20+ Powerful Photos To Make A Long-lasting Impact On People With Soft Hearts

We all know the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words,' and it couldn't be truer. Life can be so daunting at times that photographs have the power to capture powerful moments, and they completely move our hearts. The following list shows some of the most heartwrenching photos in the world. 

24. 12-year-old Diego Frazao Torquato from Brazil plays the violin at his teacher's funeral. His teacher had helped him escape a harsh life of poverty. 

23. This picture shows Larry Wayne Chaffin, a soldier from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Batallion in the Vietnam War. 'War is Hell,' no truer words have ever been said. 

22. This picture shows Anna Fisher, and it's the cover of Life magazine from 1985. She was the first mother ever to go to space. We can't imagine what it was like for her.

21. This picture shows a surgeon after a 23-hour heart operation. The relief on his face is palpable and take note of the sleeping attendant in the corner. 

20. This picture shows the last thing a man wrote to his wife before dying. Some of us never get to experience love like this in real life. But this letter proves that it exists. 

19. This picture shows two people on the plane who didn't know each other, but the woman was scared of flying. He comforted her for the entire ride. 

18. A girl received a text from her mother saying that she was going to be a mother again. The girl received this picture a minute after. Adorable!

17. This little boy is copying his father who works from home in IT. He fashioned a monitor with a box, added a keyboard and mouse, and he is even drinking from a coffee mug. 

16. 'My daughter is blind, and for her 9th birthday party, we made braille chocolate message slabs that said: I love you and Happy Birthday.'

15. A guy was waiting for the bus and decided to pick up all the trash around him. Some people think about the bigger picture instead of just themselves. 

14. This girl's doll lost its leg, but the little girl said, 'It’s okay, I love you the way you are. ' Therefore, the parents decided to get a toy wheelchair for the doll. Parenting done right!

13. This picture shows a single dad buying a dress for his daughter. 'It’s not always easy being a single dad, but sometimes I get to experience some things other dads might not. '

12. A group of garbagemen took a break from working to have some fun on the swings. Life makes us lose our innocence, but this moment brings a smile to our faces. 

11. This picture shows Dads attending a workshop to learn to make braids and more hairdos for their girls. The class was probably designed for single or divorced fathers. 

10. A couple was worried that their daughter who uses a wheelchair would have a hard time making friends at school. Clearly, she's the most popular. 

9. A bee landed on this man's jacket, so he decided to give it some jam from his donut. The bee ate the sweet treat and recovered enough energy to fly away. 

8. It's never too late to reach for your dreams, and this picture shows a 92-year-old grandma on her graduation day with the rest of her graduating class. 

7. The dog's owner sold her truck to pay for the surgery. Some people don't understand that animals are just as important as humans. We would've done the same thing. 

6. A musician at a subway station decided to contribute his talent and time to help others. We have to help one another when things are tough. 

5. A grandfather had to live in a nursing home because of his Alzheimer's, but he lights up when his granddaughter visits. Life can be so cruel at the end of the road, but there are always bright spots. 

4. A rice farmer lost her crops after water flooded her field and a nearby cave where children got trapped. She said that her only concern was the safety of the kids. 

3. This picture shows a grandpa on his 95th birthday. He told his grandson, 'At least now I can stop worrying about dying young. ' His experiences must be fascinating. 

2. A blind woman was given a 3D-printed ultrasound of her baby. Her face radiates pure happiness while touching it. We can't imagine the struggles blind people face every day. 

1. A woman with cerebral palsy was denied service at a nail salon because she moved too much. The cashier at the grocery store bought some nail polish and offered to paint her nails.

Not one of these images conveys the same story, but all of them evoke powerful emotions. They have moved us beyond words, and we couldn't be more thankful that we have the technology to capture these moments. We hope our readers liked them as well. 

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