Man finds weird little eggs inside a log and they start hatching right away

On the island of Oahu, Hawaii, there is never a shortage of spectacular landscapes, beautiful beaches, imposing mountains and very special places. This is why many adventurers and tourists seek new emotions and places that astonish their senses on the island, although sometimes the beauty of the island may be in the least expected place as this person discovered.

The adventures of Maddaber

A resident of the island takes his camera everywhere, and it has accompanied him on hundreds of adventures through the 50th state, which is fortunately his home. From hikes in the most recondite mountain to underwater dives in unknown and strange spaces.

That user of Imgur, named Maddaber, has never been stranger to the strange or extraordinary of the island, so he always had contact with a huge amount of different flora and fauna offered by the renowned island in the form of a diamond in which he lives

His different findings

Maddaber's discoveries can be simply fascinating. For example, in the fall of 2016, he found in the deepest jungle a giant avocado that could have stocked the reserves of any Mexican restaurant for a couple of weeks.

When he is not looking for extraordinary fruits, Maddaber is dedicated to photographing the strangest and most particular scenes he encounters during his journeys through the most recondite paths that are lost deep in the mountains of the island.

A very interesting life

Looking through the red rock plateaus dotted with green trees you can find scenes taken from the most impressive fantasy books. In fact, if we judge Maddaber's life just by its images, we could say that it is totally fantastic.

What do you think of an underwater experience near the largest sea turtles you have ever seen? The life of this guy can be considered as something quite radical, but he never imagined that the most incredible thing would happen, not in an exotic place, but in his own backyard.

The backyard of his house

Compared to the rest of the island, the garden of the house of this guy was only a very mediocre version. The most outstanding is a stone wall from which hang some plants in hanging pots, very nice, but it does not stand out among the other wonders of Oahu.

Many creatures enjoy Maddaber's yard, including his cat, Dionisio, who likes to take a nap on fresh grass or play among the fallen leaves. But the biggest discovery of this user would occur when he stumbled on something on the ground.

A branch of bamboo

Yes, a common bamboo branch that he could have thrown with the rest of the garbage in a compost pile was the source of this discovery. Despite being something common in his yard, something made him check the bamboo branch carefully and this was the best idea he could have.

At first glance, the branch seemed to be full of mold or some kind of fungus that extended from the heart of this bamboo branch, covering it completely. But his experience discovering extraordinary things on the island made him review it more carefully to be sure.

White spheres?

Maddaber took out a small group of white spheres from inside the bamboo and let them rest in his hand while he realized what they really were; Eggs. but what animal could have placed its eggs in such a strange place?

Compared to chicken eggs, their size was really insignificant. Even so, they were much larger than you might expect from an insect egg, so Maddaber got intrigued. He did not have to wait long to answer his question as something started to happen in his hand.

The miracle of life

At that precise moment when he held the little eggs in his hands, they began to hatch! Little by little the outer layer of each of them came off and a small creature emerged from the egg. Maddaber witnessed the miracle of life in his own hands.

Fortunately, the creature was not poisonous and there was no kind of mishap. In the hands of Maddaber emerged a small lizard that crawled to the index finger of his hand and began to observe the world for the first time from the hand of this person who witnessed his birth.

Identifying the creature

The first thing Maddaber noticed when he saw the creature was that it had no eyelids; he had to lick his eyes continuously to keep them moist, which helped him identify him. In addition, he had small pads on the bottom of his separated feet, which finished giving him the necessary clues.

It was a newborn gecko! A small lizard that is part of the Gekkonidae family, or scaly reptiles. Regardless of whether some people think it is a simple event, he definitely experience something that not many people can experience.

The island of Oahu

Many people who live on the island have the opportunity to swim next to the turtles or walk through its beautiful hills and sandy beaches. But how many residents or visitors have the opportunity to see a creature of the island born in their own hands?

Regardless of the number of wonderful places and countless experiences that Maddaber has lived. In the end, he was amazed by the miracle of life and had to make a decision, what to do with these little creatures? Should he keep them as pets or return them to nature?

A happy ending

Gently, Maddaber placed the small lizard and the rest of the small eggs back to the place where he found them so that the others could be born when the time was right, and thus he made sure that the mother of these little ones would find them again.

This will allow them to grow and enjoy a long life as lizards on one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii. Few places provide the climate and the necessary conditions to live something like this, but this time Maddaber took advantage of the opportunity and enjoyed the moment.

What would you have done instead? He has definitely lived many impressive things, but the opportunity to witness the miracle of life does not appear every day, and less in this way. Appreciating this kind of detail is what allows people to enjoy the little things in life and continue their adventures discovering new opportunities in the world.

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