The truth that only a few know about Jamie Hyneman

Perhaps, you remember Jamie Hyneman from MythBusters, the successful TV show that used elements of the scientific method to examine the validity of movie scenes, rumors, Internet videos, and myths. Okay, we know that Hyneman was not the life of the party since his personality seemed stoic and a bit boring compared to his co-host, Adam Savage. He was the wild and fun half of the duo, and this dynamic lasted the entire 13 seasons.

MythBusters aired a total of 282 episodes before its cancellation in March 2016, just at the at the end of the 14th season. Regardless of what your concept of Jamie is, let us tell you that he is an intriguing and unpredictable character with a far-from-boring background. In fact, you would be shocked to discover many details of his life, so take a moment and get ready to be wowed by Hyneman with today's article. 

1. A cunning kid dodging chores

We all know that kids don't like housework and do whatever they can to avoid or conveniently "forget" their responsibilities, but Jamie was not like that. He knew since a very young age that those were stalling strategies, particularly considering his chores weren't to feed the dog or vacuum the carpet. The Michigan native grew up on an apple farm, so he had real farm tasks like picking, washing, and sorting the fruit to the point of loathing apples.

Another significant activity was to mow the lawn, and it is here where we find an ingenious way to get rid of this duty. During an interview with Northeast Valley News, Jamie confessed that he used to sabotage the mower by running it into a tree to break it or pulling the spark plug wire in its socket. Then, he would seem like a good boy wanting to do his chores, but the machine was "broken". Atta boy! But please, kids, don't try this at home.

2. Being a hooligan

We bet you didn't see this one coming, but the "boring" Jamie was a troublemaker that ran away from home when he was only 14 years old. It is only to be expected that sabotaging the lawn mower was just a part of his reckless conduct, so Jamie's parents started to consider taking action like sending the teen to reform school. However, the young Hyneman resolved that the best solution to his discipline struggles was the open road. 

Therefore, he set off on a hitchhiking venture for six months, but the fun was over in California after he got tossed into a detention center for youngsters, and his parents had to pick him up. They then thought that enrolling the teen in a formal survival training camp in Wyoming's wilderness would smack some sense into him. But the parental plans were backfired after finding out Jamie did like it. After that, he'd go on long solo expeditions.

3. A love for animals

Now, Jamie Hyneman is about to throw everyone a curveball with this one because he went from a saboteur and runaway to a pet shop owner. Yes! You didn't misread. Right before finishing high school, Jamie's father got him to buy a pet shop, and the young guy started to run his own business, selling some birds, rodents, and food for the animals. This triggered his love for exotic creatures, having numerous pet snakes and a lion cub. Jamie ultimately got tired of the store and sold it to attend college. 

4. A man of the world

So what does it take to be a myth buster? Well, of course, you need a large mustache and a beret. Then you require some knowledge about gardening sabotage, wilderness survival tactics, and exotic animal grooming. What else can we add to the list? A humanity degree in Russian and literature. Yes, we know it was a weird choice for someone that blows up things on TV as a professional career.

So the remaining question is: why? Jamie needed to pick a language for his degree in Indiana University and opted for Russian since he liked the way it sounds. He ultimately chose it as his major because Russian was clean and not subjective. So if you ever hear Hyneman babbling non-sense, he may be swearing in his second language. We aren't sure if he used it in the show, but you never know when you can get some myths in Siberia.

5. The divemaster

If you thought that the previous combination was not weird enough, we have the final touch for the equation here. Having a degree in Russian and literature helped him become a sort of Jack Sparrow. We're joking; his career did not exactly do much, but he was a boat captain in the Caribbean indeed. Once he finished college, he bought a boat, turned into a divemaster, and opened a charter business. 

While working as a diving instructor in the Virgin Islands, he met his current wife. His job was one anyone would envy because he had to show tourists the stunning reefs and still get paid for that. However, after two hurricanes and 3,000 dives in total, Jamie got sick and tired of his beach lifestyle and sailed to New York where he eventually got a job in animatronics. The rest is just history! The only thing is that his dreams of becoming a pirate were frustrated, but we guess one cannot have it all. 

6. His love of explosions

Okay, so far, we don't get how a sailor could end up in animatronics. It is clear that the grumbly half of the duo has an analytical and meticulous personality that is shown throughout the program. But of course, he didn't jump out of his boat right into an animatronics factory. He needed to discover his passion, and Jamie did it in... a library! Yeah! We know it is the most boring place, but he spent a lot of time researching and making priority lists to discover that a career in special effects was the way to go. 

7. Some geeks from San Francisco

We don't judge people because a show about two guys living in California's Bay Area building things together and bickering like a married couple can undoubtedly create a lot of speculation and confusion. They were the geeks Discovery had been looking for; however, both the channel and the viewers started to wonder if, more than co-hosts, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage were a pair of homosexuals from San Francisco. 

Jamie even told The Age in 2006, "we got a lot of gay fan mail when the show first started," so it was clear that the audience had got the wrong idea. Savage, on his side, revealed that Hyneman even felt annoyed at the e-mails, and with a very private life, many still wonder about his sexual orientation. But, ladies and gentleman, let us tell you Jamie's happily married to Eileen Walsh. Do you remember the girl from the Virgin Islands? That's her!

8. The mime from France

We bet you have already thought that is how Jamie looks with the signature beret that he never takes off. So, what is the story behind it? "My hair was falling out, so I got in the habit of wearing a hat. And I didn't like baseball caps, so I got a beret" Hyneman revealed to The Age. To balance out the lack of hair on one part, he came up with the idea of facial hair, and that's how the handlebar mustache was born to complete his trademark look.

9. Building a chucking machine

It is very likely that MythBusters will always remain Jamie's legacy; however, that is not his only interest. He owns a company as well, and we have to say it builds really cool things. Do you remember the soda can-chucking machine that featured in a 7-Up commercial? They were "2 remote controlled full-sized vending machines mounted on tank treads. They were loaded with two golf-kart-type motors and powered by six car batteries."

Well, this creation was the responsibility of Jamie's M5 Industries. During a conversation with The Star, he explained that he was asked to invent a vending machine that could spit cans out on demand, and that was what he did. "I told them: 'for the right price, I could invent a vending machine that would send cans into orbit,'" he also stated. Alright, we know this is not as fantastic as exploding things, but it is yet a cool line of work, right? 

10. In his free time...

Now that MythBusters is a thing of the past for Jamie, what is this guy doing? Maybe, he went back to his sailing life in the Caribbean, or perhaps he is bringing up lion cubs and snakes. Well, not exactly. Actually, he is devoting his free time to invent futuristic and unusual devices, and we have to confess he is excellent at that. His latest gadget is electric shoes. But don't get confused; these aren't like the sneakers with lights we've seen before.

Jamie's shoes have wheels, but they are not rollerblades. They are not intended to be ridden but walked in; however, they increase your speed allowing you to get to a place twice as fast. Moreover, this fabulous footwear has some extra features like a sort of tracking device, accelerometers, and infrared sensors to prevent you from bumping into things. We don't know about you, but we really want a pair. 

11. Getting inspiration 

After the boring instance at the library, you might think that Hyneman always finds his muse at dull places. But these days, things are a bit different, and the divemaster triggers his creativity on gym equipment, which is somewhat more exciting than a library. This means that when he is solving a problem with a design, he works out. "The mind and the body really aren't so separate because I find that that mind-body connection is important." 

Therefore, when he needs to find that connection, the first thing he does is to get on a treadmill, and this is even backed up by science since raises in oxygen levels and changes in body chemistry can help the stimulation of the mind. This, in turn, can lead to creative ideas such as a 7-Up machine or electric shoes. We hope he creates a treadmill that aids you to generate ideas without exercising. That would be a one-million-dollar device!

What do you think about the life of Jamie Hyneman? He doesn't seem that dull and stoic now, right? He has gone through a lot in life, and maybe all those experiences built his personality and character to make him the Myth Buster we all know. Tell us your opinion about this guy in the comment section, and share this article with all your friends and relatives who love the TV program. See you next time!  

Sources used: Grunge, Northeast Valley News, The Age, The Star, Wired

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