Barbra Streisand's only child, 51, is a talented singer and a handsome openly gay man

Being Barbra Streisand and having a straight son come to you must be one of the greatest dramas that the first world could experience. According to Amo Mama, Jason Gould gave her all the satisfactions that a boy could give to Barbra: he is Jewish, gay, singer, director, actor and, in short, a great boy.

The actor and singer Jason Gould is the son of Hollywood royalty - Barbra Streisand and Elliott Gould. Although he knew he was gay since she was 8 years old, Gould did not say so publicly until his homosexuality was revealed by the tabloid press in the 1990s.

After hearing the news, Streisand tried to educate herself about homosexuality and even she considered the production of Larry Kramer's acclaimed work, "A Normal Heart". And being the son of a star of the magnitude of Barbra Streisand is not as easy as many can think.

The tabloids are always after him and he has been a victim of the sensational media, like one time a tabloid made up rumors about he was suffering from AIDS and that he was very sick because of it. 

Barbara Streisand's son, Jason Gould, surprisingly didn't follow in her footsteps right away; instead, he waited until he was in his 40's before trying his luck in the music industry.

Jason Gould definitely inherited the talent of his famous parents. Being a son of Barbra Streisand and actor Elliott Gould, Jason simply could not choose another occupation except for acting. In addition, Gould is a talented producer, director, and singer.

Gould is the iconic musician's only child and he is also a particularly talented singer who began his music career in his mid-40s.

In a video, Gould, who has stayed away from the public eye in more recent years, said that he didn't open his mouth out of fear that people would compare him with his mother, which was something that he didn't want.

According to Gaystar News, he is also an openly gay man, who claims he waited so long before finding his voice in music because he had a need to express himself and explore his musicality.

In a promo video for his album that came out on 12 September 2014, the singer revealed that he began exploring singing much later in life because his mother was an icon and he felt the pressure of comparison.

Eventually, Gould was compelled by his desire to explore the musical side of himself and began pursuing his career in music, which turned out to be great.

The news outlet reported that when Streisand heard some of the songs that her son had recorded she was absolutely amazed and proud of what he was able to accomplish.

She explained how the experience had been "jaw-dropping" for her as she began to wonder where his talent had been hiding for so many years.

Gould later appeared with his famous mother during her largely successful Back to Brooklyn tour, where they hit the stage together and sang one of their hits, How Deep is the Ocean.

The duet sung by the mother-son pair was a number featured on Gould's first album. Gould's last known project with his mother was in The Prince of Tides, a famous movie from 1991.

Gould and Streisand both starred in the film by portraying Susan and Bernard Lowenstein, a mother-son duo.

Aside from appearing in the film, Streisand also directed and co-produced it, and The Prince of Tides went on to earn a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Jason previously tried his luck and he film industry and he has portrayed some memorable roles like his brief part in the famous chick flick “Say anything”.

As for Gould, he released another album in 2017 called Dangerous Man, featuring songs such as The Way You Look Tonight, Bridge Over Troubled Water and All's Forgiven.

Despite their busy schedules, mom and son use every moment to spend more time together, especially during the holiday season. Barbra often says that she is the luckiest woman on Earth because she was blessed with such a wonderful son.

Streisand also has a large number of fans of the LGBT community around the world. During the 90s, when the press made public the sexual preferences of her son Jason, she decided to make something about it.

At the time the singer and actress undertook a process of study about this community that she supports unconditionally today.

Both have much more in common than the ordinary mother and son. Their mutual passion for music is a vivid proof of their special connection.

By now Jason keeps working on what it passionates him and keeps his personal life very private. He only wants everyone to know about his music and the art he is making.

As he has said before, he doesn’t want anyone to think that he is taking advantage of being Barbra Streisand's son so he will continue working hard to success by his own. 

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