Most intorverted zodiac signs vs the ones who just cannnot keep it to themselves: ranked

Some persons are comfortable to enter a room and make relationships happen out of thin air, and they leave the room with new friends and some phone numbers of the people they were attracted to, for some of us it’s a natural thing. 

But for other the case is the complete opposite, feeling awkward in a room full of strangers is very common, and to develop a shell to protect yourself might be the answers you are familiar, as show by Yourtango.

There is nothing wrong with assuming either position for your social interactions; everybody will do what it feels right for them. Some of us don’t have an idea if we are introverted or extroverted and this article might help you realize your tendency. 

When I doubt you can always count on the stars to provide you with a solid answer, the fact is that our zodiac sign plays a massive part in our personality. Here we have the complete explanation inspire by an interview that provided the astrologer Valerie Mesa to POPSUGAR. 


This earth sign likes to keep it nice and smooth, they can dress up really good and enjoy the occasional celebration with friends and family, but they possess a more relaxed type of environment. They do stuff in their own rhythm.  


This water sign is compassionate; sometimes their perception could work against them, so it works that they shy and a little extroverted and here is why, they can feel all the pain and suffer from their loved ones, so they hurt too. 

It’s complicated for cancer to see a person in pain and not too be in pain as well, they are natural caregivers, but to be good at it, they can’t do it in a significant scale, they get close to a person a try to fix their issues. 


This earth sign might give the impression that they are very shy, timid and introverted, but they can be more accurately call “mysterious.” To know what is on this sign’s head it’s not an easy task at all, and they are always contemplating everything, planning their next move carefully.


They are not that easy to read, they can be introverted, but not because they are shy. It’s because this water sign doesn’t like to communicate outside of their circle of trust. Sharing feelings is not something that comes in natural for them. 


Concentration is their middle name, always with the eye on the target, getting entangled in a situation that requires too much of their attention is not that interested them. They keep to themselves all the emotional problems. They don't like to share their emotions.


They live un their own fantasy world, apparently by themselves. It can be complicated to get a precise reading on them, and they have a little bit of each sign, there for the personality could be mutable, bit, for the most part, they enjoy a calm environment.


They always remain curious about life in general, they’re outgoing and can keep several lines of conversation. They can be charismatic and charming, talking about everything and saying nothing at all is a form of art, they manipulate the conversation where they want to take it. 

But you will never hear them talking about something relevant to their personal lives, and they will never reveal more information than what they were planning. They feel comfortable in social gatherings but enjoy much more their alone time. 


This water sign always be a right partner for an afternoon coffee, they will find a conversation topic in almost anything, they talk for hours about life, movies, food and other’s people’s problems, but are private when it comes to their issues, isn’t common for them to talk openly regarding their puzzles.


The scale keeps it all in balance, in honor of their sign they usually are in control of their emotions, no matter how hard the situations will get. They don’t freak out in public, never, they will be the image of composure, even when receiving terrible news. If they are confronted they will answer with serenity, could be screaming inside their heads, but they won’t show it.


This fire sign is impulsive, and they do things because they feel them, not because they were planning or even considering the consequences of their actions in advance. They are known for their passion, but that passion can be their curse in some cases, they will often get into problems for speaking more than they should. 

They are verbal, always saying whatever crosses their mind without any filter what so ever. Life can be a competition for them and to win they will whatever they consider necessary, being bossy is one of their ways to achieve success, they’re not always the most mature sign. 


According to Leo, the whole universe revolves around them. They are Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of everything. There is nothing this passionate fire sign wouldn’t do for the right kind of attention, and once they have it, they always want more. Everyone should be either talking to them or about them.


They need to go out and make it happen. Patience isn’t one of their virtues. This fire sign loves to meet new people and changing their environment as much as they can. Travelling is one of their passion, and they even do it without any schedule, they enjoy not knowing where they are going to wake up. 

They live their lives without one single regret, they think that everything that they do is correct, there’s only one life, and they plan to make the most of it. Terrible at keeping secrets, if they know something they won't share that with everyone, that usually gets in their way to success. 

Our zodiac sign have profound influences on our behavior, being social and outgoing isn’t always a clear sign that somebody is extroverted, some zodiacs can talk your ear out never actually sharing what they are thinking or feeling. If you enjoyed this article remember to share it with your friends.

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