15 Astonishing Actors' Transformations That Elevated Their Movies To Another Level

When it comes to the movie industry, the costumes and makeup can be such a transformation that we would never recognize these actors on set. Most of them get the full makeover from cutting and dyeing their hair, to gaining or losing weight, and spending many hours with makeup artists every day to mold into someone else.

This is the real magic of Hollywood, and we know that they can be pretty picky and choosey at times. But these actors certainly make it seems more convincing when in their full form. We've gathered a list of images for you that will not only amaze you but shock you as to who is actually behind that mask! So, let us dive straight into it. 

15. Nebula from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy — played by Karen Gillan

For the role of this villain, Nebula, Karen actually shaved her head and spent many grueling hours with makeup artists on a daily basis to get transformed into her character. The exciting part is that they used no CGI to turn her into this alien being. These makeup artists certainly did a great job!

14. Mystique from the movie X-Men — played by Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca is not only an actress but a professional model as well. Her makeup for the part of Mystique covered 60% of her body and took an absurd 9 hours for makeup artists to implement everything. Rebecca’s appearance for the movie was also secret, so their break time required her hiding away in a dark room.

13. Emperor Haban Limaï from the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets — played by Aymeline Valade  

This French model, Aymeline, has an unusual appearance that made her character look even more beautiful. She ultimately turned out to be a lovely alien. We find it amazing how unrecognizable she is in the movie. This makeup team most definitely did a fantastic job here. 

12. Tia Dalma from the films Pirates of the Caribbean — played by Naomie Harris 

If you're a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, this is one character that you'll never forget. Tia was the charismatic voodoo priestess, and her transformation was absolutely incredible. You would never have guessed it was Naomie behind those dreadlocks and freckled, stained teeth appearance. She played her role to the T. 

11. Gimli from the movie The Lord of the Rings — played by John Rhys-Davies

This is what happens when you grow a beard, at least for John. He certainly looked different as his character. Not only did his appearance change to match the role, but his performance also added to the charismatic part he played. From clean-cut John, we had the pleasure of seeing a combative Gimli in The Lord of the Rings

10. Enchantress from the movie Suicide Squad — played by Cara Delevingne

Cara is not only a famous model, but she is also an actress who played this character in the well-known Suicide Squad. She definitely looked very mysterious as the Enchantress, and her costume and flawless makeup made for an eye-catching role. Surprisingly, she looks nothing like her character, but this was a job well done.

9. Darth Maul from the Star Wars: Episode I movie —  The Phantom Menace — played by Ray Park

We never knew that such a pleasant looking face was behind all that paint. This actor is genuinely unrecognizable, and the makeup artists were fantastic with this transformation. Would you have guessed that Ray wore the face of Darth Maul in Star Wars? We certainly would have never gotten that right. It just goes to show what shapes and highlights can do to alter one's appearance. 

8. Transformed entirely from the Star Trek: Beyond film — played by Sofia Boutella 

This French actress, Sofia Boutella, is also one of the characters that we would never recognize in a million years! She has been completely transformed into her role and looks absolutely nothing like herself in real life. We can certainly see how she got into character because she acted completely different as well. Great job to the team! 

7. Joker from The Dark Knight movie — played by Heath Ledger  

Heath was undoubtedly one of the luckiest actors because his makeup only took an hour and he claimed that it felt like he was wearing nothing at all. He not only looked like the Joker, but his behavior was entirely methodic, and he owned this role. He was the best Joker on the big screen! This time around it was more performance than makeup that amazed fans.

6. Griphook from the Harry Potter films — played by Warwick Davis

Warwick was absolutely impossible to recognize in the role of the Goblin in the Harry Potter franchise. His makeup was somewhat time-consuming and consisted of several different pieces. The team took between 2.5 to 4 hours every day to transform his features, and they all had to get an early start, so their day began at 4 AM. That is a tiring job for both team and actor. 

5. Marlene McFly from Back to The Future: Part II — played by Michael J. Fox

Marty McFly was definitely our favorite character, but did you know that he was not the only part played by Michael in the famous trilogy? That's right; he also played the role of Marty’s daughter, Marlene from the second movie. Now we know why she looked so much like her dad! He did make an attractive daughter, don't you agree? He's such an excellent actor! 

4. Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film — played by Rooney Mara

Rooney is one of those actresses who went all-out with her transformation in order to get into her role. She cut off her hair, dyed it, got a few piercings and lost some weight. She literally became one with her character and made an awesome Lisbeth. We would have never known that such a beautiful lady played this hip-badass fighter. 

3. Imperator Furiosa from the Mad Max: Fury Road movie — played by Charlize Theron

Although we can recognize Charlize in this movie, even with her head shaved and her clothes all dirty and tattered, she certainly played her part well. Like many performers, the makeup is not the only thing that sells the part they play, it's how they perform, and she certainly did a great job with her role as Furiosa. 

2. Auggie from the movie Wonder — played by Jacob Tremblay

Jacob was one of those totally transformed characters that we would have never guessed he was behind that makeup. It took hours to get this little guy's features perfected each day, but his performance was genuinely touching and won the hearts of the audience. He really is a great actor with a lot of potential.

1. LaVona from the film I, Tonya — played by Allison Janney

Allison played the role of the rigid mother of famous ice-skater, Tonya Harding, and her transformation is rather remarkable! Her performance was praised both by audiences and critics, and she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film which only took her eight days to film. Well done Allison! 

Wow, what amazing transformations! Which ones on the list did you find most surprising? Let us know in the comments section below. Share this with your friends and family to show them how amazing these transformations are and remember to keep up-to-date with us for more fantastic behind-the-scenes updates! 


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