Next week may be one of the worst for these 8 zodiac signs and the reasons are not obvious

Every day you live brings new challenges and experiences, some may be good and other really, really bad. If you want to know more about your future you can try reading what the stars have to say to you and this is called: astrology or zodiac. You must know that zodiac signs are not about predictions or telling you what is coming to your future but about probabilities based on the movement of the planets so if you want to blame someone or something about your bad luck: try doing it with those giants in a milky way.

So, let’s see which are going to be the worst days for every zodiac sign so they can prepare to face that date with the best disposition:

8. Cancer: take care of your money!

Yes, we know you want to enjoy the goods life is giving to you but you can get broke just for “enjoying the moment”. That’s why you must be alert on Saturdays, the day that all use to hang out and go partying. Please don’t compromise your finances for the sake of the moment. You can set a goal for saving money and when you reach the goal amount, go to a club and celebrate your commitment.

7. Leo: you must be strong.

Your sign characterizes for its strength and passion so it won’t be a challenge for you to stay like that. But we have to admit it: everyone has their moments of weakness and this is what you will go through this week. The sun is moving in dangerous ways and this is affecting your emotions and your sociability skills. You must be aware of Saturday because your social agenda is vulnerable right now. Maybe is a good time to stay at home and have some time alone eating ice cream and watching Netflix: there is no soul that can’t be healed with that.

6. Aquarius: you must be patient with your family.

Well, we have some bad news but is true and sorry if this sounds too cliche but: your ruling planet has gone into retrograde. This will cause some problems but remember that zodiac signs are just a warning and that you are the ruler and owner of your destiny so, you can change your “predictions” if you want to.

Maybe, the worst day of the week for you will be Sunday because that’s the day everyone uses to share time with their family. All the planets movements are making you too vulnerable to have stable conversations with your parents or aunts and uncles. Think twice before answering any question and breath deeply when questions like ‘why are you still single?’ and ‘how is the work going’ comes out.

5. Aries: please don’t be oversensitive.

Everyone has their moments of vulnerability and that’s okay, but remember that there is nothing you can’t control. Keep your head cold and don’t freak out at the first comment or critic. Stay calm and think before a talk, try to understand those around you and that probably they are facing difficult moments too.

Definitely, the hardest day of your week will be Monday because is the moment of going back to the routine and you will have to deal with persons that are as sensitive as you. A good idea is to prevent people before they talk to you, tell them something like 'sorry if I look too serious or if I talk to you as I’m pissed, is not my intention'. If you communicate what you feel, you will be one step ahead.

4. Taurus: go for more!

Tuesday will be the worst day of your week. Why? Because is the day you will be tempted on keep going with your routine and you will feel inclined to not pursuing your dreams and those crazy goals you have been thinking lately.

You can't fool anyone so not even yourself, your body is in your office but your head is traveling to Thailand, to Africa, and to some other more crazy and adventurous places. Give your body what it wants: danger, new experiences, extreme sports. You will have a lot of time later to dedicate to your work and career but the adventure awaits right now!

3. Gemini: keep your party personal.

You are a dynamic sign that can’t be controlled or stay calm for too long so you can’t be in places that require staying calm or that restraint your personality. The worst day of your week may be Wednesday because is the middle of the week and while everyone is dealing with their work, you are trying to have fun to survive so much stress.

That’s not bad, but maybe you won’t be understood by others and that can create conflicts in your relationships. Don’t pull down your inspiring mood by what others think, the important thing here is to feel good.

2. Virgo: breath deeply and stay calm.

Is not a secret: everyone knows that you get stressed very easily and that’s why the worst day of your week may be Thursday because you are about to explode because of all the work you have done along the week.

The weekend is so close that you can’t believe it. Take care of your emotions when communicating with others because you can be kind of rude with them when they don’t deserve it or aren’t the responsible ones for your stress. In this day you should do some yoga, meditation or go to a cafe to drink something and relax, you deserve it after so much effort you have made. 

1. Libra: please stay at home. 

Libra, you are such a romantic! And despite Friday could be a great day for you and your emotions, this week it won’t be the same and can play against you. We all know that you feel like Friday is the best day of the week for all the things you want to do but please, change all those plans for the next week. Actually, it could be a great day for you to stay at home because your emotions and luck won’t be so efficient as usual at the moment of meeting new people. 

Remember that the mentioned advice are just probabilities but you are the one who can change their fate. Good luck!

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