certainly seemed very mature already. So, what happens when you take over the fashion world at such a young age? You move on to bigger and better things, of course. Anastasia is now pursuing an acting career. In Russia, she is most notable for her role as "Chiara", in the Russian release of After You're Gone,  and considering that she is just getting her feet wet in her acting career, we can expect to see more from this gorgeous young lady. 

4. Ann Turner Cook

You've seen her face for decades, but you've probably never known her name. She has one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and that's because it is so adorable! Although this is Ann, the world knows her as "The Gerber Baby". In 1927, when she was only four months old, Ann's neighbor, Dorothy Hope Smith, decided to sketch a drawing of her. The following year, the baby food brand, Gerber, launched a contest to find a face for the brand. Dorothy submitted her sketch of Ann, and attached a note, saying that if it were chosen, she would finish the drawing.

It turned out that the big guys at Gerber absolutely loved the picture, and wanted it to stay the way it was. Ann's portrait was soon plastered on every Gerber product and was even trademarked in 1931. The brand kept the identity of the baby a secret for 40 years, until 1978. Ann finally revealed that she, was in fact, the child in the portrait. If you look closely, can you still see the resemblance? Even though Ann is in her nineties, and a retired English teacher, she is still as adorable as ever! 

5. Mackenzie Foy

If you're a fan of Twilight, then you already know that not anyone could play the gorgeous daughter of Edward and Bella Cullen. She certainly was an adorable child, and not only had she been around for a while, but she was also perfect to play the part. When she was younger, Mackenzie was a child model. She worked with well-known brands like Guess Kids and Polo by Ralph Lauren. From there, she started getting more successful by working with Target, Mattel, and the Walt Disney Company. In 2009, the young model decided to take her chances at becoming an actress. She starred in small roles on Hawaii Five-0 and Flash Forward

Her big break came from being cast as Renesmee Cullen, in Breaking Dawn part 2. From there, she starred alongside Matthew McConaughey as his daughter, Murph Cooper, in Interstellar. These roles pretty much sealed her fate as a Hollywood star. Though she is still acting, Mackenzie has her eyes set on the prize of being a film director. She shows no signs of slowing down, so be sure to look out to see what this bright star will be in next. 

6. Jade Weber

You may have seen Jade before, and it's not due to her making a big name for herself in the states. The young model was born in 2005, in Hong Kong, and not much is known about her parents, but she is of French descent. Jade was raised by her two older brothers, Matthieu and Thibault. Though she is still relatively young, she has been able to back up a pretty impressive modeling resume. As a child, she worked with brands like Levis, Old Navy, and Shoshobella. Her family has moved from Hong Kong, and are now residing in Los Angeles. 

Jade is now modeling for La Models Youth Division, and she has also landed deals with Forever 21, and even Abercrombie and Fitch. If she looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen her in a particular someone's music video. Fans of Hayden Summerall watched Jade strut her stuff in his cover video of the weekend's "I can't feel my face", and considering she was only ten-years-old at the time; we can see that this little girl is growing up fast! Now she is acting and traveling the world as a model. Jade has even been able to build a pretty impressive following on Instagram. Only time will tell when she becomes a household name in the future. 

7. Fatima Ptacek

Looking at younger photos of Fatima might ring a few bells. Does she look familiar? Did you know that she is the girl who voices Dora from Dora the Explorer? That's right! That sweet little Dora. She is all grown up, and an 18-years-old high school student in New York City. Fatima is trying to maintain a pretty normal life aside from having a famous voice. She walks her dog, does chores, goes to gymnastics, and spends quality time with her family. Fatima does all this while juggling her career as a voice-over artist. It admittedly sounds exhausting, don't you think? In her free time, she says she likes to read, and often finds reading herself to sleep.

If we had a schedule like hers, we wouldn't even know when to find the time to relax, let alone sleep! She seems to be handling things really well, that was until she got into trouble at school in 2016. This young voice star was caught smoking from a water vapor pipe in a school bathroom. There was nothing illegal in the pipe, but she and a friend still got disciplined. Fatima was suspended for three days, and her friend was expelled from the exclusive school. Wow, we sure hope they both learned their lesson! 

8. Diana Pentovich

Out of all the beautiful children on this list, Diana may be the least recognizable. Unless you're a massive fan of fashion, this Russian beauty was born in 2004, but didn't start modeling until a bit later. When she was seven-years-old, Diana was well on her way to a modeling career. This all happened by accident, as her mother had registered amateur photos of the child modeling to a fashion website for children. It didn't take long for photographers to show their interest in working with the lovely little girl, and she started with some test photo shoots. She then moved on to sign with a modeling agency in Russia, and the rest is history.

This young girl was considered one of Russia's top ten most beautiful children models. She has certainly matured in the six years since of her discovery, and now, this 14-year-old is still absolutely gorgeous! Diana works with some major fashion publications, like Elle and Harper's Bazaar. You can see how stunning she was with her luscious long hair, and she is still a beautiful young woman. Considering that she started so young, we sure hope she doesn't grow tired of the industry. All we can say is that she has a long career ahead of her and we hope she keeps it up. 

9. Joey King

 You may already know the grown-up version of Joey, but did you know that she actually started acting at the age of four? She also happened to be one of the cutest kids ever! Before her time on the big screen, Joey worked in over a hundred commercials as a child. Wow, that is a lot of ads! Thanks to her natural talent and her calmness behind the camera, Joey was able to transition from the commercial work to film acting. We first got our taste for her acting when she was a guest star on Disney's, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. She was only seven at the time, and at that time, she fell in love with it. 

Over the years, she has become a bonafide TV and movie star. She has also grown into a beautiful young woman at the age of seventeen. Her most notable roles are that of Ramona Quimby, in Ramona and Beezus, as well as Greta Grimly, in the Fargo TV series. This actress even kept herself busy with filming in South Africa for the film, The Kissing Booth. She also starred in 2018's, Slender Man movie. You could say that she is one of the only child stars who has been able to transition into adult stardom. 

10. Kristina Pimenova

She's had the fashion world under her thumb since she was only four-years-old, and there is a good reason for it because this little girl is truly gorgeous. This may come to no surprise, but Kristina is the daughter of a Russian model. It was actually her mother who introduced her to fashion, by bringing her to her photo shoots when she was a baby. It didn't take long for the photographers to take an interest in the cute little girl, and take pictures of her. The photos apparently turned out fabulous, and they little lady started a career in modeling. She's worked with Vogue Bambini, Robert Cavalli, and Benetton, to name a few.

There have been a few controversies that came with the territory having the most beautiful child in the world, one debate involved internet users getting so upset that Kristina's mother posted bikini photos of the underage girl to her Instagram account.  Of course, her mother stood by her decision and said that these people were sick. These days, the beautiful model now lives in Los Angeles, where she has signed a contract with LA Models. She travels the world modeling and doesn't take any of it for granted. She makes sure to have fun while living the life of an average girl. 

Did you love these beautiful images? We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you. Remember to share this with your friends and family, and keep up-to-date with us for more gorgeous images of the stars of today. 

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