There are some weird things happening with Saint West

Being born to famous parents automatically makes you a star. This may be a hard lifestyle, and you'll probably have a lot expected of you, considering that most famous kids take after their parents or at least, follow in their parent's footsteps. But if any family knows how to make that fame work for them, given their upbringing, it has to be the Kardashian-West. 

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be the middle child who was a target of cyberbullying, in a highly-famed family with constant pressure and paparazzi, now is the time to take a closer look with us. We also see so many people who love to copy the Kardashians. So let us dive straight into some of those strange things that happened to Saint West in his short time so far.

Kim said he was a baby genius

All mothers know when their kids are unique or have certain qualities that make them stand out from the rest. Sometimes, parents will notice little things that send them signals that their baby has the capacity for knowledge beyond their years or have a higher potential than the norm. 

Kim Kardashian believed that her baby was actually a little Einstein early when he was just two years old. She even took to Twitter to brag about his fantastic spelling abilities, which apparently, was only at 24 months old!

But she didn't really elaborate on it any further, and fans wanted to know why a two-year-old was using such descriptive words. Was there a meaning behind all of this? Perhaps some of his dad's brain power rubbed off on his, seen as he has was musical genius as a father. 

Sibling rivalry 

This is nothing new when it comes to having siblings older than you, and when you're in a well-known family, all the kids feel like they're stars, including the Kardashians. So, it's probably super competitive between the little ones. If your bigger sister is North, then you would not be a happy little guy. 

According to Kim, North was not too pleased when her baby brother was born. She was apparently used to getting the spotlight and didn't want to share her glory with anyone else. She even went as far as asking her mom for another sibling to that Saint would leave her alone.

Wow, that's really harsh! There was certainly some jealousy issues flying about that household. We understand that little girls want "mommy time" with tea parties and sharing time to do little girl's activities, but this is a bit over the top. Now that baby Chicago is in the mix, we are not really sure what happened regarding sibling rivalry.

Saint's photo debut

When it comes to newborns, those cameras snap continuously, and proud parents always take pleasure in collecting as many memories as they can of their little bundles of joy. We see baby photos everywhere!

From magazines to social networks to advertisements, stars just love sharing their baby pics with the world. Unlike the stars who sell the images of their delightful addition to the family for a sound dollar, Kanye and Kim decided to be a bit more exclusive with theirs. 

They decided to put their pics on their application and website. So, they basically indirectly showed everyone that they didn't need the money and agreed on sharing it like everyone else. 

Of course, the parents received tons of hits on their website, meaning they did bring in a great deal of revenue. If there is one way to make money on the web, it's by getting as many clicks as you can!  

A cover model in the making 

These days, models work well into their 20s and 30s and have never graced the cover of a magazine. Things work entirely different when you're a celebrity child, and Saint West would have been classed as another celeb baby.

We guess it's just another day in the office for these professionals. In August 2018, Saint made his debut for Harper's Bazaar magazine, and he did it like a little pro.

They even had an impressive celebrity photographer to work with along with a stylist for the shoot! How awesome is that? These are the things people dream of.  

A Halloween to remember

This is the holiday every kid looks forward to and is probably dreaded by most parents because when you run out of candy, your house is a screaming target to get egged! 

It's super fun for the children because they get to run around, dress up as their favorite characters, and eat as many sweets as they want! It's kiddy heaven! Dressing up as Kanye West and little pomp is by far the best outfits for these little guys, but we are pretty sure it was their mother's idea or even Kanye.

We fully understand that he'd want a mini-me version of himself, and it was super hilarious and received a ton of hits on social media. Don't you agree that they look absolutely adorable? 

The meaning behind the name

So, what is in the name you ask? Usually, names have meanings, but Kim and Kanye certainly picked strange and unusual names for their kids. Have you ever wondered if it had any significance behind it?

Well, there is actually. North's name was pretty random and seen as they were in the North West region, Kim decided that it would be suitable to name her little one by that name. It's somewhat unusual, don't you agree? 

The purpose behind Saint's name had to do with the problematic pregnancy Kim had previously, and this baby was a gift, but we'll get into that later. So from that, we gather that he was an adorable angel. She was not prepared when thinking of a name and had not picked on one, so that came to mind. 

Kim's tough labor

Kim's pregnancy was not your typical tricky procedure, she actually had a complicated childbirth not once, but twice! She actually decided to go with a surrogate for her third baby, Chicago. Now you may be asking why this is such a big deal and what does it have to do with Saint.

The fact that Kim fell pregnant a second time was a huge deal because she struggled in her labor when giving birth to North. Her pregnancy with Saint was also considered to be high-risk, and while pregnant with North, she developed a rare condition that only 5% of expectant mothers face.

The thing that made it worse was that her condition was found in the early onset, which forced her to deliver the baby six weeks prematurely. Although the birth went smoothly, Kim had life-threatening complications after North was born, so the second time around with Saint, her anxiety levels grew to dangerous heights. Thankfully, they both left the delivery room healthy. 

Mysterious existence

After his complicated introduction into this world, but fans had to wait two months to see photos of their little miracle baby. By this time, many conspiracy theories about Saint West swarmed the internet, and many people even asked whether he was real or not. 

When the couple finally released photos online, this put all of those questions to rest, and the mystery surrounding his birth was thankfully settled. This, however, was not a happy ending, because one month after posting the adorable baby's photos, everything stopped.

Kim and Kanye went utterly silent, and this caused more rumors and that fans grew even more curious than before. Once again, people questioned whether Saint was even real, so even though he was a real baby with a name, people certainly didn't think that they could be that elaborate in their stories. 

It was written in the stars 

We all love to look at those astrological charts and see what our future holds according to the stars. Even Kim and Kanye decided to take a shot at these predictions and see what sort of potential their kids had in store. People magazine hired a celebrity astrologer to help them with their quest on figuring out their baby, Saint's destiny.

According to Fara, Saint's Sagittarius sign could keep Kim very busy. Sagittarians are firey, and this meant that he would be an energetic kid, like his mother. But he was the opposite to his dad, which would no doubt cause a few clashes in the household. 

His charts showed that he would be intelligent and very entertaining and had the capacity to be a bookworm or an athlete. Living under that Kardashian roof means getting the opportunity to excel in both. So he was surely destined for greatness. 

What did you think about the little Kardashian and are you excited to see more pictures of him? Are you a fan of the Kardashians and do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments section below! Remember to share this with your friends and family and keep up-to-date with us for more star news!

Source: Youtube/TheTalko

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