Most Honest Zodiac Signs Ranked From Best To Worst

What does it really mean to be genuine? An authentic, sincere and honest person who does not feel that he needs to impress anyone else, or do things to get the attention of others. Finding such a person in our life is very important because they are who we can really trust, but how do you know that someone is like that? This is a list of the most authentic signs of the zodiac, from best to worst.

12. Cancer (from June 21 to July 22)

People of Cancer are quick to help others and meet the needs of those around them. They are people who tend to thrive in deeply emotional relationships with others and have a genuine interest in the feelings of other people, oddly enough.

They strive to live in the most ethical way possible and that means stop judging people and treat them as if they were their family. They say what they feel, they have a strong sense of right and wrong, they are sincere and never intentionally seek to harm another person.

11. Capricorn (from December 22 to January 19)

It is said that Capricorn is the most reliable sign of the zodiac. They like to preach by example and stay true to their word, even if it does not offer them any benefit. They are disciplined, responsible, reliable and always respond to their commitments.

They usually impress other people with their original and unique ideas, while striving to be the most authentic version of themselves. People of Capricorn believe in learning from their mistakes and avoid repeating them in order to improve as human beings.

10. Libra (from September 23 to October 22)

The people of Libra are driven by passion and the desire to love others. When they faithfully believe in something, they become the most motivated sign of all that exists. They are a very fair and peaceful person who always tries to make sure that everyone around them is happy.

They are very focused people and are surrounded by good people who have the best interests in their lives. Librans have a very strong moral and they like that it guides their decisions to avoid any kind of external influence. They always focus on the needs of others rather than on their own.

9. Scorpio (from October 23 to November 21)

The people of Scorpio are the most faithful of the entire zodiac. They are true friends who always fight for you, no matter what the problem is, and that makes them stand out. They try to be the hero in every situation, by offering their help at all times and keeping the deepest secrets of others.

Their honesty and sense of justice make them one of the best friends you can have. It is not often that they get to disappoint others if they can avoid it, and always put themselves in the other person's place to understand how they would feel about their actions.

8. Aries (from March 21 to April 19)

The people of Aries have one of the strongest personalities of the zodiac. They love to tell everyone what they think and feel, even though this can sometimes hurt someone. They are passionate, determined, confident and trustworthy in most of the decisions they make.

They tend to be leaders because of the confidence and enthusiasm they convey, and they try to do what it means to benefit most of the people in their charge, even if this means changing everything drastically. They like to impress others, but that is part of their nature.

7. Virgo (from August 23 to September 22)

They do everything they can to make the people around them happy, it's part of their personality. However, this only applies to people with whom they have mutual interests. Virgo is a very critical sign with other people, and this makes it very difficult for them to think about others.

Their loyalty and kindness are characteristics that make them very good friends, but they can also be too analytical at times. Instead of concentrating on general happiness, they get lost in irrelevant details by trying to do things right all the time and without mistakes.

6. Leo (July 23 - August 22)

People born under the sign of Leo are natural leaders. They are generous, cordial, creative and irresistible people, so they never struggle or make an effort to make friends. People are automatically attracted to them, even if this means leaving behind their objectives.

The problem is that Leo is one of the vainest signs of the zodiac. They tend to do what is best for them and do not usually do anything that is not related to them, or bring them some kind of benefit. In their search for personal growth, they often forget the needs of others.

5. Taurus (from April 20 to May 20)

The people of Taurus do not usually fight with their commitments. They always stay focused on their goals and the goals they want to achieve in their lives. Unfortunately, this makes them a bit stubborn. They do not do anything they do not totally agree with or think is the best option.

They enjoy the attention of other people because they like to be the center of everything. And, this can cause them to make decisions that only benefit them without thinking about other people. In order for people to trust them more, they must learn to share the stage and listen to others.

4. Gemini (from May 21 to June 20)

The people of Gemini are known to be one of the most difficult signs of the zodiac to predict. Their opinions, ideas, and humor are constantly changing, making it difficult to trust them or meet their objectives. They are amazing friends and companions, but somewhat incoherent.

They are open-minded people who like to think about all possibilities, but this makes it difficult for others to see beyond their indecision. They have the ability to inspire other people, but being unable to open up to others complicates their relationships.

3. Aquarius (from January 20 to February 18)

Aquarius people are fascinated by mental stimulation. They are great thinkers who enjoy discussing the most varied topics with as many people as possible. They are driven by productivity, which implies that they will only do things that benefit them or help with their goals.

They love being around people, but they have a hard time getting these relationships to become true friendships. They do not like to feel vulnerable, so they avoid sharing their emotions with others and have a very serious problem when it comes to trusting others.

2. Sagittarius (from November 22 to December 21)

They are incredibly generous people, but they are known to be the least loyal of the zodiac with the people around them. They are explorers who always look for a new emotion and this makes them be very motivated by their own interests without paying attention to others.

Although it is important to trust yourself, Sagittarius can become too annoying by their over-confidence in their decisions. They are seen as snobbish beings who believe they are above other people, and that quickly distances them from those who try to lean on them.

1. Pisces (from February 19 to March 20)

People of Pisces are known to be one of the most beloved signs of the zodiac. They are ambitious, compassionate people and always think about sharing what they know with the people around them. However, they worry too much about the opinion of others and always seek approval.

They tend to give up easily when things get complicated. In most cases, they will try to escape from problems before trying to deal with the conflict personally, so it is difficult for them to remain faithful to their commitments or to their word, which makes them very unreliable.

Each of the signs of the zodiac has its advantages and disadvantages, and although not all of them come out in their authenticity, they have many other attributes that make us love them. But when we talk about entrusting our goals, objectives, secrets or anything important, we must bear in mind that there are people in whom it is better not to rely on to avoid disappointment.

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