Avengers 4: Endgame' Breakdown: Pepper To Rescue Tony, Thanos Goes Farming, And More

After months of waiting and theorizing, the first trailer of Avengers: Endgame finally dropped, and it revealed the name of the fourth, and final, Avengers movie as well as many other things, though not nearly enough to satisfy us. Let’s break down everything revealed in this first teaser to the highly anticipated film.

1. Long live the Iron Man armor

In the opening scene, we saw the Iron Man helmet, which is in itself, one of the greatest symbols of the MCU. Iron Man started this great franchise in 2008, and Tony Stark is their most popular character. Seeing the torn headgear, we are reminded that Thanos destroyed everything we love, and there is very little hope left.

2. Guardian’s ship

Tony Stark and Nebula were left in Titan after Thanos’ snap, and the rest of the team were dusted, including Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Therefore, they had to leave right away, and in the trailer, it seems that Tony and Nebula used the Guardian’s ship, the Benatar, hoping to get back to Earth or somewhere with provisions.

3. Message in a bottle or a helmet

Another part of the opening scene is Tony recording a message for Pepper Potts with his helmet, which is clearly running out of battery or completely breaking down. We do not know how far they are from Earth or how he hopes this missive will get to Pepper, but the sentiment is there, and it is heartbreaking.

4. The Benatar is wondering around

Despite trying to find their way to Earth or someplace with food and water, it seems that Tony and Nebula are just drifting in space at the moment, waiting for their life to end when the oxygen runs out. It’s a horrible scene because we have never seen Iron Man so defeated in his life before, and what is worse, is that we do not know if Pepper survived the snap.

5. Accepting his fate

Like we mentioned, Tony seems to have embraced his imminent death. There are almost no chances to survive at this point, and we know that Tony would have exhausted everything trying to get back to Pepper and to rescue his friends. His last words to Potts are, “Don't feel bad about this. Part of the journey is the end."

6. Rising once again

The opening scene was definitely depressing, but we have a lot of reason to hope for Stark to get his fight back. After all, his adventure started after getting kidnapped by a terrorist group, and that is how he made the first Iron Man suit. In this part, he is wearing very similar clothes to those back when he was making Mark I, so like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Tony Stark will persevere.

7. No time jump

There were many rumors and theories that Avengers: Endgame would take place five years after the events of Infinity War, but the trailer has revealed that that is not the case. Some time has passed, but not that much. Meanwhile, the world, or at least, the Avengers have tallied the people who were lost to the snap. But we have to wonder then, why did they cast an older Cassie Lang?

8. The logo

The Marvel Studios logo featured a beautiful image that mirrored what happened to the dusted people in Infinity War when Thanos’ accomplished his goal, and it definitely forebodes what this movie is going to be shown. It is the aftermath of that tragedy and how the remaining heroes are doing.

9. The Scarecrow

The Infinity Gauntlet comic by Jim Starlin serves as the inspiration of these two movies, and after Thanos snapped his fingers, he turned into a farmer in an unknown planet, using his armor as a scarecrow. It a great detail to include this in the trailer because most people did not see it that well in the ending scene of Infinity War.

10. Thanos is done?

It seems that the Infinity Gauntlet remained severely damaged after the snap, and it’s also interesting that Thanos has yet to take it off, despite hoping to sit back and relax after finishing his job. Is it possible that he cannot take it off? Is he safe-keeping it just in case? Furthermore, due to the state of his clothes, it seems that the Mad Titan is going through something. Is it a middle-life crisis now that he has no purpose?

11. The Avengers headquarters

We saw that the remaining Avengers, who were left in Wakanda in Infinity War, are now at the compound in New York, which is in serious need of upkeep as the grounds look damaged. There is no big time jump, but just enough time has passed to reveal that the world has changed a lot after such a tragedy. This is further evidenced by the fact that Cap and his buddies are in New York after becoming outlaws.

12. No tears left to cry

Steve Rogers grew a beard in his time away from the U.S., and the new trailer revealed that he went back to his clean-cut way. This is very sad for all of us that thought Chris Evans, who has said goodbye to the MCU, looked great with facial hair, but back to the subject, it is also more evidence that these Avengers are no longer on the run from the government. Heartbreakingly, we also saw Captain America crying about this hopeless situation.

13. Black Widow talks about the consequences of Thanos’ snap

She says, “Thanos did exactly what he said he was gonna do," she observes. "He wiped out 50 percent of all living creatures." The interesting detail is that she is not talking about sentient beings, but rather every living thing including animals and plants. Therefore, Thanos’ original plan does not make much sense because it seems like he also wiped out half the universe’s resources.

14. Bruce Banner looking at those that are gone

Like we mentioned, enough time has passed that our heroes seem to have gathered the data of those that are gone or missing. In the tie-in novel Cosmic Quest Volume II: Aftermath, they call Thanos’ snap "Decimation”, and the world is trying to account for those people that were affected by it.

15. Shuri was dusted

We never saw what happened with the genius Wakandan, but her face is among those people presumed to be missing, which goes against actress Angela Bassett’s comment that both Ramonda and Shuri had survived the decimation. However, we also think that Marvel could be tricking fans at this point.

16. Most believe Scott Lang was dusted too

We saw on Bruce Banner’s monitors that most people believe that Scott Lang, Ant-Man, also suffered the effects of the snap, though we all know that he got stuck in the Quantum Realm in the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp. It will definitely be more surprising for everyone when he shows up later on.

17. The hangar from Age of Ultron

There is a part of the trailer that focuses on the hangar located in the Avengers compound, which was last spotted in Age of Ultron. We believe that the point of this shot is to show, once again, that everything has been abandoned. However, the sun is rising, which is another thing that gives us hope.

18. Thor is devastated

All our heroes suffered greatly, but one of the most affected was Thor, who lost most of his people in Thor: Ragnarok, and the rest when Thanos invaded the Asgardian ship, killing all, even before the snap. The Mad Titan also killed Loki and said that there will be no resurrections now. Seeing the God of Thunder so down is also heartbreaking.

19. Nebula and Tony Stark

We also saw that Nebula is aboard the Benatar in the trailer, which means that she and Tony have been together all this time. We see her putting her hand on Stark’s shoulder as a sign of support. She was also greatly affected by the actions of the Mad Titan. The Russo brothers stated that the survivors were specifically chosen, so we are looking forward to discovering why Nebula made it.

20. The appearance of Ronin

The trailer has given us Hawkeye’s new identity, Ronin, which Clint Barton adopted in The Ultimate Comics after his family was killed. It seems that his family was lost to the decimation, as Steve Rogers’ voice-over suggests, “We lost family. We lost part of ourselves.” His intense eyes prove that he is not the same man we knew before. This character might be getting his own TV show soon.

21. Going against the Yakuza

The scene also showed that Black Widow seems to have traveled to Japan, looking for her friend who is apparently waging war on the Japanese mafia. Avengers 4 had a casting call for people to play Yakuza members, and one of them is Hiroyuki Sanada. We also saw Black Widow horrified by what she just witness, which is further proof that Barton has changed.

22. The plan

The purpose of this trailer is stating that the Avengers are coming up with a plan. Rogers said, “This is the fight of our lives.” However, we have no idea what this idea involves, but the general belief is that they will go back in time to stop the snap or prevent Thanos from getting the stones. Black Widow answered Steve Rogers, “This is going to work.”

23. Peggy Carter

Captain America has faced loss before in his life, so it’s not surprising that he was looking at an old picture of Peggy Carter. Some people believe that because this movie might involve time travel, Steve will go back to the 40s and somehow reunite with the love of his life. It would be awesome for him to get a bit of happiness, especially because Chris Evans is leaving the MCU.

24. The Winter Soldier suit

In the trailer, Captain America is not using his normal costume, but rather the one he used in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Therefore, this could be further evidence that they are going back to several points in time. 2014 could have been an important time, so Steve had to dress like his self from back then.

25. Black Widow’s new hair

After becoming outlaws in Civil War, we saw Natasha with blonde hair, trying to hide her identity while on the run. So, like Steve Rogers, we assumed that now that they are not hiding away, she might go back to her signature red hairdo. However, the trailer showed us that Romanoff remains with her new color. Could this be a secret plan from Marvel?

26. The title

After months of speculation, we finally have the official title of the fourth film: Avengers: Endgame, which was a crucial line in the dialogue of Infinity War. After looking at all the possible outcomes of this war using the Time Stone, Doctor Strange told Tony, “We’re in the endgame now.” This means that everything is in place for our heroes to win.

27. Escaping the Quantum Realm

Like we mentioned previously, Scott Lang got stuck in the Quantum Realm because the rest of his team was dusted, but in the trailer, we saw him arriving at the Avengers headquarters. Most of them assumed that he was gone after the decimation, and his appearance shocked Steve and Natasha greatly. Could Ant-Man be the key to winning?

28. Reminding them who he is

At the gates of the Avengers Compound, Scott Lang tries to get them to open the doors by reminding them of who he is in the first place. That he was the big guy from the airport battle back in Civil War when Steve fought against Tony due to their disagreement about the Sokovia Accords. He says, “Ant-Man. I know - I know you know that!”

29. The van

During Ant-Man and the Wasp, the team made a Quantum Realm Tunnel in their van, after the apparent destruction of the big one. The fact that Scott brings it along with him reveals that it, and the plane of existence that he can enter and get out off easily, will play a major role in the final Avengers film.

30. Premiere

Marvel was used to issuing release date based on holidays in several countries, but they changed that strategy for Infinity War, which they released the same day globally. This trailer indicates that it will follow the same plan, and the trailer says “April 2019”. Only a few months to go, and we cannot wait!! We are also excited about other superheroes movies set to come out next year.

What was your favorite part of the trailer? Are you looking forward to the next movie? Is Captain Marvel going to be in it after all? If you liked this article, share it with your friends who are just as impatient as us for Endgame. See you next time!

Sources used: Screen Rant

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